1. How to post on OlyBlog

You have to be registered as a user - there's a link for doing that in the second paragraph of the blurb about OlyBlog.net that's in the gray right sidebar on the right of each page. Since the moderators eventually got worn out by the rising tide of ever more sophisticated spam software, you now need to email Thad at the address there to get your account activated.

Then you can log in with your new user id and password. You click on the link labeled "create content" in the left menu, and get a page that offers you several choices about which kind of post you want to create. If you want it to be on the home page, it should be a story or an event. (The titles of event posts appear on the calendar and have to have a date and time.) Your blog posts will appear one after another in your section of the blog, and they will show up in the list of recent posts, but a blog post won't be displayed on the front page (unless you use the pull-down "Publishing options" menu at the very end of the edit page and check the "Promoted to front page" box). Please don't post new stuff by adding comments to this page about how to use the website - unless you want to comment about what this page says.

When you click on the post you want to create, you should get a page where you can type your post - you put the title in the Title field, and what you want to say in the Body field, and then click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. If you need to change something, you can click the Edit button, make your changes, and then click Submit again - as many times as you like, provided no one has commented on your post yet. Once that happens, it's permanent, and if you want to revise it further, you just have to make another comment on your post yourself...



Police Oversight

As a former police officer for the City of Olympia, I must say that it has been a very costly experience in many ways. Drew Hendricks, and I know one another to some degree, and he's well aware of my circumstances from various political aspects. The issue of police oversight is one that I'm deeply passionate about, due to the fact that I had served as a police officer for over 16 years, and an educational background to back it up. I was one of two black police officers hired by the City of Olympia in 1992. Before my termination in 2005, and after it, I have divoted an enormous amount of investigative effort to understand the dynamics associated with law enforcement, politics, and race in this region. In that process, I have even had to explore my own family connections, in a way of unravelling things for get to some answers. As a cop, you are exposed to a wonderful opportunity for learning, and understand human behavior. Even now as I type this blog, I am still committed to that end, and hopefully contribute in a positive way. I offer myself for open conversation on just about any subject matter, however that's not to say I'm knowledgeable on everything, but certainly willing to embrace the benefits of just an open conversation. I can be described as an Independent, Moderate, Radical, Conservative, Liberal, Republican, Democrat, or just about anything you wish to label me as. I honestly prefer to not be labeled, but allowed to freely flow if you get what I'm saying. Maybe you can consider me as a "Freethinker", one whose willing to give thought outside restrictive measures. Also, I don't like to be group aligned, because it promotes "Separatist" ways in our society. If you'd like to chat, I can be located at Starbucks in the FredMeyer's Plaza (City of Lacey). Police Oversight is due to be on the City of Olympia's agenda, and my current affairs happen to be entangled into it. See you at Starbucks.......

Ron Nesbitt Sr.