2009 Election

Discussion on candidates and issues in the 2009 election.


Thanks Steve

Steve, thanks for opening up a place for discussion. I recently emailed the City Council Candidates with a policy question about poverty.

My question can be broken down into a few key parts: 1) I believe poverty is structural - it is systemic and societal {rather than based on "personal defect."} 2) Rules (laws, ordinances, et al.) are supposed to protect people. Instead, we have a system that has developed where rules are used to protect powerful business interests, often times at the expense of people. 3) For a better world that is ecologically sustainable and socially just, public policies, and attitudes of public servants - especially elected officials, must be geared toward putting common interests {for example: for a healthy environment, and a healthy society, which is composed of healthy individuals,} ahead of the interests of private financial profit.

So I asked, or tried to ask, the Candidates if they agree or disagree with those concepts.