5. Adding a YouTube video to your posts

Many YouTube videos have a little box on the right that says "URL" and "Embed". If you select all the text in the Embed box, turn off rich-text editing, and paste that text into your post, it should display and play the video.

On Google video, there's a link with "+Video" in the box on the top right of the page - if you click that a window opens up with similar code you can copy and paste to embed the video.

If you want to do this with some other video you found on the web, you need to understand more about what's going on. You might start by going to YouTube, copying both the "URL" information and the "Embed" information and pasting them into a word processor. If you look at them for a minute, you'll see that the "URL" information is the same as what's in the address window of your browser when you are playing the video. If you look carefully at the Embed information, you'll find that URL information twice in it, but slightly altered. (The ?v= in the address window has been changed to /v/ and &hl=en&fs=1 has been added to the very end.) If you get to where you can play the other video, copy the URL information from the address window in your browser, replace the URL info in your sample of the embed tags from YouTube with the new URL info, check for those two alterations, and then paste the revised code into your post, it might work...

If you want or need to know more, I think you'll probably need to Google something like "embed video html" without the quotes. You'll get lots of tutorials about these tags and what each piece of them does. There are a lot of ways to do this, and some complications about what works or doesn't work with different browsers, though...



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