6. What's a "book"?

A pretty confusing label. A "book" is just a section of OlyBlog like this one you're looking at; on OlyBlog, "Books" are collections of posts set up so other people can add entries to the collection, edit what's there, move things around, etc.

OlyBlog inherited this confusing term from Drupal, the open source content management software that keeps track of and displays all the content for the blog.



anyone can book it on OlyBlog

I encourage OlyBloggers to poke around the books, add posts to the appropriate books, even start a book themselves. Great way to organize posts by themes.

A recent example is Olympia Food Co-op Boycott of Products from Israel - a book Berd started and that any of us can add to. If you find a post that you want to put in a book, click Outline at the top and make choices from the drop down menu. Don't worry about the Weight choice unless you want to.

The Drupal language of "parent" and "child" pages might initally seem confusing. Think of this in outline and category terms. For instance Oly Eats & Drinks has a sub category Oly Recipes . Olympia Lore has a sub category Tree Lore.

This is a great way to get a sense of our rich OlyBlog discussions.