By Any Other Name

traffic circleSaint Martin's College University is now the name of that little school established in 1895 by Benedictine monks near the Capitol shortly after statehood.

Why change the name? Clearly, prestige is the issue:

Trustees decided to adopt the "university" moniker to better reflect the school's breadth and to eliminate confusion with community colleges that are dropping the "community" from their names.


"It feels good - it feels better than 'college,"' said student Alvena Willis, 21, Tacoma. "I am glad that it changed right before I graduated, because it's going to look more impressive on my resume."

How long before we have The Evergreen State University?

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TESC doesn't have the academic weight to merit/rank as a U. of Anything...a really pathetic institution...could've been so great--

And St. Martin's does?

Besides, Evergreen is a great school -- unique in the country for its pedagogical creativeness.

Beware the terrible simplifiers.
Jacob Burckhardt

There's a difference between

There's a difference between a university and a college.

I'm sure St. Martin's went with the name change to reflect this.

EDIT: I guess I should explain the difference in case someone is not aware.

A university is a collection of colleges. For instance, at my university, there is a College of Arts & Sciences, business school, law school, medical school, and nursing school (ranging from undergraduate to doctoral programs).

A college is only one part of a university. If you don't have all the components to make a university, you're only a college.

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