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TAPPAS: Thurston Alternatives to Psychiatry Products and Services

At the recent Alternatives to Psychiatry panel, there was strong interest in networking for people offering alternatives to psychiatry in Thurston County (and surrounding areas). This group is to connect those seeking alternatives to psychiatry with those offering solutions and support. It is a place to network with other practitioners and those interested in alternatives.

You are welcome to post your website, events, blogs or products in this group on occasion.

Future visions for this group include practitioner expos, peer support gatherings, alternative medicine fairs, listings on a website for local practitioners and additional panel discussions and in person networking gatherings.

This group does not provide or substitute for medical advice or medical care. Nothing posted in this group is ever intended as medical advice, though doctors of all kinds who offer alternatives to psychiatry are welcome. Non medical practitioners are also welcome and we are all treated with equal respect in this group. Anyone who is disrespectful of the group's intentions or members will be deleted and blocked.

People are welcome whether they take psychiatric drugs or not. This is a place to learn about alternatives and respect diversity.

Three important pillars of this group:

In late stage capitalism and amidst neo-liberalism, it is impossible and oppressive to single out individuals and call their "mental health" their own. Or imply it is possible to be "mentally healthy" or that is even an ideal to strive for, whatever it may be. Mental health would then be a commodity like everything else that can be bought with enough money.

Support for Alternatives to Psychiatry

Hi everyone! This is my first time posting on here and I'm fairly new to Olympia. I moved here two years ago after living in San Francisco and Portland over the past 8 years.

In Portland I was involved in a group called Rethinking Psychiatry which provided education, community and resources for people seeking alternatives to psychiatry.

I also was the community organizer for the Mental Health Association of Portland and facilitated hearing Voices groups which were forums for people to discuss and depathologize the experience of hearing voices, regardless of diagnosis.

In Olympia I had started some community discussions, film screenings and gatherings around these topics last year when I had first moved here. There was a lot of enthusiasm and interest but some of the co-organizers moved away. I put the project on hold for awhile. 

You can read the blog I wrote about bringing this conversation to Olympia here. It includes a bit more of my story, which you can read more of on my website as well (the one linked).

We screened a few films including one called Coming Off Psych Drugs: A Meeting Of The Minds, which is a documentary. The conversation afterward was passionate and there was clearly interest and need for more.

These discussions, by the way, did and do not exclude or stigmatize people who choose to take psychiatric drugs for any reason. They are more about informed consent and options, as well as how to create access for those options for more people.

they also exist to validate the very real harm and suffering that many experience from psychiatric drugs and withdrawal.

I've been thinking about creating some classes, events and workshops to share more of the work I've done nationwide and worldwide with the Olympia community.

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