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another test, this time with someone else's photo from flickr

now i'm testing dragging and dropping someone else's photo from flickr, let's see how that works.  I open the photo in another browser and drag it over to the body of this message.  Here goes....

Well I just dragged and dropped this fine picture of a caiman from flickr over to this window, amazing is all i can say.

Testing drag and drop from flickr

So here's the thing, i just found out you can drag and drop from flickr, so that is what i'm going to do.  I open up my pictures from flickr in another browser window and drag them from flickr to here.  Let's see if it works.

All I can say is that it worked like a charm.  Open your picture in flickr in another browser window and drag it to the body of your post.  What an age of wonders we live in.

It's called OlyBlog not OnlyBlog

I guess what I like about OlyBlog and Olympia is the sense of community I derive.  I guess bickering and down right fighting is something that will be done even in the most successful of communities.  For crying out loud there are people within religions, philosophies, movements, cultures, and even political parties that can't agree on everything and often disagree on many things.   It is natural to try to make one's point.  It is even natural to be dogged about making one's point.  I'm not sure about the relentless pursuit of making a point.  A good point stands on it's own, regardless of whether someone agrees or not. 

I think that many times it is the point of making a point that becomes an issue here in OlyBlog.  Points are good, sometimes it takes a while for people to get a point.  Rarely does it do any good to beat someone over the head with a point.  I like the diversity here in OlyBlog.  I like opinions other than my own.  I know for a fact that I have learned even when I have not agreed.  I hope I've done the same for others that have not agreed with me.  No person should feel like they can not make a point on OlyBlog.  You may get dissed some, you might find disagreement, but you shouldn't feel alienated from the community.  If you are feeling alienated, we are for sure doing something wrong. 

A well structured point is like the toothpick cuisine at Costco.  Ever notice when you get a sample of something at Costco it is so tasty.  You go and buy 5 pounds of the stuff and take it home and you can’t bear to see it any more.  A good point makes you want more, be it discussion or information.  The best points rattle around in your mind and cause a bit of consternation.  You don’t agree, but you are troubled by your disagreement.  We are OlyBlog, not OnlyBlog.  All points are welcome, just don’t use them as weapons. 

Tired of Christmas Music?

Where the sidewalk ended

The ink is barely dry on the new pedestrian interference ordinace and already we are seeing proposals of high rise condominiums for downtown Olympia.  Does this surprise anyone?  I like it that some low cost housing is being proposed, low cost in this sense meaning a studio condominium of less that 500 square feet for a quarter of a million dollars.

The deals with the developers will be occurring with blinding speed.  The downtown that we know today will just become a fond memory as it is terra-formed into a playground for the wealthy and the corporate interests.

It is no wonder that the pedestrian interference ordinance could not be stopped.  It is no wonder why we were lied to about its intent.  The ultimate gentrification of downtown Olympia was the ultimate goal.  I'm just wondering how many of our council people will be getting sweetheart deals on their new condos?

The poor will have no place in the downtown of the future, get used to it.  This is happening all over our country, it is nothing new, just surprising and disappointing for Olympia.  I really expected better of Olympia, she is about to lose her heart.

Offered without comment

and no comment necessary.

Lacey needs a daily newspaper

It occurs to me that Lacey really needs a daily newspaper.  I know that the Olympian seems to be a Lacey centric newspaper, but it is called the Olympian, not the Suburban or Shopper's Daily News.  I'm getting this sense that those in Lacey are trying to have too much influence over what goes on in Olympia.  I don't get it, but that's what it seems like.  I don't feel it necessary to tell people in Seattle what to do, but those in Lacey seem to want to have their say about Olympia.  If they had their very own newspaper maybe the can keep their noses in their own business and not worry so much about Olympia.  It is either that or maybe things are just so dull in Lacey they really need Olympia to go on about.

More Signs of our Times

Took these with my camera phone, can't seem to remember I always have a camera because I always have my phone.  Why does it work that way?  I have missed so many pictures because I didn't remember I did have a camera as part of my phone.  Not a great camera, but it will do.

I took these on 4th Avenue at the Wards building, right next door to Jakes.  Seems that most of the Wards building is vacant.

There are several signs at the same location, you can see the rest here .

Any bloggers at the Homeless Forum?

I had to leave the forum early, hopefully there are some bloggers that can clue me in as to what went on after I left around 7:30.  Dang the last bus to Tacoma.

Just what kind of Olympian are you?

I'm a part time naturalist. Who am I kidding, I'm no kind of naturalist, but my intro will have to do for the purposes of this post.  Actually, come to think of it, naturalists might be confused with nudists, I'm talking naturalists in sense of J.J. Audobon , famed describer of birds and the reason for the Audubon Society.

It occurs to me that there are very many types of Olympians.  The scientist in me would like to catagorize and describe the variety of Olympians we might encounter in the wild.  So I ask the question, in the sense of a scientific description, just what kind of Olympian are you?

I identify my self as an Old School Olympian, or vetus schola olympian in Latin

The habitat of the Old School Olympian is downtown Olympia.  The Old School Olympian would prefer to buy books at Last Word then at Border's.  The OSO would prefer to drink at the Brotherhood then the Red Robin.  The OSO thinks the homeless are an asset to the community rather than a problem that needs to be eradicated without actually dealing with it.  The OSO prefers reading instead of television, movies instead of  videos.  The OSO likes coffee that costs less then a buck and is sold in places that don't have leather furniture or fireplaces.

You get my drift.  What kind of Olympian are you, maybe we can produce something kin to to the Birds of America so that others can better identify the varieties of Olympians
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