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Capitol Lake Vs. Estuary Debate Continued

Hello OlyBlog, I'm sure you've all seen my fellow peers recent posts regarding the controversial issue surrounding Capitol Lake.  And as you all may (or may not) know, this is part of an assignment for our middle school 1st period science class.  Although really that information is irrelevant to the issue at hand... whether or not Capitol Lake should be restored to it's once natural state.


While I've been in this state for only about 9 or so months, I've noticed a great deal of debate over this subject.  It was enough debate for me to walk down to Capitol Lake myself and check it out.  At first glance, the lake appeared like every other lake I've seen, but upon closer inspection I found a mess of plants, sediment and... snails.  I've only recently familiarized myself with the science behind why Capitol Lake is like this, and honestly it surprises me that this lake has been in this condition for a long time.  Especially when you consider the fact that this state is a 'green-state'.


I may have neglected several factors to why this problem hasn't been fixed yet, and forgive me if I have, but I do believe it should happen soon, and after going over the facts multiple times and accessing the available options, really the only choice I feel that we have is restoration of the lake back into an estuary.


Economically speaking, the estuary option costs would range from $75-90 million, but that is simply a short term loss.  This is compared to if we kept Capitol Lake in it's current condition.  Maintenance of the lake over the next 50s years would cost $79-150 million due to dredging. 

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