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Dear Olympia Blog Community

What does your ideal community look/feel/taste/smell/sound like? 

That's not Funny -

So apparently this person lived in Oly, lost their job, is/has been/being chased out of town by baseball bats. Is this worth rewarding with any attention at all? What do we do when people take low blows at us with gossip? What do we do when smack talkers publish articles that some of our friends laugh out loud at, and other of our friends want to ignore completely. This author cares enough to give Olympia some press, its hard not to take it as a compliment. Maybe they weren't invited to enough potlucks. :(



Are the results still out? Is Laughing detrimental to our health? 


Ode the Berd, 

Our dear friend Berd

Shows up to inturrupt, 

My banjo adventure

With compliments, 

and photography

The music has stopped

And Berd is talking now. 

The melody of friends, 

harmonizing through the day. 

Occupy The Capitol, Why? Because it's yours.

Corporations and Government United!

Come Join in celebrating this union! Or be present to Object...
Meet at the Rafa Mural at 6pm!
Then Join us for the After party on the Capitol Steps!
Bring your tooth brush ^_^

Sleeping on the Capitol Lawn

Scared to speak

     When the truth is right there, and it grips you, and you know that you should share... or you feel inclined to share. But something about the response of the onlookers to that information and a fear that you will be held to it and associated with the information causes a hesitation. 


     Why do we feel like there are some people who talk to much? What is so annoying about a person whose always talking about politics? Are there things that are going on that are not worth hearing about, or are there people who go too far to share what is news to them? I thought fondly of one of my friends emails, whom is always going out of their way to be a partner to knowledge that strikes them. They share frequently about their thoughts on matters, and the paragraph after paragraph of passionate reflection sometimes come off as rants to me, or outbursts. I thought about how unfair it was to think this about this generous person, as I myself have a lot to say, and wonder if saying it would benefit anyone, even one person of many on a bulk email. Even more disturbing is the vast amount of hesitancy that keeps me from saying little things, little feelings and sharing ideas in general. Is this fear normalized?


   Even more disturbing, is this fear institutionally ingrained in the way we interact with each other to inhibit seeing truth that might be a catalyst for change on individual and structural scales?

Does being abused give you the right to Abuse?

There must be some benificial balance between the recognition of your own oppression and the self empowerment that comes afterwards without perpetuating cycles of oppression. 

Does Empowerment, by the nature of energy laws, mean that some power, or energy must be transfered from one place to another? And if that's true then is there some grace which we must do this with, so that we are not conquering our oppressors the same way they must have perceived it being their right to do unto us? Is there a peaceful way to reclaim the space that was taken from you? Or do we all emulate our experiences, and enact the roles that our oppressors taught us, and take what we consider ours?

Is this entitlement, or balance? Are everyones needs aimed to be met, or are there an elite few endowed with the righteousness to proclaim themselves more deserving of said privilege? 

Does being abused ever give you the right to abuse other people?

Humanitarian Aid Homebase

This foundational town amazes me. I hear of caravanistas going to Cuba, and Arizona Black Mesa. I go to Detroit for the U.S. Social forum and see a huge showing of people from olympia.  

Just tonight after watching "Broken rainbow" and hearing about grandmas talk about their culture as Navajos they have lived a place so long that the earth owns them, and that they were reared in the ashes of their ancestors. One of the quotes went something like "of course the white europeans don't understand the navajo, they don't even understand America. They don't belong anywhere, It takes generations to belong to the land, when you're ancestors give themselves to the land and you're reborn in their ashes, thats when you belong somewhere."

This had me thinking about traveling again. Another woman was mentioning just how deap down here roots were. And another was trying to relay how relocating people who rely so much on the land they live who know the land that well would just destroy them entirely. 

I've dreamt of such an experience, I've wept for such a connection. As a completely detached entity myself I flutter around until the right nook calls me. I seek spots of either great need, or great appreciation. I've seen such goals be sent from this city as well, Humanitarian aid of many forms gets distributed from this landing pad. There's a spreading of interest to serve those in need as well. There are so many different interest groups aimed at bettering human life, aimed for human rights. As though there's also an acknowledgment of great privilege to serve such needs. 


Roosevelt Elementary`s Geiser

So there`s a geiser of water just bursting away at roosevelt elementary and i wonder if they have a swimming pool to fill, home bums to keep awake, or are simply watering east side olympia?

On my way to washington the first time, I stopped in California to sleep, arcada actually I slept in a park and found that its a regular habit of city property holders to water their lawns at night...

-Grey area

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