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what happened to my last two blogs? Salsa So fascist & Spidey Scooter and Simple Gifts

Grampa Dave and Grama Julie

Grama Julie, Orion, and Grampa Dave
We took them to the Oly UU candlelight service. Orion fell asleep in my arms. The service concluded with "Silent Night" by candlelight. "Slee-eep in heavenly peace..."

When we woke him up he was ravenous for cheese pizza and root beer, but Old School was closed!

We went to Apollo's Pizza and Pasta [what, no website?!]. We got him the Cheese Pita Pizza, and he asked for a second one, but was denied. Grampa Dave did us get a second pitcher of root beer. The waiter convinced us that switching to "bottomless glasses" would be cheaper even if he put it in the pitcher. We had the Mediterranean Pizza: pesto, chicken, artichoke hearts. And split a small Greek Salad.

They told us about the play I'd sent them to in Chelsea, The Poetry of Pizza. The male lead, a Kurd, woos the visiting poetry professor with his unconventional pizzas. He carves vegetable flowers on them. She orders 28 of them but doesn't eat them. She gives them names like The Passion Pizza and The Kiss.

It was a world premiere by internationally renowned playwright Deborah Brevoort. They got to see closing night.

After our meal, Orion showed off his running! Up and down the sidewalk between Apollo's and the boat store.

One Laptop Per Child



A benevolent alien, the XO, is heading for our door. Shhh... don't tell Orion, it's a surprise.


Why can't my favorite salsa invest in this charity?

Days and Nights of Data Entry...

Family tree in progress... ( I've been using free Legacy Family Tree software)


Trish's last on-line test in progress...

Relaxation massage is a scenario where one might enter a drastic parasympathetic response. The parasympathetic response is also sometimes called rest and digest. It is a time of digestion, elimination of feces and urine, and conserving body energy. The conservation of energy occurs by decreasing demands on the cardiovascular system, lowering blood pressure, heart, and respiratory rates. During a massage the skin is warmed, indicating that there is no need to divert blood to skeletal muscles or vital organs. The eye pupils are constricted to protect the retinas from excessive damaging light, and the lenses of the eyes are “set” for close vision, if the eyes are opened at all during the massage. The digestive system increases smooth muscle mobility (peristalsis) and amount of secretion by digestive system glands. It relaxes sphincters both in the digestive system and also the urinary bladder and allows voiding.

More local shoppin'

Jusby hasn't forgotten Traditions Fair Trade Café and World Folk Art!

traditions.jpg tradheader.gif He DID forget that Orca books is also a KAOS patron business, but since he didn't buy any used books he wasn't going to get a 10% discount anyway. HOWEVER, if someone's shopping for Jusby, they do have several used books on clowning and juggling you could get him ! [Hint-hint] Jusby got his KAOS membership card by contributing $8.93 during Radio 8-Ball for the last "Fall Fun Drive". And furthermore, he and Orion went over to the station last Tuesday and dropped off a CD of Andras Jones playing at Traditions from long ago. If Andras needs any idea of a solstice present for Jusby, he could reciprocate by burning CDs of old shows from prior to 2006 - when Jusby first got that handy mp3 player! [hint-hint] Or maybe a Shmuskin CD! shmushkin.jpg

Shopping Local

Jusby's done some of his holiday shopping already. He went to Orca Books for three gifts.


He went to Wind up Here for several gifts...


including a playmobil set for Orion (shhhh...)


Orion also gets gifts on Winter Solstice. He'll get a headlamp, a clip-light for the car, and a color changing light that attaches to the bathroom sink.

What are readers buying/selling/ trading?

Remember that Jusby and Trish are participating in the Thurston County Waste Free Holidays program again this year!




"I can see my footsteps!"


"Catch this, clown-face!"

Clowns can be snowflakes


Caught in the act!


Clowns can has cheezburgerz

Jusby is fascinated by gumbo because of the unusual combining of several meats (chicken and bacon, sausage and shrimp, etc.).

Jusby recalls a disappointing assumption he made about a new burger at Jack in the Box AKA Jacques dans la boîte AKA Yak inna Vox.

Driving past the banner for the Outlaw Burger, he mistakenly thought it was a chicken fillet ON TOP of a burger - plus some other junk, of course. That would have been something different.


Sadly, it turned out to be something known in other realms as the Rodeo cheeseburger (BK $.99). They throw on an onion ring (or a few) with some BBQ sauce. This time, they affiliated with KC Masterpiece. Plus some bacon. The onion ring provided the optical illusion of another breaded patty of something. Plus they offer a Spicy Chicken version. You can see Jusby's confusion (and wishful thinking).

It's a bigger version of their $.99 Western Cheeseburger, but it has 720 calories and 360 of them are from Fat!

But compare it to the Bacon Cheese Ciabbiata at 1120 calories (684 from Fat)!

Precious Commoditites

bilfleminglamp.jpg Jusby needs the proper bulb for this Bil Fleming lamp. It features a giant gear, an old toilet pull, and a colander.

With a clear bulb you get more patterns on the wall. This is an opaque bulb. This is an opaque blog. Buy stuff! It's not buy-nothing-day anymore. Click and buy stuff. Give stuff to Jusby, Trish, and Orion. Give stuff to your friends and relatives. Comment with stuff to buy!

BTW, Bil's having a show at the Capital Theater!

Last Sunday's paper... saw Bil staring up at me from a table in the lobby of the Brigg's YMCA. Jusby was SURE he had already blogged about that lamp, but he couldn't find the story anywhere... It was a winter solstice gift from Bil. A few years ago, around this time, Justin was working full time on medical records for St. Pete's. He's a former form reformatter. He wanted to support the creative work of friends, family and local or progressive companies in the holiday gifting process. He bought from

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