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Ask the Right Question - on jobs and the tax code

The Young Turks have an entertaining video up from a town hall meeting with Representative Hultgren. It's short and tells the story. The woman asks the right question about the Bush tax cuts, prosperity and job creation. The same question could/should be asked in a broader time frame. Since 1980, the tax table has been flattened in the model that Reagan and his acolytes have wanted and if this model worked to create prosperity, where is the prosperity? Why don't we look at the tax model that existed in the time frame that created prosperity? The Eisenhower era tax table had tremendous incentives for businesses and the wealthy to invest in infrastructure instead of facing a top tax rate of 91% (essentially confiscatory at obscene income level). There is no incentive now for business leaders and planners to invest in their businesses when they can take huge bonuses instead and try to keep up with the Madoffs in a contest of conspicuous consumption. Fix the tax structure, fix the economy. Get the incentives right and things will turn around.

Climate Reality?

Haven't had time to look hard at this group - Climate Reality, but at first glance it appears to be an education campaign. I am down with that.

Hurricane Irene

Courtesy National Hurrican Center Global warming, big hurricanes. Any questions? Governor Rick Perry - please report to the North Carolina Coast to pray this huge storm away. For those of you hanging over on the right coast, move to high ground. Find a dry place and stay safe. Think about the long term impact of global warming and what you want to do about it.

The Backbone Campaign

and Washington CAN had a vision they wanted to share with Paul Allen, Jeff Bezos, Steve Balmer and a few others. Don Smith has the story at Washington Liberals

Crisis of Capitalism

RSA - Ideas and Actions for a 21st Century Enlightenment Uh-oh, it's a marxist analysis. Hey, can Marx have things figured out correctly from time to time? Thanks to Austin K for passing this one on.

Double Dip Anyone?

The stock market continues to be on a roller coaster ride as it slides and then rebounds as traders engage in fishing the bottom and making trading commissions, sliding a few bucks out of the pockets of the marks. Prez Obama is on the road in his magic bus talking about jobs and job creation. The NY Post (bastion of responsible journalism!@!) is reporting the bus was built in Canada. Well, job creation somewhere on the continent, I guess that's good, but it might have been a nice touch to have had the thing built here in the USA to go on tour and talk about jobs. Wiki Commons - Matt Michrina It's always easy on the ear to listen to Barack talk and sometimes inspiring, but it's a bit like holding a shell to your ear and enjoying the sound of the ocean. It's largely theater, the connections between the sounds and any reality are pretty slight.


Olympia Copwatch and the Olympia Really Really Free Market Today!

Planning meeting today for ramping up copwatch activities in Olympia. Interested folks will be at Bigelow Park around noon enjoying the park and sitting in on the Olympia Really Really Free Market. I think we will have a training opportunity. Will also have some flip video camcorders to get out into the hands of folks who are committed to keeping a camera turned on the police in Olympia. I am not sure we need a formal organization to ramp up copwatch, mainly I just think we more tools and a little bit of framework. I have opened an Olympia Copwatch facebook page and group. I am not sure whether group or page makes more sense. I am still trying to figure out how to use fb. (and I am wondering if google plus will turn out to be a better tool in the long run) See you in the streets and the parks! Mike

We Can't Live with Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Power

The annual peace walk to the Ground Zero Center in Bangor is wrapping up today with a talk by Dennis Kucinich at 6:30 pm. I was able to speak with Senji Kanaeda for a few minutes on July 31st and am finishing up a short video with Senji's thoughts front and center. I still have a little tweaking to do on the video, but it's almost finished and I wanted to get this up. I am also using the video to publicize the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant event at Traditions on Monday, August 8th at 7 pm. We have to stop nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants. This is a road that leads nowhere.

Feeding the Homeless is a Crime

I think this guy has it figured out.

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant, Part III

Common Dreams is reporting that the berm around Fort Calhoun nuclear plant has breached. The story continues to be spun, suppressed, and misreported. I agree with many of the commenters who think this particular event may not be particularly dangerous. The coverage of the story is a bigger story. The dangers of building nuclear plants in floodplains along rivers (essential cooling water source) and the accumulation of residential growth and population in close proximity to nuclear plants is a big story. The essential unsafe nature of nuclear engineering, the problem with "mothballing" plants, disposing (where you gonna dispose of stuff that will be dangerous for thousands of years?) of waste, the collateral damage to public health by the occasional radioactive emission when an "event" occurs; these things are or should be a big story. Dahr Jamail has an update story on Fukushima at Aljazeera. Thanks to my friend Pat Rasmussen at Temperate Rainforests for passing that one on. There is an essay out about a spike in infant mortality that suggests Fukushima may have had some public health impact here on the Left Coast. This is complicated stuff, but the handwriting is on the wall for those who want to read it: nuclear power is not safe or clean.
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