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New Advocacy Program in Olympia

No Gap is new a volunteer run and operated nonprofit organization that is dedicated to serving the homeless and low income populations of Thurston County. Our focus is on servicing single homeless adults. We offer advocacy and case management services on the streets of downtown Olympia, but we will also offer more intensive case management services out of our office.

We believe that community members should address and work on problems within their own communities. To this end, No Gap will act as an entrance point into anti-poverty work and operate entirely on volunteer efforts. Furthermore, members of No Gap will offer educational workshops about local poverty issues and trainings for those who would like to start working to create a more socially just community.

We will also offer an introductory training and will focus on resource referrals and basic advocacy skills for anyone interested in volunteering with us.

If you’re interested in attending a training, volunteering with No Gap, or making a donation feel free to email us at call at (360)943-2345.

-No Gap

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