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A tiny mafia in downtown Oly?

Forgive the off-the-cuff tone of this post.

Although it is not a safe bet to trust anonymous comments on internet news posts, I am still intrigued by this comment from this article concerning the stabbing at Sylvester Park today:

There is a large 'family'  (also called a "Thieves Guild" ) in Olympia that hangs around the block in and around the Gazebo as their "throne", and roams and hangs out near the downtown bus terminal.  Many who belong to the core family are related by blood or relationship.  The family members and their followers have assigned corners and areas to beg for money or sell drugs all over town.  They pay the "family" a fee or percent they get or both depending on how good the corner is.  The daddy and mamma or king and queen are not poor or homeless. They have underlings who protect them and their corners.

There are 'independents" who refuse to pay the family for corners to beg or sell drugs.  Most are strung out on drugs or don't show up at corners regularly and tend to stay out of the family's way.  Some independents are "Imports" or "foreigners" or beggars not from this region.  They come in and beg, sell 'hot and poisoned" and fake or very diluted drugs, threaten and rob beggars and customers, and run scams.  They will trade on the Family's name and try to do a fast run and rip a lot of lot of people off and make a lot of money and leave. 

I know some of these people.  They are dangerous and will defend their honor, their family and members.  The blocking of the bus and a person getting stabbed is a step up in the downtown violence and is a warning shot that the police and city council and authorities have lost control. 

New McDonald's for the West Side

According to this article

there are plans to put a new McDonalds in right next to the Top on the west side. 

From the article:

The construction of a 4,211 sq. ft. restaurant building with two drive-through lanes and 50 parking stalls is the proposal of McDonald’s USA LLC, a Kirkland entity, though the project is owned by Carr-Gotstein Properties of Anchorage.

Written comments on the proposed development will be taken through Aug. 6 and a design review board hearing is scheduled Aug. 22 at 6:30 p.m. Catherine McCoy is the designated land use planner reviewing the proposal. She can be reached at (360) 570-3776

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