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Faculty Art Show at SPSCC

Fun Class at SPSCC this Fall

Hey all,

Erica Dixon is teaching the following course at SPSCC this fall -- should be lots of fun!

Go here to sign up!

Happy 2012!

Here's to a healthy and happy new year for all.

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Happy 2011!

Here's to a healthy and happy new year for all.

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Change of topic: Cannibinomics

I think this guy makes a lot of sense, especially about the convergence of the three different aspects to this debate: economic, public health, pharmaceutical use. What do you think?

OlyBlog Update

Thanks to the hard work of Thad and Nat, it looks like we're back in business. We've still got some work to do, however, so please make a copy of anything important that you post -- we may lose some stuff until we get everything exactly right.

Update: I just had a phone conversation with an OlyBlogger who was concerned that his account had been hacked because there were lots of posts that weren't his. This is a technical issue that we're working on -- some posts don't match the author. We'll get it sorted out soon.

The War on Drugs -- Upclose and Personal

The video below is what the raid on Joe's house might have looked like, had he not been a member of the City Council. This evidence is informative in several ways: 1) it tells us something about the level of violence that Jeff Kingsbury potentially unleashed on someone who thought he was a friend, and 2) it informs us about the stark staring madness of this thing we call the "War on Drugs."

Go read the full story at Reason.

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