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Log Carrier Departs

Twinluck SW
Friday night, Longshore Union workers finished preparing the Twinluck SW ship's cargo and cranes for departure.

Saturday morning, the ship was seen departing Budd Inlet.

More Dredging at the Port

Star Dieppe coming alongside to the Marine Terminal. (video

Star Dieppe
Star Dieppe

Star Dieppe at Anchor in Budd Inlet
Star Dieppe at anchor in Budd Inlet.

Dredging at the Marine Terminal Pier
Dredging operation at Marine Terminal.

January 2015 Dredge


Best wishes for a happy, healthy, kind, loving, compassionate, nice, safe, mutually properous 2015!

Light Falling on the Mountain

Light Falling on the Mountain

The Mountain Yesterday



Images of the Centralia Steam Plant

Last Friday, after a shift on the job in the area, I visited the Centralia Steam Plant. I watched for nearly a couple hours in the evening light as dusk and then darkness fell. Here's some timelapse video footage and a still shot of the scene.

By the Centralia Steam Plant

Awesome Clouds at Nisqually Refuge

In between storms, before the gale force winds of Thursday night, I visited Nisqually Nat'l Wildlife Refuge. I caught some great clouds, color, light. Happy Holidays!

Nisqually Wilderness Refuge
Thursday 11 December 2014

Nisqually Wilderness Refuge
Nisqually Wilderness Refuge
Thursday 11 December 2014

Nisqually Wilderness Refuge
Nisqually Wilderness Refuge
Thursday 11 December 2014
Nisqually Wilderness Refuge
Thursday 11 December 2014

The Sound of the Train at Night

The sound of the train at night (from about a half mile away,) 7 minutesd:

Star Louisiana Ship Departing Video

The ship was seen departing at around 5:30 AM Saturday the 25th.

Video (20x speed:)

Regular Speed

According to the Port (downloaded 27 October '14):

"The M/V Star Louisiana is expected to arrive at the Port of Olympia's Marine Terminal on October 23, 2014.
After unloading cargo, it's scheduled to depart on October 25, 2014.

Shipping Line:
Grieg Star Shipping

Vessel Flag:

Shanghai and Xingang, China

Bagged proppants


General Steamship

Tentative Work Schedule:
Day and night shifts

Crowley and Brusco Tug and Barge"

Star Louisiana

Centralia Steam Plant

Back in April I posted some photos of the steam plant. I visited the plant again last week, at night, and thought the night scene was interesting, so I will post a couple more versions, including another day time photo. I also got photos (and video, currently working on that,) of coal trains running North. Both were loaded, presumably heading for Roberts Bank, Vancouver B.C.. Empty coal trains also run North, after unloading at Centralia, or perhaps the Boardman (Oregon) plant too? The trains are truly awesome. It is too bad that they being used for such a narrow and short-sighted, reckless, wanton, dangerous, and environmentally destructive purpose as burning fossil fuels as fast as physically possible!!! Of course, all the benefits, for those of us in the 20% (or whatever it is) of the world's privileged population, are just great! (---sorry future generations.): And of course, if you're in the royal class of the 1%, it's never been better! Burn away! Full speed ahead! Pity on those poor desperate pawns.

Centralia Steam Plant

and day:
Centralia Electric Generating Station Steam Plant I

Large size versions below:

More Train Videos

I became interested in trains because of what is going on at the Port with importing the ceramic proppant frac sand, and coal and oil trains. After having seen a number of trains going through the area, I can say they are awesome in their own right. I have been posting more video of trains passing through the county on the BNSF Railway. Here are a few to sample, in case you're interested in trains. If you think they are awesome, then you might want to watch full screen HD and turn the volume up!

Robert F. W. Whitlock YouTube Channel

Here's my most recent Oil Train video, this one was going quite fast by N Rich Rd:

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