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"Confront protofascists with mockery"

June 6, 2017:

The man who organized Sunday’s pro-Trump free speech rally in Portland has set his sights on The Evergreen State College in Olympia.

“Yes, Evergreen State College, you should start freaking out,” Joey Gibson told KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson. “Have your meltdown. We are coming.

Joey Gibson has not announced a date yet.

For some background concerning what Olympia has successfully done before to deal with assorted fascists:

Fight Fascists With Mockery, Not the Violence That Feeds Them, Dave Neiwert's post includes celebration of Oly tactics

"confront protofascists with mockery"

These current fascists have an entirely different fashion aesthetic for us to mock. These are not the Hollywood Nazis of our past. These guys and gals mix Trumpian bling, motorcycle helmets, cosplay, street fighter ...... heavy on the flags, weak on fashion poetry.

I'm thinking some frivolous pageantry is in order. Prepare thy costumes and practice thy performances. If fascists come to town, give them what they don't want - which is mockery. Mock, laugh, jest, dance, sing, play, clown. Prance, moon them. Have a blast. Frivolous enjoyment is the best revenge.



Wise Words

Neo Nazi Chatter

Public posts from local neo-nazis can be monitored via On the forum Stormfront > Activism > Local and Regional > Washington state. A recent post on this thread is about current events in Olympia. 1pariah posted today, including:

Also, invest in high quality LED flashlights, I have a FENIX brand strobing flashlight that was VERY effective in disrupting their chants AND disabling their cameras from photographing our peoples faces for future attempts of harassment.

Know your Nazi - Jimmy Marr

Jimmy Marr and his wife (don't know her name) have long been a problem in Oregon. For instance there is a 2011 report of them regularly harassing people in Eugene, outside of a popular coffee house. The two photos here of their salutes are from that report.

Since Jimmy was active in the recent Olympia White Man March, active in photo ops at the time and forum discussions after, I've been reading up a bit on him. Rose City Antifa has info on him here (scroll down about half way). They state that Jimmy has been a long time member of the National Socialist Movement (NSM)and looks to be the main person behind American Freedom Party banner drops, which would include the recent one in Olympia.

Village Voice has an article up on the March 15 White Man March:

Racists Declare White Man March a Success, Everyone Else Wonders If It Actually Happened

The Village Voice article includes an Olympia photo.

Perhaps Jimmy Marr and crew came to Olympia in order to do quick photo ops without disruption, photos and video they then can use for recruiting. Portland, Oregon anti-racists already had opposition planned.

More info on "White Man March"

According to this White Man March site , monthly marches are planned at various places nationally. The next one planned for 4/19.

If anyone finds a schedule for Olympia events, please let us know.

Video by white supremacist Jimmy Marr in Olympia


"White Man's March" Olympia 3/15?


According to the white supremacist site Stormfront, there was recently a racist action in Olympia.

The Stormfront forum poster gave this info:

"Activists from Oregon and Washington held our White Man's March in Olympia. The event was well organized and succeeded without opposition or other problems. OR and WA activists who participated in this event have been working together for quite a while and are developing into a pretty solid team."

A link in that post is for the American Freedom Party. (Info on the American Freedom Party from SPLC )

In another thread on Stormfront there is a discussion about the name being "White Man's" instead of "White People's", the concern being that
white supremacist women were not being acknowledged. Someone responded stating "There were 6 women out of the 17 at our event in Olympia."

Thurston County (includes Olympia) Scanner Feed

Thurston County Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement

(((Stereo Feed))) LEFT Side = Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater Police, Thurston County Sheriff, Washington State Patrol *** RIGHT Side = Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater FD/EMS, Thurston County FDs, Medic One

Ridiculous Ad for Ramtha on The Olympian

Ramtha site:  RSE’s advertisements in prominent Puget Sound newspapers

Hopefully no one will be suckered into the group with these ads.


Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling

Enlighten Me Free - information and discussion with former RSE members

Skeptic's Dictionary on Ramtha

Feb. 21 I-502 forum will be in Tacoma, not Olympia

The WSLCB has made additional changes to the public forum schedule. Please note below the change from Olympia to Tacoma on February 21 and the addition of a Bremerton forum on March 7.

The Board has cancelled the second Olympia public forum  -- scheduled for the afternoon of Olympia on Feb. 21 -- and is moving that forum to Tacoma that same evening. Moving the location will residents from the south sound region to attend a single forum.

Location:  Tacoma Convention and Trade Center, on 2/21/13, from 6-10 pm
Room 315
1500 Broadway
Tacoma, WA 98401

(via WSLCB listserv)

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