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"Still Don't Know What #IdleNoMore Is About? Here's a Cheat-Sheet"

These mobilized Native people wanted to ensure that children two, three and 12 generations from now would have clean water. The children that will benefit from the Native mobilization are not just Native children it's for all children. Lakes and rivers tend to be either clean or dirty for Native and non-Native children alike.

It's not a Native thing or a white thing, it's an Indigenous world-view thing. It's a "protect the Earth" thing. For those transfixed on race, you're missing the point. The #IdleNoMore Movement simply wants kids of all colours and ethnicities to have clean drinking water. It's also not a "Canada" or "United States" thing. Multinational corporations do not care about borders and neither should we. Despite legislation to intended to prevent pollution, corporation pollute freely with almost complete impunity and our children are the ones that suffer. We likewise should not care about borders -- we are mobilizing on both sides because we understand that what we do affects one another.

by Gyasi Ross

Liquor Control Board Announces Public Forums on I-502 Implementation

For Immediate Release January 15, 2013

OLYMPIA – The Washington State Liquor Control Board will hold six evening public forums across Washington regarding the implementation of Initiative 502. The forums are an opportunity for interested citizens to meet WSLCB staff involved in implementation, be updated on implementation and to provide input to the Board for it to consider as it develops rules.

“Clearly there is passion about what Washington’s system of legal marijuana will look like when fully implemented,” said Board Chair Sharon Foster. “This is an opportunity for the public to meet the Board and staff involved in implementation, learn about our role in implementation, and to provide testimony. We appreciate the cooperation of the Association of Washington Cities for their help in arranging these forums.”

Schedule (2013)
1/22: WSLCB Headquarters, Conference Room 201
• 3000 Pacific Ave SE, Olympia, WA 98501

1/24: Seattle City Hall, Bertha Knight Landes Room
• 600 Fourth Ave, Seattle, WA 98104

02/7: Clark College, Vancouver, Foster Auditorium
• 1933 Fort Vancouver Way, Vancouver, WA 98663

Treaty Rights at Risk

As the Idle No More movement spreads, and a Global Day of Action, Solidarity, and Resurgence is called for January 11th, what can we here in the Olympia area do?

Idle No More Olympia has a Twitter account: @IdleNoMoreOly with link there to their Facebook page. Other opportunities for participation in events can be found easily, and people can surely create their own.

No matter what, I believe it is vital for us all in this region to learn more about Treaty Rights at Risk. Learn about the state of our watersheds, learn about where you live. Learn about treaties made between sovereign nations and the United States, and how those treaty rights are now at risk.




Bruce Campbell in Olympia w/ ultimate Evil Dead fan Bri Cummings

via @emmettoconnell and @jbertrand

Idle No More (Westfield Mall, Saturday Dec 29, 3 PM)


FLASH MOB COASTAL JAM AND ROUND DANCE @ westfield mall in Olympia Saturday the 29th at 3pm. Be there to support


Support for the Idle No More movement, a "campaign of First Nations protests" in response to recent Canadian government actions, has spread to western Washington, including:

Most likely Olympia will see public expressions of support also.

Many support events are happening at shopping malls.  Here locally some people are understandably anxious at malls already and are reacting with fear when surprised by these events.  I want to help pass on some information so everyone knows what is going on. No need for fear, the movement is peaceful, and worthy of support.

The Twitter hashtag #idlenomore is actively in public use, you don't need a Twitter account in order to follow along.

The home blog Idle No More at this time opens right up with an audio essay done by Jian Ghomeshi of CBC Radio, worth listening to either through the blog or through the CBC audio page.

Earth Wisdom Foundation?

Bennie LeBeau and Kristine Soliday's Earth Wisdom Foundation is holding planning meetings in Olympia for their "Pacific Northwest Medicine Wheel" 2012.

Hopefully anyone considering attending these events will first do some research:

PNW Medicine Wheel Ceremony including a 2011 Native Student Alliance statement

Bennie LeBeau aka Blue Thunder - ongoing discussion thread begun 2005 (I post as "Epiphany" there), includes the experience of a former follower

Earth Wisdom Foundation nonprofit corporation status

Some added issues to think about - one point on their created medicine wheel map is listed as Quinault Nation. If you don't know better, it could be easy to assume that these events are Quinault Nation endorsed. Cate Montana is listed as "Ambassador" on that Earth Wisdom Foundation page. So are we to believe that Cate Montana is an "Ambassador" for the Quinault Nation?

Photos of ceremonies, notice all the crystals


So where can we find legitimate information? The Quinault Indian Nation has an official site. The Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission is very important and makes great use of social media to get the word out.

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