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Morning in Olympia

While walking past Sylvester Park this morning, I noticed a man standing close to the statue of John Rogers. He was alone in the park and appeared to be reading the inscription and looking the statue over. Then I heard him talking out loud as if in conversation with the statue. I could not hear everything he said but the impression I got was that he was filing a complaint with John.

I continued on towards the library, pack full of books to return. On the way, I saw a dead rodent of some kind on the sidewalk.

Then back towards New Moon Cafe. I stopped briefly to watch road work being done in front of Otto's. A man holding a traffic sign danced in place to keep warm.

Round the corner, I saw an older woman in a wheelchair outside the Christian Science reading room. She asked if I could spare coffee money. I stopped to talk with her, asked the usual type of foolish question we Washingtonians ask: "You managing to stay warm?" Conversation continued.

She: Are you kidding?
Me, rummaging through my wallet for funds
She, said in confidential tones: "I have 18 more days before service."
Me, assuming she meant either missionary stuff or something to do with her income: "What's that?"
She: "Secret Service duty."
I gave her some cash and said: "Coffee and warmth."
She: "Bless you."

What did you see this morning?

World AIDS Day

UNAIDS/WHO annual AIDS epidemic update for 2005.

Caiman Meme on the Brain

I was an insomniac for a few hours last night and I decided to try a mental exercise. I decided to play a What If? game, this one specifically about caimans. What if they are invading?

My mind calmed right down with this puzzle to work on. I decided that toddlers and cute puppies should all be equipped with dye packs, so when toothy critters bite them, the biters are then marked for future imprisonment. Maybe we could use neon green for toddlers and orange for cute puppies.

Once I figured that out, I fell asleep immediately.

More Borders

Is Bush using his recent big talk about immigration and borders to keep us distracted?

This blog BAGnewsNotes is worth checking out for many reasons, including ongoing collective discussion of news images. "De-fence of Liberty" is on the plate right now. About immigration and borders and propaganda.

Speaking of propaganda, check this horror out: We Need a Fence.

Ramada Inn & Union

I don't have all the pieces of this story yet, hopefully folks can fill in the blanks for us.

Okay. The Ramada Inn Governor House was unionized for over 20 years. The hotel's general manager then began outsourcing the food and beverage department to a non-union company. Protest happened. Then the restaurant was closed down, in what looks to be a classic union-busting maneuver.

A new restaurant, Southern Kitchen, is scheduled to open in that space this Saturday. No mention of union.

Google Madness

Do a Google web search on olympia caiman and OlyBlog comes up on the first page of results, at #8. Frightening.

Lo, the end is nigh.

Order for the Border

Order for the Border

Another view on borders is provided by Humane Borders. They supply emergency water stations along the U.S - Mexico border. Recently in The Humane Borders Blog there is a discussion of Bush's recent border speeches.

(I used the word "border" how many times for this?)

Bound for Glory

The Library of Congress has just come out with an online color photo exhibition Bound for Glory: America in Color, 1939-1943.

These photos aren't specifically local, but do give a sense of our country during that time.

Bound for Glory: America in Color is the first major exhibition of the little known color images taken by photographers of the Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information. These vivid scenes and portraits capture the effects of the Depression on America's rural and small town populations, the nation's subsequent economic recovery and industrial growth, and the country's great mobilization for World War II.

Search The Library of Congress American Memory for local items. Just the quick check I have done so far with words like Olympia, Nisqually, Squaxin, is turning up quite a bit.

State Health Facts

Washington State Health Facts

Quite the detailed source for state health data, clickable heaven, never be at a loss for accurate state health stats again.

Demographics and the Economy, Health Status, Health Coverage and Uninsured, Medicaid, Costs and Budgets, Medicare, Managed Care and Health Insurance, Providers, Minority Health, Women's Health, HIV/AIDS........just the top level of all the detailed info.

Rake a Drain

Help prevent flooding:

Use a garden rake, a shovel, or even your foot, to remove the leaves or debris from the top of the storm drain grate. Be sure to remove the debris from the street, or it will just come back during the next storm.

This morning you might well be raking snow away from drains.

And don't worry about caimans, this reminder to rake drains has nothing to do with allowing caimans easy access to our entire city, not at all.

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