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Cigarette Prohibition in Washington, 1893-1911

Here is an essay on early efforts to ban cigarettes in Washington. Includes an amusing story about a Republican Senator Orville A. Tucker of Seattle. He worked hard to ban cigarettes, while enjoying his own cigars, in a meeting here in Olympia he caused a minor fire while trying to light his smoke. He ignited a window curtain in an Olympia hotel room. (Anyone happen to know what Olympia hotel?)

1933 Hunger March (To Hell With Olympia Beans!)

One of the paintings in the Sylvester's Window series inspired me to seek info on the Hunger March of 1933. Found a good essay on the subject.

I especially like this passage:

When the marchers demonstrated that they were peaceful, Olympia businessmen opened a number of vacant stores for dormitories and rooms "in one of the cheaper hotels" (Newell, 369) for women and children. A volunteer group offered beans and coffee in a soup kitchen, but many of the marchers became ill. A sign was added to the march, "TO HELL WITH OLYMPIA BEANS!" (Newell, 369).

Also, on the History of Thurston County Sheriff's Office page , there is this additional bit:

"Due to hunger marches by people of the Depression era, Sheriff Havens had to delegate longshoremen to control the crowds at both the State Capital and the kitchen at St. Peter Hospital."

Sylvester's Window, New Paintings at Oly Timberland Library

Sylvester's Window, a series of paintings now on display at the downtown Olympia Timberland library, is quite worth viewing. The paintings are also viewable online through an Olympian site.

The Olympian has an excellent story on the paintings, "Art through the ages."

10/26 Vigil for 2,000

I attended the vigil last night in Sylvester Park along with about 160 other folks.

Scott Douglas who hosted the vigil through has some photos available.

Stencil Art

On concrete wall in front of Capital Retirement, facing sidewalk, across from mall, 700 Black Lake Blvd SW, Olympia. All other graffiti is consistently painted over, this has been left untouched. Photo by Cheri Hall.

(Update 11/15/2005: Recent graffiti has been painted over again, the stencil art remains untouched.)

(Update 4/10/2007: This stencil art continues to be protected and treasured. Other graffiti is painted over periodically while this remains.)

(Winter 2007: everything painted over including this stencil, alas)

Olympia's Historic Chinese Community

The Olympia's Historic Chinese Community site is thorough and fascinating, includes information on the Olympia Chinese Community Marker downtown in Heritage Park.

Westfield Capital Mall Construction

Capital Mall, which is now Westfield Capital , is going through big changes. Quite a bit of formerly treed land is being cleared and dozed and constructed. Westfield calls it HY Style expansion.

During their chipping phase, and man was that chipper huge, the noise level in the area was definitely up. Locals report that they can hear construction noise at night. Now things have settled to a mostly dull roar,  the beeping sound of trucks backing up now nothing to remark on.

And most likely because of the coming of the rains plus shift in construction phase, the air quality seems back to normal again. During the chipping of trees I noticed that the rate of coughing people in the area seemed higher, might just be coincidence.

One of the construction companies is Pivetta Brothers, they are out of Sumner.

Gillian Welch & Dave Rawlings

Hope everyone who wanted to see them in concert last night, got a chance to. I thoroughly enjoyed. I could tell the audience loved them and they loved us on back. And The Capitol Theater was the ideal venue.

Novel Writing Olympians

A group of Olympia area folks are already gathering, everyone is welcome. Plan is for each to write a novel, even a really bad one, during the month of November.

On the forum board of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is a regional lounge dedicated to Olympia, with moderator and all. Plans are also being made to meet in person for various gatherings.

Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission

The Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission puts out an excellent quarterly newsletter, NWIFC News. I especially appreciate Billy Frank's column Being Frank.
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