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May Day 2012

A sign in Sylvester park in Olympia "they cut we bleed revenue is what we need. occupy the Capitol. -- that said things are QUIET in Olympia

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May Day in Olympia Washington State Wire


If you felt the 3.3 that happened today at 11:48 am please add your report to Did You Feel It? 

The center was 16.6 miles from Satsop, WA. Several reports are already in from Olympia. 

Earthquake Report

USGS Community Internet Intensity Map

"Breaking News: Occupy Olympia Removed From Heritage Park"

At about 9 AM Friday morning, over 50 state patrol troopers in full riot gear began slowly marching through Heritage Park. As they inched forward at 30-40 feet every few minutes, they inspected each remaining tent they passed to ensure no one remained.

Olympia Power & Light has the story

Worth watching

5th Ave about 10:30 AM

Got these quick pics of the aftermath of a downtown accident. Quite the sight. Fortunately no one seriously injured.  The Olympian now has story up.

Can cooperation reduce vandalism risk?

If the City of Olympia decided to cooperate, work -with- rather than -against- Occupy Olympia people, perhaps that would reduce some vandalism and violence.

I hope City of Olympia is talking with their peers in Seattle and Portland. These Occupy movements may very easily spread and grow. Why not find a way to reduce possible harm rather than immediately cause harm?

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