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What is Bezango WA 985?

Bezango was another name for the weird and unusual people and places tucked away in these moss-covered hills of Southwest Washington.

Steve Willis writes here on OlyBlog and for Olympia Power & Light as stevenl. He also keeps his own blog at (I help maintain Morty the Dog but Steve is the talent.)

Because Bezango WA 985 is place specific I asked him to write up a post of explanation: What is "Bezango"? Read that and all will become clear.


Capitol City Pride

More Overheard Oly

I'm drinking coffee and waking up slowly at Bayview. A friend arrives and then goes off to do some shopping. Meanwhile two other people climb the stairs and walk into the room. My back is turned, I'm at the corner table between windows, it is a beautiful morning.

I'm relaxed while paying attention to my surroundings, this is a public place. The two people are two men. One older and not saying all that much. Other man is younger, louder, and enthusiastic. Younger one exclaims about the view and they sit down.

They sound like men involved in the business or political world. The young one does most of the talking. Seems like a mentor relationship - young buck talking to his mentor.

I try to refocus but am grabbed again by how the young man seems upset about something, he says repeatedly he is shocked, and then he drops the name of a well known Oly public figure and seems to be saying that the public figure's credibility is poor.

I'm not having to exert any effort to hear all this. I text my friend who will be back soon asking if that is Jeff, hey, I wasn't awake yet and I was going mostly by impressions, the young man I'm listening to is certainly dramatic. My friend returns, no that isn't Jeff, of course it isn't, I turn and look and think "That's Craig" and "I know that other guy, seen him in news, who is he?".

Craig has quite the vocabulary. I hear him use the word "salient" and I think "damn, he sure has the vocab".

I keep trying to tune out but am not always successful. I wonder what is going on. Is it a job interview? Doesn't feel that way, doesn't sound quite like one. Seems to be a mentor relationship. Craig is venting, then restating how he perceives himself. His mentor doesn't say all that much, his voice volume is lower, I do hear him give Craig a compliment and Craig respond with heart felt thanks.

Craig talks about how he is all about service. And that he is not into fundraising.

Overheard Oly

I'm upstairs early this morning in the Bayview Thriftway dining area enjoying coffee and the view. Two men settle in at a table nearby. Their conversation begins and I can't help but hear, without even trying.

Oh, one of the men must be on a city council or something somewhere, I can tell that easily from what he is saying. He's quite enthusiastic, he has an impressive vocabulary, and his theme seems to be himself. His skills, his opinions, his observations. That's cool, he can do that, and I assume the other somewhat older gentleman is in a mentor type role.

I turn further away from them to try to create my own space and focus on something else, but hearing well known names dropped in connection with words like "misogynist" brings my attention back. I'm now pretty sure I know who that one guy talking is and the other guy who is mostly listening.......isn't he that developer? Why does he have that cat-who-got-the-canary expression?

Once I'm home I look over some photos easily found online and verify that those two guys are very likely indeed those two guys.

So. You two guys, you know we heard everything, right?  You know you were in a public place. Did you both do this on purpose? Or was one of you being unwise and venting in public while the other one knew exactly what was going on?

I wonder.


Obscure Cartoonists: Steve Willis

While obscurity is harder to measure than fame, Steve Willis is, by my estimate, one of the most enduringly, endearingly obscure cartoonists in America. For 30+ years he has created comics by the hundreds, many of which appeared in editions of 20, 50, or one. In thousands of Morty Comix (mostly portraits drawn on the backs of retired filing cards or random paper), in years of his small-press newsletter City Limits Gazette, and in many titles like Cranium Frenzy, Willis did much to establish a small-press art network which has squirmed and fractured into uncounted factions.

Our own stevenl is called a "Mini-comics godfather" in this excellent, thorough discussion of his work: Obscure Cartoonists: Steve Willis

Steve's comix blog

Inspiration for using social media to help out during an Emergency

Astoria Fire December 16, 2010

This is brilliant, excellent use of free web tools to help organize information during an emergency.

This blog is provided by the Astoria Downtown Historic District Association in collaboration with the Astoria-Warrenton Chamber of Commerce and Scott Reuter of Astoria CERT to offer assistance to the people, businesses and organizations that were displaced by the fire in Astoria, Oregon on the night of December 16, 2010. The fire consumed Gunderson’s Cannery Cafe, as well as No. 10 Sixth Street, which housed many professional offices and social service organizations.

I learned about this through listening to the live stream of #140 Conference NW.

Following Local News in Modern Times

May 16:

  • Twitter @olyscanner Word that there was some sort of SWAT action at DOT building in Tumwater
  • Facebook OlyScanner More details
  • Checked Olympian and Seattle TV stations, didn't find anything
  • Back to Twitter, searched for tweets on Tumwater and DOT
  • Found @leifab tweeting about situation that was actually DOC involved
  • Pics of Hazmat, SWAT, etc. from @leifab here
  • Listened to scanner

May 18:

  • Facebook OlyScanner has word of standoff situation in Tumwater
  • Kept eye on Olympian and Seattle news stations
  • Facebook comment updates
  • Followed Olympian story, read contributed comments that add in report of gunshot heard, then apparent witness states that the woman involved was safe
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