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Concerning The Olympian website

Turn your computer sound off or at least down before you load up The Olympian website. Currently in their NDN Top Picks video section there is a video automatically loading with audio concerning the violent murder of a woman. No warning, no lead in.

I understand this might not bother everyone but it does me and I figure it might bother someone else too.

[Update: Found Safe] Where is Maddy Harris?

Washington State Patrol  flyer

Madeline (Maddy) Price Harris is 15 years old, she was last seen May 7th, 2001 in Olympia. Her hair was cut short before she disappeared.

Help find Maddy Harris

Contact Thurston County Sheriff (360) 786-5500

Hard Times Resources


Hard Times Resources Guide

compiled by Washington State Library

Major Police Activity SR-8 Rock Candy Mtn area

This traffic cam image from Rock Candy Mtn is fragmented but you can see one of the many police cars present. Lots of police activity in this area this morning, State Patrol and Thurston County Sheriff seen racing to the scene with sirens. No traffic accident evident.

1853 Olympia (read Emmett's comment too)

Moderator edit: People be warned before reading the following inflammatory text, and involves anti-indigenous racism:

I came across this while browsing through local historical newspapers.

Later edit from Sarah: I was appalled when I found this but not surprised. Because it fits with the theme of sundown towns and racism I wanted to bring it to the surface. If it is too disturbing and unwanted for Olyblog I can easily take it down.

Time to rethink use of "Geronimo"

Reports from news outlets in the days following the tactical strike in Pakistan to capture or kill bin Laden have stated that the military’s code name for him was “Geronimo,” referring to the Apache leader revered by many as a hero in the Southwestern United States.

“Our understanding is that bin Laden’s actual code name was ‘Jackpot’ and the operation name was ‘Geronimo’,” said Keel. “To associate a Native warrior with bin Laden is not an accurate reflection of history and it undermines the military service of Native people. It’s critical that military leaders and operational standards honor the service of those who protect our freedom.”

National Congress of American Indians Reacts to Use of Geronimo

May Day Oly

Wordle: May Day Olympia

click image above to view

created from Oly May Day phrases

Yes, this really is the worst Spring on record

2011 is clearly the worst year on record with the fewest number of days above 55F!!!

Just think of it, last year there were 26 days of over 55F during the period, this year only 2.

Are Northwest Springs Getting Worse?

The above quotes are from the Cliff Mass Weather Blog , a blog I believe everyone in the area should regularly read.

I've been feeling the cold this spring, especially in the mornings. I miss having warm spring days for long walks and for house cleaning with windows and doors wide open.  

Healer or Scam Artist?

After natural disasters many scam artists will try to use the disaster to their benefit. Scam artists can include people who claim they are working to spiritually heal the planet. Just because a person can talk spiritual does not mean that they walk the walk. 

Just because a group says it is a non-profit, charity, and/or foundation does not mean it is legit.

Before giving your $, labor, and participation to a group make sure to research it first. 

A good resource is Looks Too Good To Be True.

Frequently Asked Questions

Washington state Attorney General Office

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