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Know before you Go - Festival Season

Seasons are changing and soon there will be various festivals and related events in the NW, for instance Pagan events, and The Oregon Country Fair. I have some suggestions for festival goers in general:

About that eagle feather:

May I sell objects made from the eagles feathers?
No. Feathers or parts of bald or golden eagles and other migratory birds may NOT be sold, purchased, bartered, or traded. They may, however, be handed down to family members, from generation to generation, or from one Native American to another for religious purposes. Native Americans CAN NOT give eagle feathers or parts to non-Native Americans as a gift.
Learn before you buy:
Whether you’re drawn to the beauty of turquoise and silver jewelry or the earth tone colors of Indian pottery, having some knowledge about American Indian arts and crafts can help you get the most for your money. Be aware also that because Indian arts and crafts are prized and often command higher prices, a few unscrupulous sellers misrepresent imitation arts and crafts as genuine.

The Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 helps ensure that buyers of Indian arts and crafts products get what they pay for by making it illegal to misrepresent that a product is made by an Indian. Under the Act, any item produced after 1935 that is marketed using terms such as “Indian,” “Native American” or “Alaska Native” must be made by a member of a State or federally-recognized tribe or by a certified Indian artisan. A certified Indian artisan is an individual who is certified by an Indian tribe as a nonmember Indian artisan.

April Fools' Day

So far today I've learned that I'll be using my gmail differently and that ferries have been painted orange. The Olympian is helping us stay updated too. What all are you learning today?

Silent No Longer, by Dan Leahy

Every Life Counts

Recognize this vehicle?

Officials in the Lindsey Baum missing child case are searching for the owner of this Ridgeline vehicle. The owner may have information on the crime, and is not a suspect.

Sharing the Harvest

Buyer Beware

I respect the right for everyone to have their own beliefs. What I don't respect or support are con games.
I believe the PNW Medicine Wheel ceremonies are scams. Some of the organizers may mean well. My guess is that some of them know exactly what they are doing.

Bennie LeBeau leads the PNW Medicine Wheel ceremonies this upcoming weekend in Heritage Park. Here is a video about his supposed ability to heal drought:



Best customer service in Oly/Lacey/Tumwater?

Where do you find the best customer service?

The rare times I eat at Falls Terrace have always impressed me. Without fail, always good waiters.

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