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Stingray Spy plane over downtown right now. Stingray or Dirtbox

Circling overhead now in the downtown/Capitol area. Probably the kind that acts as a fake tower and captures cell phone tranmissions.

Not just here in Oly

News from northwestern Missouri; Ex-sheriff pleads guilty to forcing women to expose breasts.



The end of Kodachrome AND tonights possible Northern Lights AND the Red Sun I saw.

Well, Kodachrome is finished, and the last lab that can process it shuts down that part of itself at the end of the year. I have a roll of Kodachrome 25 if someone wants to try a last stab at it.  I'm not going to get my camera out fast enough, I think.

Tonight, the 3rd through the morning of the 4th, due to the sun having a hissy fit and throwing plasma (coronal mass ejection) RIGHT AT US! we in the usually out-of-range latitudes have a chance to see Aurorae (Northern Lights) due to this geomagnetic storm.  Stay up, wake up, or get up early and check it out. 

I saw an awesome RED sun last evening coming back from Tacoma.  Fires in B.C. caused it.  Odd though, given that sun is inflamed with CORONAL MASS EJECTION during this time also.  Usually only seen by NASA X-ray photos.


the truck on/in the trail

Is it still there? I can get it out.  Who do I contact??? (No, it does not involve a giant shop vac).

Downtown clean-up day

Is there a clean up event tomorrow, Sat.? I thought I saw that somewhere and want to go. Anybody know? Thanks

Info site for I-5 closure schedule

Here is the direct link, there is a calender, probably check before driving, as things SOMETIMES don't go according to plan. (How can that be??!) I think there is a link somewhere on the site for current conditions.

Golden Eagles in downtown

Wow, I'm pretty sure I saw 2, maybe 3 golden eagles soaring above me at 4th Ave. E. and Boundary, at 3:00. One was a bit smaller and did an awesome wings-tucked-in dive for a short distance in mid-air. I am not an Offical Birder, so I could be wrong. Sure hope not.
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