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From Olympia to Cambodia via Canada and France

An incredible 5Rhythm teacher Lucie Nerot, from France is working with Cambodia children teaching them the 5Rhythms as a way to empower them to have greater understanding about their life conditions, the possibilities before them and help them find the source of their power.

She finances this work through her non-profit Dancing Across Borders.

Another 5Rhythm teacher, Joanne Winstanley, from Victoria Canada, is conducting a fundraiser, A Chance to Dance in Victoria Canada this weekend to support Lucie's important work. Lucie is passionate about making a difference in people's (particularly young people) lives by 'dancing across borders' - -the borders of counties, language, and economics.

I plan to go and give my support and I'm asking for Olympians to support this fundraiser by making a donation (or if you'd rather...come and DANCE).  I have a personal goal of raising $1000, 1/4 of what Lucie needs to spend two months in Cambodia to do this important work. If just 40 Olympians support this cause with a $25.00 donation I can reach my goal.  You can donate via paypal, see the direct link at Move And Be Moved: or contact me, Visudha de los Santos.  I will post footage of the event when I return next week.

You might wonder what are the 5Rhythms?  The 5Rhythms is a meditative practice that teachers awareness through dance movement. 

So: 5Rhythms, 4 Countries, 3 Women, 2 ways (DANCE or Donate) to make a difference in children's lives, 1 act of kindness. 

Homeless Persons' Memorial Vigil

Per email:


Greetings! December 21, the longest night of the year, is National Homeless Persons' Memorial Day. WSCH will be hosting its 2nd annual Homeless Persons' Memorial Day for Washington State on Thursday, Dec. 21 at 4 pm on the Capitol Steps in Olympia. Join us for a candlelight vigil where we will read the names of everyone we know of in our state who has died homeless or as a result of homelessness in the last year, and Governor Gregoire's proclamation recognizing December 21 as National Homeless Persons' Memorial Day.

Ken Kraybill of the National Health Care for the Homeless Council, and Craig Rennebom, a Mental Health Chaplain (http://www.mentalhealthchaplain.org/), will speak at the service.

Please also visit the following websites for more information on National Homeless Persons' Memorial Day: National Coalition for the Homeless www.nationalhomeless.org National Health Care for the Homeless Council www.nhchc.org

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Mia Navarro

Director of Public Education and Conference Activities

Washington State Coalition for the Homeless

PO Box 14461

Tumwater, WA 98511-4461

(360) 357-6990 FAX

(360) 357-6995


The Caiman Master

says that he had emergency auto problems and asked me to report that he isn't making it to the Broho tonight...but, methinks that perhaps he's gator rollin' in all of this water. 

Olyblog at OFS Festival

OFS's annual film festival is coming up, and new things are happening. Olympian Story

"We're trying to encourage our local people to continue to produce movies," Yockey said.
To that end, the Olympia Film Society's production wing, Media Studio, will create a film during the festival that will be shown toward the end of the 10-day event. That means people attending the festival could end up in a movie, shooting a movie, or working on lighting, sound or another element of film, she said. (Those interested in signing up now can contact Yockey at the Olympia Film Society office, 360-754-6670.)

Brings me back to Olyblog's anniversary event. This is it folks. We could plan to meet on a specific night of the festival and have an Olyblog presence. We can wear caiman heads.


Being left in charge of Olyblog (it's like having the keys to the city!), I am in a quandry...no blogsitting classes to be found. No guidelines, resources, help-lines. I'm on my own.  I wondered do I Let It Be, or do I put out an all call alert?

West Bay Marina Fun - Kayaking and Music

West Bay Seal

I kayaked with my friend Julie last night around the inlet, departing from West Bay Marina.  Tug Boat Annie's has a two-hour rental for $15.00.  I haven't been out there in forever, and was pleased to find out the Columbia Street Seisun Group plays out there on Wednesday nights from 8-10.  I wondered where they convene, and I haven't really listened to them since Clancy's went away.

The kayaking was beautiful.  We kayaked right up to seals and herons.  One seal followed us out, and followed us back in. We knew he was around from his periodic appearances and snorts.  I had no idea that so many logs are stored out there, but they make excellant perches for our friends the seals and herons. 

The kayak launch is a little rickety. Both of us passed the 'standing up from sitting' test, so that is good.  And our friend the seal did not tip us over.

The Wise Tree

Does anyone know the history of this tree?

It lives on Water Street between, I think 19th and 20th.   The tree has a wise face attached about 8 feet up, and at it's feet is a little shrine.  A natural cave created by the tree's growth.  The shrine contains many interesting icons and trinkets, that have actually begun to escape. They are outside the tree cave as well.  The objects in the shrine move and change from time to time. I always like to stop and see what is different. Today there was a circular piece of wood with a little design and painted red. it was attached with a screw. Mostly the objects are placed about.

So, what's the story? Does anyone know? How long as it been there? Who started the wise man and his shrine?

Foster Care

I took my daughter to the Thurston Animal Services this morning so she could submit a volunteer application. The shelter is clean and today was well staffed.  There were a lot of baby kitties, and some beautiful dogs.  But anyways I digressed from the point of my post.

From the volunteer handbook, on the section entitled Foster Care Exotics I discovered the following:

Program Description: On occasion the shelter receives "exotic" animals which may not be able to find proper housing here at the shelter. Most commonly these include iguanas, boas, rabbits, pot-bellied pigs, caiman, birds and ferrets.
I kid you not. I'm glad our shelter is responsive to our community's current issues. The caiman problem deserves this level of attention. And thank you courageous volunteers who risk life and limb to help keep our community safe.  Stevenl this might be another ripe volunteer opportunity for you.

5Rhythms Tribal Gathering

Next weekend, Olympia's Waves Studio will host the 3rd Annual Tribal Gathering.  5Rhythm Dancers from the Pacific Northwest will join for a weekend of dancing with the opportunity to explore the teaching styles of many different teachers from around the world.

It's great fun, and fun to connect with other dancers.

Any Gabblies

out there? Come join us...V
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