OLYMPIA - An Olympia woman would have paid just about anything so her Army husband could spend Christmas with their kids.

Now she's convinced Continental Airlines took advantage of her, turning her Christmas wish into a stressful and expensive proposition.


Continental Airlines told her they had plenty of seats available... for a price.

For the first change, Sandy called Continental's customer service line. "When I said this is my situation, he's changed ports, I need to get him out of Corpus Christi, oh, well you can pay another 700 dollars."

Parents night out


HANDS ON CHILDREN -- MUSEUM Exhibit: Reopening of "Good for You!" Parents Night Out, activities, dinner, crafts, creative play for ages 4-10, 6-9:30 p.m. second Saturdays; $20 for first child, $15 per additional sibling, preregistration required. Hours: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Mondays-Saturdays, noon-5 p.m. Sundays, 11th Avenue and Capitol Way, Olympia. Admission: $6.95 ages 2 and older, $5.95 seniors/grandparents, $3.95 ages 10-23 months, free for children 9 months old and younger, half price 3-5 p.m. scheduled school days, half price for home-schoolers on Tuesdays, half price for military, free admission 5-9 p.m. first Fridays; 360-956-0818.

Good day 'eh

I am an occasional Olympian and 2004 Evergreen grad - mostly living in North Vancouver, B.C. Canada now. I make projects of all sorts including podcasts - Clubside Breakfast Time with my colleague Cosmo, plus a literature show, a hockey show and a sort of audio scrapbook of hi-jinx - plus paintings, stories and static montages of ephemeral oddments. I am also a Zhonka guy and tend to (mostly) marketing and development tasks including the free Surfbreak hotspots.


An outstretched hand faces Sirius. Lord take me with you Lord take me with you. A palm gently closes beneath Sirius. An outstretched hand faces Betelgeuse. Spirit take me with you Spirit take me with you. A palm quietly closes beneath Betelgeuse. An outstretched hand faces Procyon. God take me with you God take me with you. A palm calmly closes beneath Procyon. Alnitak, Alnilam, Mintaka, no coincidence. Artemis take me with you.

Best Olympian Headline of Day

Winter-break class makes nourishing avian snacks

Maybe I am the only person who reads this headline as telling us that a group of people were eaten by birds. And that the birds found that their snack of people was nourishing.

Or did the people eat nourishing snacks made out of birds?

Perhaps I've been overexposed to humor and now expect to find something funny in everything.

Evergroove trivia, pt. 89

Some of Evergreen's most famous graduates have made their reputations in the entertainment industry. The following person is probably not one of them.

There was an open mike night in the CAB in the late 1970s, and for some reason this guy was the one who really made the biggest impression on me. He had a guitar and played only one note with a teeth-jarring BLANG! I even used him as the basis for a character in Bezango WA 985 (see Evergroove trivia, pt. 39), and here is how I recorded his lyrics and playing:

















I wanted to jump up and cheerfully shout, "Hey, everybody join in!"

Evergroove trivia, pt. 88

"It was like Wal-Mart on acid," is the way I've heard the old Yard Birds/Sea Mart explained to those who never had the pleasure of shopping at the Olympia landmark that held our fascination for over three decades. Being from out of town, Evergreen students were particularly spellbound by the place that local people had pretty much accepted as normal. It was a frequent topic at parties when local eccentricities were discussed.

Yard Birds/Sea Mart filled three city blocks in the area between the present Farmer's Market and the Phoenix Inn. It consisted of two buildings (connected by a staff-only sky bridge over Capitol Way) and an enormous parking lot. On more than one occasion it had been said in Evergroove circles that Hell was probably being condemned to sit on a sheet of tinfoil in the Sea Mart parking lot on a hot August day.

The outside of the buildings were adorned with huge cartoon murals of pirates, deep sea divers, and ocean creatures. They also had the Yard Birds mascot, an oversize statue of a cartoon black crow with a yellow beak and gloves. Sometimes this statue would find itself in odd places, like the roof of the Olympia High School administration building.

The Sea Mart building on the east, as I recall, was the grocery end of things. The Yard Birds side on the west was sort of a home improvement/Army surplus blend. It smelled like canvas and popcorn, evoking the circus it really was. They also had a restaurant with a maritime motif and giant crabs displayed on the walls.

Just to add a little twist, next to Yard Birds was Harvey's Pet Store. This place was an overcrowded, smelly cacophony of an animal prison. I don't think Harvey sold any caimans, but he did have a lot of exotic pets for sale. If it hadn't burned down, I'm sure Harvey's would've been a big target for animal rights activists in later years.

The building that became Sea Mart had originally been some sort of packing plant, maybe for fish. When Sea Mart first opened they had a promotional indoor carnival.

Hate Strikes OlyBlog Again

In recent a OlyBlog posting, Rachel Corrie, an impassioned HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST, was again wrongly accused of being a terrorist sympathizer. Apparently those holding this view are ignorant of the facts. #1) Rachel Corrie was not a terrorist sympathizer. #2) Saying she was to further their agendas or perpetuate their belief systems is just plain foul not to mention disrespectful. The lack of compassion, at the very least, is hateful to a sickening degree. I ask that those responsible for spreading lies about the deceased, stop it. And while you're at it, why don't you stop defining the perspectives of her parents, clean your ears out, and LISTEN. I know it might be hard for those of you who haven't LISTENED TO ANYONE in many years, however it is a skill crucial to participating in a community. My question: How can people live with themselves when all they do is hate? Wise words for the perpetrators of this hate: Judge not lest ye be judged in the eyes of the beholder. Amen.

Welcome to the Debutant Ball . . .

or at least my personal "Coming Out" party here at my cool new Bryght Powered OlyBlog.Net Site.

As to introductions, I'm Cosmo G Spacely, (The Unabonger), host of the Clubside Breakfast Time Podcast, an Olympia based podcast, with Music, News and (sometimes witty) commentary on Life in Olympia. I'm a long-time Olympia resident, and frequent Evergreen "Community Member", having started on my degree back in 1984, (I'm closer than three years ago on getting my degree, I swear!)

There's also an associated CBT WordPress Blog but since I'm a Podcaster, and not a Blogger, it's largely a "work in progress", so to speak.

To get the Podcast, here's a browser friendly feed, which also doubles as the RSS syndication XML file for aggregators, and a Link for iTunes.

Come on by and have breakfast with me (and sometimes a special guest or two!


You Should Have Died

While reading Steve's great Evergroove Trivia stories, a story of my own keeps knocking at my mind and insisting on being told, so I'll concede and write it.

Mid 1990s or so, I'm at TESC, enjoying my studies. One day on a break during some sort of group activity, several of us fell into chit chat, nothing important being said, just idle conversation.

Somehow we ended up talking about food poisoning. Stories of various food poisoning episodes were shared, we laughed a lot and competed to tell the worst story. I piped up with my story of getting very sick on clam chowder, two different times at two different restaurants in Port Townsend.


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