Evergroove trivia, pt. 91

A couple years ago Randy Stilson, the Library Archivist at TESC, sounded the call for volunteers to help identify people in the zillions of photographs the College has in the collection. So I took the bait.

The photo on the top of the stack included an image of one of the 100+ people who had been my roommates as I moved every six months during the 1970s-early 80s. This particular person was another follower of Jobbo Bonobo. He had a habit of declaring "EX-cellent!" when something pleased him, and he liked to laugh.

He also liked to ski. One night he got real drunk, went to our freezer, emptied all the ice cubes on the floor, donned his skiis, got out the ski poles, and attempted to demonstrate some cross-country technique by having ice cubes serve as substitute snow. Spider Burbank would've been horrified.

And that memory came with just the first photo. I was able to identify scores of people in there. As you might have guessed, I have mixed feelings about being an Evergreen grad, as more time passes the less connected I feel to the College. Going through those photographs was a wonderful jump-start in these middle-aged brain cells about why I was attracted to the Evergroove program in the first place. Also a great way to wake up forgotten memories about people and places that are gone. If you are a fellow grad of the TESC prehistoric era, take an afternoon off, call Randy, and help us match names with the faces in the Evergreen family album.


2006 American Indian Visionary: Hank Adams

News from Indian Country Today about their choice of Hank Adams for the 2006 American Indian Visionary Award:

After weeks of careful discussion and consideration, we are very pleased to announce that Henry (Hank) Adams has been selected as the recipient of the 2006 American Indian Visionary Award. The award is given in recognition of his qualities of vision, courage, commitment and discipline - but it was Adams' quiet modesty or natural humility that was found most admirable.

Give Ramona Bennett the final word: ''Somewhere in Olympia, Wash., there is a thin, aging Assiniboine-Sioux man leaning over a computer. He is making sure we have a tomorrow.''

The page of tribute essays is very worth looking through, includes one by Mike Lowry , our former gov 1993 - 1997.

Statement from Craig and Cindy Corrie

Statement from Craig and Cindy Corrie 1-05-2006, posted on the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice site.

(via Phan Nguyen on and

9:45 PM Downtown Olympia

My almost 26 year old son is walking me to the transit station after our very fine meal at Water Street Cafe. He's telling me something about reading Nietzsche when my attention focuses and I see someone curled up asleep on the pavement in a lit shop doorway. I hear myself make this low "Ohhhhhh" sound of empathy.

A few blocks away and my son tells me that he did not see the person in the doorway, but he did see someone sleeping on a bench nearby that I did not see. As we are talking this over, as I am questioning him about what he sees each night downtown, we exchange friendly greetings with two people on bicycles.

The two people on bicycles have full trailers that my son tells me are packed with food, blankets, and other necessities. He tells me that the bicyclists are EGYHOP (Emma Goldman Youth and Homeless Outreach) folks and that he sees them out most every night.


Evergroove trivia, pt. 90

There were two films we were shown as part of our academic programs at TESC in the 1970s. I probably saw each one at least once a year. Future Shock (1973) and The Medium is the Massage (1969) were both short films with lots of garish colors (worthy of Roger Corman's Poe cycle), disturbing rapid-fire montages, and frightening predictions for the near future. The incredibly hammy and dramatic Orson Welles narrated the first film. The second movie was about Marshall McLuhan. They were both designed to scare the Hell out of us. Sort of an educational film version of some commercial movies of the era like Soylent Green (1973) and THX 1138 (1971).

But, as it turned out, the real future, which is now the past, was ten times more horrifying.

I love Chaney

I was a driving down the five of eyes and what did encapsulate my immediate attendtion? Chaney of coure you silly. Some think he's a dick but I say that there is more than a dick, he is also an amygdala and a ring finger with a smigoun of cappilary tissue.


OLYMPIA - An Olympia woman would have paid just about anything so her Army husband could spend Christmas with their kids.

Now she's convinced Continental Airlines took advantage of her, turning her Christmas wish into a stressful and expensive proposition.


Continental Airlines told her they had plenty of seats available... for a price.

For the first change, Sandy called Continental's customer service line. "When I said this is my situation, he's changed ports, I need to get him out of Corpus Christi, oh, well you can pay another 700 dollars."

Parents night out


HANDS ON CHILDREN -- MUSEUM Exhibit: Reopening of "Good for You!" Parents Night Out, activities, dinner, crafts, creative play for ages 4-10, 6-9:30 p.m. second Saturdays; $20 for first child, $15 per additional sibling, preregistration required. Hours: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Mondays-Saturdays, noon-5 p.m. Sundays, 11th Avenue and Capitol Way, Olympia. Admission: $6.95 ages 2 and older, $5.95 seniors/grandparents, $3.95 ages 10-23 months, free for children 9 months old and younger, half price 3-5 p.m. scheduled school days, half price for home-schoolers on Tuesdays, half price for military, free admission 5-9 p.m. first Fridays; 360-956-0818.

Good day 'eh

I am an occasional Olympian and 2004 Evergreen grad - mostly living in North Vancouver, B.C. Canada now. I make projects of all sorts including podcasts - Clubside Breakfast Time with my colleague Cosmo, plus a literature show, a hockey show and a sort of audio scrapbook of hi-jinx - plus paintings, stories and static montages of ephemeral oddments. I am also a Zhonka guy and tend to (mostly) marketing and development tasks including the free Surfbreak hotspots.


An outstretched hand faces Sirius. Lord take me with you Lord take me with you. A palm gently closes beneath Sirius. An outstretched hand faces Betelgeuse. Spirit take me with you Spirit take me with you. A palm quietly closes beneath Betelgeuse. An outstretched hand faces Procyon. God take me with you God take me with you. A palm calmly closes beneath Procyon. Alnitak, Alnilam, Mintaka, no coincidence. Artemis take me with you.
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