Lacey Thief Fails Oly Fashion Test

The article Rick earlier blogged on, I just reread it and realized something more.

The robber may have worn a fake mustache, Lacey police reported.

How utterly embarassing for a man, to have something on his upper lip that observers cannot quite identify. Obviously he has failed the high standards set by Olympia bank robbers.

If You Can't Erase It, Define It.

I suppose if you have to live in hell, being able to define and describe it can make it tolerable. Or not. If nothing else, makes for better communication with 911.

Definition of crackhole in The Urban Dictionary added by diligent blogging Olympian.

(Take his poll while you're there.)

Evergroove trivia, pt. 92

It is 1975. The three of us Geoducks pulled off a lonely road in the Lake Quinault area to observe the massive old growth trees. One of my companions takes a long stick and places it across the yellow line in the center of the road. "This lane is my lane and that lane is your lane," he explained, "and the first one to have a car run over the stick on his side will be the first one to die."

Yeah, I know, very strange. Keep in mind this is the same character who earlier in the academic year had performed the "Easter Pimp" trick (see Evergroove Trivia pt. 45).

I will admit I'm a bit of a fatalist. I do not believe anything happens by accident or coincidence. And I'm just superstitious enough to pay more attention to a stunt like this than it deserves. Maybe the fact I can remember this after over three decades was due to the primeval and mystical setting of virgin timber. Or maybe I'm just a dork. OK, we all know the answer to that one, so let's just move on.

A long time passed before any vehicles showed up. When they did, two cars approached from opposite directions, and they hit the stick at exactly the same moment!!!! Weird with a beard, man. This was the kind of stuff Evergreeners liked to eat with a spoon.

So, as far as I know, the Easter Pimp is still alive and well. But I'll tell you one thing, I'm never getting in the same car, plane, elevator, train, etc. with him.

The Cost of Katrina

I can't link to the video but, on there's a feature on how much each state is paying to house Katrina victims. Texas alone is going to have to cough up about $550 million (this is to house, educated, etc. those who have come from New Orleans and into Texas). The city of Atlanta was in the neighborhood of $100 million.

The question was whether the federal government or state government should foot the bill. Right now, FEMA is saying the federal government is going to foot the bill for a year and then, after that, each state is on its own.

As the feature pointed out, this wouldn't be a big deal if everyone (or even the majority) were to get into the workforce.

Unfortunately, many of those displaced by Katrina did not previously and will not in the future contribute to the tax base. They are forever on Uncle Sam's payroll.

Democrats in Huddle

I thought some of you might get a kick out of this.

Love your Flight Attendant!!!

Next time you see your Flight Attendant (say stewardist if you want coffee on your lap (you might want to wear black jeans))give her or him a big fuzzy warm hug and say how much you appreciate the accomodations! Poor, overworked Flight Attendants, Airline Captains, and Ticket Sellers (chances are the ticket-seller is talking to you from a prison-cellar if you chose any airline but Continental) went from a big, happy, party plane to a miserable cramped party pooper of a "job". Last time I checked the "job" looked more like "slave-labor". CEO's who never go to work set all the prices from their labtops in space. Prisoners pose as "Ticket Sellers" for every discontent customer to harass. Flight Attendants have it even worse. Pilots are the old-wise-owls that wonder and worry forever about worsening retirement conditions. Even the younger generations of pilots is burning-out faster nowadays. Pretty soon, the only pilots left in America will in the military, and thus, soon the military will have to take over the Airline Industry, and everyone will cry "civil-rights-violations" when it will all be because passengers kept harrassing the CEO's slaves. Word is born.

Fallacy Categories

What category do you belong to? Are you a "hippie"? No. Are you a "skater"? No. Are you a beeeooooottch? No. Are you a conservative? No. Well what are you then? You are a human-member of the Earth Family. It's that simple, really. Categories are restrictive. Categories hinder creativity. Categories inspire racism. Down with categories! By the way, did you know that bones and trees are just as genetically-similar as humans and monkeys? Probably not if you believe in the religion of "Categories".

Fugitive fashion

From the Olympian:

There have been a number of robberies in Thurston County the past three months, with thieves donning an array of outfits from witch costumes to cowboy boots.

Evergroove trivia, pt. 91

A couple years ago Randy Stilson, the Library Archivist at TESC, sounded the call for volunteers to help identify people in the zillions of photographs the College has in the collection. So I took the bait.

The photo on the top of the stack included an image of one of the 100+ people who had been my roommates as I moved every six months during the 1970s-early 80s. This particular person was another follower of Jobbo Bonobo. He had a habit of declaring "EX-cellent!" when something pleased him, and he liked to laugh.

He also liked to ski. One night he got real drunk, went to our freezer, emptied all the ice cubes on the floor, donned his skiis, got out the ski poles, and attempted to demonstrate some cross-country technique by having ice cubes serve as substitute snow. Spider Burbank would've been horrified.

And that memory came with just the first photo. I was able to identify scores of people in there. As you might have guessed, I have mixed feelings about being an Evergreen grad, as more time passes the less connected I feel to the College. Going through those photographs was a wonderful jump-start in these middle-aged brain cells about why I was attracted to the Evergroove program in the first place. Also a great way to wake up forgotten memories about people and places that are gone. If you are a fellow grad of the TESC prehistoric era, take an afternoon off, call Randy, and help us match names with the faces in the Evergreen family album.


2006 American Indian Visionary: Hank Adams

News from Indian Country Today about their choice of Hank Adams for the 2006 American Indian Visionary Award:

After weeks of careful discussion and consideration, we are very pleased to announce that Henry (Hank) Adams has been selected as the recipient of the 2006 American Indian Visionary Award. The award is given in recognition of his qualities of vision, courage, commitment and discipline - but it was Adams' quiet modesty or natural humility that was found most admirable.

Give Ramona Bennett the final word: ''Somewhere in Olympia, Wash., there is a thin, aging Assiniboine-Sioux man leaning over a computer. He is making sure we have a tomorrow.''

The page of tribute essays is very worth looking through, includes one by Mike Lowry , our former gov 1993 - 1997.

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