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Disturbing Images from the Mind of Steve Willis

"Total" or "Complete"?

I'm having a definition problem. Can anyone out there tell me the difference between a "Total Asshole" vs. a "Complete Asshole"? This thought recently crossed my mind. Perhaps the proximity of election season has something to do with it.

A sordid tale by stevenl

Read more here (if you dare!).

Another disturbing image

This was drawn in 1982. Note the little creature by the title.

Another test in graphics

Don't even ask about the context of this page, but please note the animal icons. This was drawn in the mid 1990s.


This is what an Argifffiygmipjttrw looks like.

As I Recall the 60s, 1

Originally drawn in the early 1980s:

As I Recall the 60s, 2


As I Recall the 60s, 3

p. 4-5

As I Recall the 60s, 4

p. 6-7

As I Recall the 60s, 5

Back cover. Congrads, you have now read an entire 1980s-era minicomic!

Bezango WA 985


Bezango WA 985 is a 2-part comic art show at Batdorf and Bronson about a mythical town in SW Washington. The SW is not for South West, it is an acronym for Steve Willis. Anyway, pt. 1 will run through June, pt. 2 through July. You might recognize a few of your neighbors or maybe even yourself.


Comic Art Show Bezango WA 985 , by Steve Willis

Bezango WA 985 is a 2-part comic art show at Batdorf and Bronson about a mythical town in SW Washington. The SW is not for South West, it is an acronym for Steve Willis. Anyway, pt. 1 will run through June, pt. 2 through July. You might recognize a few of your neighbors or maybe even yourself.

Batdorf & Bronson Coffeehouse - downtown Olympia - 516 S. Capitol Way, Olympia, Washington

Comics at The Crossroads: Art of The Graphic Novel

In recent years comics have moved from the cultural fringes into the artistic and literary mainstream. The Pacific Northwest is home to a growing community of comic artists, including more than half a dozen major comic publishing houses and many smaller ones. The exhibition Comics at the Crossroads: Art of the Graphic Novel examines this vibrant and evolving art form with a focus on 40 Northwest artists who are established stars and emerging lights in the comic art universe.
The exhibition features previously published and unpublished works, such as sample page spreads and book covers, along with related toys.
Funding for this exhibit provided in part by Humanities Washington.

Exhibit Opening

stevenl will be one of the artists featured

Location: Maryhill Museum of Art


Cryptic graphic of the day

A page from a comic in the mid 1990s:
Steve lines
CF7samp.jpg133 KB

Don't you hate it when this happens?

Evergroove trivia, pt. 93

Portrait of the cartoonist as a young maze, or, The path I took in trying to figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up.









For Meeples

Here it is, Mukey's one and only comic book, from the mid-1990s. There might be some copies at the Danger Room left.

For Summerisle

Another Tommy reference-- from the early 1980s. Morty the Dog with his creator:

Four States of Being

An oldie from 1983. 4states

Full Moon Tonight

It's going to start getting weird, isn't it?


If I enjoy the heck out of my day, by the time evening arrives I'll be heckless. As vast as the English language can be, I think I just stumbled on a condition ("heckless") that needs definition. Surely you OlyBlogger wordsmiths can help me out here.

cryogenic-comix-7.jpg76.28 KB

Hegel and Jekyll

An esoteric bit from the early 1980s.

I also hate it when this happens

From the mid 1990s:

Life, But How to Live It?

And now, a bit of fun:

Looky here

This compilation of 1980s newave comix includes work by our very own stevenl.


More disturbing graphics

I took a close look at the cover illustration I provided for Evergroove trivia pt. 50 and realized, to my utter horror, some caimanesque images hidden in there. Also, I found this magazine cover I drew in 1998. Anyone know where I can find a caiman deprogramming seminar?

Morty Comix

Obscuro Comrades,

I've been hiding Morty Comix around Washington and Oregon as sort of little art bombs for awhile. Also sending them via US mail at random to hither and yon. Most of them are in secret places in Thurston and Grays Harbor counties. Have you come across one? Occasionally I'll hear from someone who was found by one of these little guys. This is an experiment in comix distribution and I'm attempting to gather data.

This method of artistic expression, being a bit unusual, has forced me to develop my own code of ethics in where and how I place them. The dropoff and documentation of this event, which frequently has the elements of a caper, has become more interesting to me than the comic art product itself.

Although the Morty Comix series is over 30 years old, it continues to evolve and is more fun to produce than ever.







Morty Comix Revived


Stevenl's new blog: Morty the Dog

No Comments Are Necessary

I honestly don't remember drawing this. This is a page from the comix jam Amused To No End (1986). My fellow cartoonist Brad W. Foster drew the last panel.


Totally normal

Obscure Cartoonists: Steve Willis

While obscurity is harder to measure than fame, Steve Willis is, by my estimate, one of the most enduringly, endearingly obscure cartoonists in America. For 30+ years he has created comics by the hundreds, many of which appeared in editions of 20, 50, or one. In thousands of Morty Comix (mostly portraits drawn on the backs of retired filing cards or random paper), in years of his small-press newsletter City Limits Gazette, and in many titles like Cranium Frenzy, Willis did much to establish a small-press art network which has squirmed and fractured into uncounted factions.

Our own stevenl is called a "Mini-comics godfather" in this excellent, thorough discussion of his work: Obscure Cartoonists: Steve Willis

Steve's comix blog

Oly Fables

The Fetid Lake of Doom done by our own cartoonist Steve Willis was just reviewed here. The review casts doubt on Steve's veracity (or grasp of reality). Truth or fiction? You decide.

Out-of-context image of the day

A proposal on how we can select our next President.

CF10p34.jpg78.2 KB

Politics, Religion ...

Drawn in the 1970s, but just as true now as it was back then.

(Click to enlarge image.)


Just playing around with comix. comix1


Sasquatch Comix

Sasquatch Comix 1 of 8

Drawn in the early 1980s.

Sasquatch Comix 2 of 8

Sasquatch Comix 3 of 8

Sasquatch Comix 4 of 8

Sasquatch Comix 5 of 8

Sasquatch Comix 6 of 8

Sasquatch Comix 7 of 8

Sasquatch Comix 8 of 8

She caiman through the bathroom window

Caimans are not noted for their sense of humor. They especially hate puns since many of the subtleties of English are lost on them. They also don't like being made the butt of jokes.

This was a comic drawn by myself and the fabulous Brad W. Foster back around 1986. Note the goofy reptilian characters. Now I'm probably on some list!

Steve Willis Exhibit at B&B

I was at Batdorf and Bronson today and I noticed that Steve Willis (stevenl) has an exhibit on display. It looks colorful and interesting and clever. Regrettably I didn't check it out in detail for myself. I don't know how long it's been up or how long it's going to be there. But you might want to check it out for yourself.

Tales of Terror: When Librarians Go Bad

To be more precise, when catalogers go bad, it is the worst. Catalogers are a curious subspecies of librarian. They wear cardigan sweaters. They have bifocals. Many of them cringe at the thought of sitting at the reference desk. They see license plates and think they are call numbers or MARC tags. Yet they hold positions of great power in terms of information access. And when they use their vast power for eeeeevil, well ...

One of the very worst public servants in American history started out as a cataloger. I quote from Young J. Edgar : Hoover, the Red Scare, and the Assault on Civil Liberties by Kenneth D. Ackerman (2007):

"After graduating in 1913, he turned down a scholarship from the University of Virginia and enrolled instead at George Washington University, a local school that allowed him to live with his parents while taking law school classes at night. During the day, he took a $30-a-month clerk's job at the Library of Congress, a five-block walk from his house, to earn extra money. He put in grueling twelve-hour workdays with little sleep. At George Washington, he made the extra effort to earn two degrees, Bachelor's and a Master's of Law, before graduating. But it was at the Library of Congress that inspiration struck him. Edgar's job there involved cataloguing [stevenl note: U.S. librarians spell this as "cataloging"] new books, and the library had recently adopted a groundbreaking new system to keep tabs on its bulging collection of over a million volumes plus hundreds of thousands of journals, manuscripts, and newspapers. Similar to the Dewey Decimal System, developed separately about the same time, it assigned each item an index card with a unique code indicating its topic, title, author, and location."

"Sitting at the Library of Congress cataloguing books, Edgar marveled at this new system and the power it gave him to locate any single item instantly in the Library's voluminous stacks. He imagined how, with a few tweaks, he could use it to track anything he liked, even people. He could use it to find anyone, even in a vast country of 105 million souls spanning an entire continent. He could use it to hide things, too, just by manipulating the code. By the time he left the Library, Edgar had so mastered the system and impressed his bosses that they doubled his salary. 'I'm sure he would be the chief librarian if he'd stayed with us,' a co-worker remarked a few years later."

When old catalogers gather around the campfire and swap stories of pure terror, the legend of Hoover usually comes up. The cataloger who crossed over to the Dark Side.

The Jaded Elf Wishes You a Happy Holiday

There is something odd about Chester, but no one can put their finger on it

bezangowa2samp.jpg58.21 KB

This is another for will_is_ok

And this is what a Chu Xhu Kflgor looks like under a magnifying glass. Your pal, willis, OK?

This one is for will_is_ok

This is what happens to your cranium when you get bit by a Chu Xhu Kflgor:

Thought for the day

Three Stooges Three Questions

1. Is it really true most women strongly dislike the 3 Stooges? If so, then why? Is the classic eye-poke not funny?

2. Is it possible for Stooge fans to discuss Larry, Moe, Curly and Shemp without imitating them?

3. Would you rather spend a day watching all Curly episodes, or all Shemp? (For the record, I like both, but lean toward the latter).

Touch the face of Larry

To touch the face of Larry 1 of 8

To touch the face of Larry 2 of 8

To touch the face of Larry 3 of 8

To touch the face of Larry 4 of 8

To touch the face of Larry 5 of 8

To touch the face of Larry 6 of 8

To touch the face of Larry 7 of 8

To touch the face of Larry 8 of 8

UML, pt. 1 of 4

As some of you might remember, I wasn't too thrilled a year ago when I got stuck with the "UML" license plate. But it has grown on me. The Washington State license plate has gone through a lot of changes over the last century, and in a couple years there is going to be a another big one. The plate will contain seven digits . So, as I regard the last six digit plate on my fabulous 1996 Oldsmobile Ciera, I thought I'd do some original research.

For reasons that remain obscure, even to myself, I became interested in the UML Family. According to Tom Richardson of the Washington State Dept. of Licensing, all 1000 UML plates were distributed in Thurston County: "There are 1,000 plate sets for each three alpha characters. 000UML-999UML=1,000 All 1,000 UML were issued to Thurston County. The plates are distributed to all 39 counties as each county needs more plates. We do not pre-assign plates to the counties. We keep a 60 day supply in each county and when they drop below this level more are shipped."

So, like a birder, I started looking for other UMLs and in a month or so had collected 27 (including my own): 049, 058, 061, 065, 069, 216, 219, 321, 322, 332, 352, 388, 400, 464, 553, 633, 644, 652, 691, 703, 708, 724, 812, 816, 838, 875, 974. The chart is attached:

UML. pt. 2 of 4

Now I allow the UML dots to float freely in space, as if they were a constellation of black holes.

UML. pt. 3 of 4

And now the dots suggest a combined image, perhaps lending a clue to the deeper meaning of why I had the compulsion to collect this information. Maybe this will provide some spiritual signpost ...

UML. pt. 4 of 4

Or, maybe not.


UML10, pt. 1

UMLs spotted in this round: 026, 032, 065, 084, 205, 216, 227, 243, 421, 424, 474, 490, 498, 526, 558, 624, 632, 708, 798, 813, 816, 842, 913, 933, 951, 974, 985.

I have learned that the first 100 UMLs were distributed at the same outlet near my place of employment.

Total UMLs seen to this point:


Notice the scarcity of the UMLs in the 100-199 range. Where are they hiding?



UML10 a.JPG241.17 KB

UML10, pt. 2

All of these numbers, they make my head spin. I cannot distinguish the manifestation of linear thought as a result. Must ... attempt ... to *gasp* ... *choke* ... focus ...

Getting dizzy ...




UML10 b.JPG42.35 KB

UML10, pt. 3

Starting to ... see things. Is this a mirage? An image is being born as I speak ...

UML10 c.JPG89.77 KB

UML10, pt. 4

Ah. A dog with a cigarette. Life is back to normal and everything is groovy.

UML10 d.JPG259.55 KB

UML11, pt. 1

And so I continue to record the UMLs. But this time I see very few new numbers. Mostly the same humdrum familiar ones. Which in turn exposes me to myself and how boring and routine my path has become in this wage-slave rut I call "life."

The UMLs in this round: 008, 026, 032, 061, 065, 205, 211, 216, 258, 271, 295, 343, 373, 383, 418, 473, 490, 637, 721, 816, 842, 846, 912, 916, 918, 974, 984.


UML11, pt. 2

And then, as I peel away the grid lines of thinking within established perimeters and see those helpless little dots floating in a sea of nothingness, I just know they will form order out of chaos. I know this because my existence is now just a series of repetitive functions, linked to compulsions.



UML11, pt. 3

In fact, I even know what the image will be when these lines finish forming. It will be a dog smoking a cigarette.


UML11, pt. 4

See? See? I knew it! See how predictable it is getting? This is my fate. Soon I'll become dogmatic about it. Get it? Dog-matic? Ha.





UML12, pt. 1

UML's rounded up this time: 031-032, 057, 065, 084, 202, 205, 216, 225, 246, 373, 446, 490, 496, 498, 625, 772, 776, 816, 838, 842, 854, 865, 889, 896, 933, 974.

Here's a handy-dandy grid of the UML's I spotted.

Frequently I have to write down these UMLs while behind the wheel. It isn't easy to do, especially if I'm also on the cell phone and/or drinking hot coffee.

UML12, pt. 2

Recently, while in the act of recording a UML I spotted (perhaps it was 373, I can't recall exactly) with one hand while drinking coffee with the other and having a cell phone nestled between my shoulder and as I scrunched my neck, I forgot about the "operating the motor vehicle" portion of my duties and kinda sorta rammed into the back of a semi carrying a load of evaporated milk.

The collision knocked me into a daze. In those unreal silent-film seconds before it dawned on me what had happened, I looked up and saw those little UML dots suspended in air, dancing around my head, mocking me. Free from the grid where I had captured them.

UML12, pt. 3

In the distance I could hear a siren. And excited voices. But those sounds all seemed so far away and remote as I focused on the little UML dots. They were attempting to tell me something. I watched them unite as they collectively tried to send me a message. I could only hope I was open-minded enough to accept this gift of great truth I was about to receive. What could it be?

UML12, pt. 4


A dog smoking a cigarette.

I wish I could say, "Now there's something you don't see everyday."

But I can't.

UML13, pt. 1

UMLs spotted in this round: 016, 032, 065, 183, 211, 216, 257, 295, 304, 336, 400, 428, 490, 498, 617, 652, 669, 721, 728, 804, 816, 842, 886, 933, 970, 974, 985.

How many UMLs must a man write down
Before you call him first-rate?

UML13, pt. 2

Yes, n how many numbers must a my fingers record
As I spot each license plate?

UML13, pt. 3

Yes, n how many times must I obey the urge
Before this compulsion I hate?

UML13, pt. 4

The answer, my friend, is blowin in the wind,
The answer is blowin in the wind.

UML14, pt. 1

UMLs spotted: 016, 028, 032, 065, 205, 216, 295, 336, 385, 409, 429, 490, 498, 542, 555, 614, 652, 662, 728, 764, 771, 783, 816, 842, 933, 974

So this one has a Special Guest Star UML. 542 is actually not a Washington State UML, it is from Nevada! My first sighting of an extra-Washingtonian UML!

UML14, pt. 2

It was on Highway 8 headed west. I was driving freeway speed, and my hands were shaking with excitement! My beautiful and talented partner in UML spotting had to record the number for me, as we surely would've spun into a deadly out-of-control spin of deadliness had I attempted to write it down while in motion. "Gosh," I thought, "Perhaps this special UML will result in something new and original this time! Maybe this will mean the dawn of a new UML era!"

UML14, pt. 3

But even so, after the gridlines vanished, and the little twinkly dots started to regroup, my magical buzz started to fade as I realized ...

UML14, pt. 4

... It was just another damn dog smoking a cigarette.

UML17, pt. 1

UMLs seen during this window of opportunity:

043, 065, 092, 193, 216, 238, 242, 292, 295, 312, 388, 429, 476, 528, 553, 619, 632, 637, 691, 708, 779, 816, 906, 922, 936, 984, 994.

The UMLs are so transitory. So temporary. Ever shifting.

UML17, pt. 2

Like grains of sands in an hourglass as they briefly fly as free individuals in the enclosed air as they descend into the multitude of counted time, the little UML scatterplot dots hang suspended. But only for a magic moment. All creative and noble experiments get screwed up by human nature's need for conventional and universal justifications or fall victim to human folly.

UML17, pt. 3

Like grains of sand, people shift, they come and go. But one thing on OlyBlog always remains constant:

UML17, pt. 4

Dogs still smoke cigarettes.

UML18, pt. 1

UMLs identified in this round: 004, 008, 032, 065, 200, 256, 279, 299, 343, 400, 425, 429, 442, 453, 456, 466, 475, 498, 625, 664, 687, 816, 826, 933, 974, 984, 986.

I must now make a very sad and pathetic confession regarding the UML's. Here you see them duly recorded on this grid:

UML18, pt. 2

And now you see the captured UMLs floating in space without the confines of the regimented lines. Now normally these lines become connected, always forming the image of a dog smoking a cigarette. Always. In fact, I have now hit the point the where I can look at the list of UMLs before the chart is even drawn, and have a pretty good idea of what the pt. 4 will look like. That's the confession. What a way to be spending my energy when I could be using it to do something really useful.

So, in an effort to break out of this, I will give everyone warning. I will fight the final image!

UML18, pt. 3

This time I get to be in charge. No more of this "image creating itself" stuff.

I think I'll make the dots form a picture of a 1996 Oldsmobile Ciera. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Let's see, I'll connect this with that and ... hey ... no ... I ... I ... nnngh! Arrgh! Must ... battle ... drawing pen ... got ... to exert ... creative powers ... but ... Gasp! Sweat!

Force too strong ... to resist! 


UML18, pt. 4


UML19, pt. 1

Some odd things about this cycle of gathering UML license plates. First, I'm sure I saw Roger Moore driving 007 UML. Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. Sean Connery is the only real Bond, James Bond. I don't buy it. Roger Moore was actually a better Bond.

Also, right after I spotted 842 UML, I saw 824 UML. It's all in The Plan. Cue the Theremin music.

Here are the UMLs for today, all recorded on the handy-dandy grid: 007, 032, 065, 213, 216, 219, 266, 295, 303, 373, 429, 484, 518, 520, 586, 619, 690, 731, 791, 812, 816, 824, 830, 842, 866, 951, 974.

UML19, pt. 2

And now I remove the grid lines and the little UMLs are free from the rigid lines of regulation and mathematical measurements. They can reunite in some other form than boring straight lines. They can create an image with meaning. Something that plugs into the mystical collective id.

UML19, pt. 3

Look! Look you now! There they go! Almost like the stars of the Heavens above giving us a celestial image of cosmic awareness. What sort of wonderful and inspiring image will they create?

UML19, pt. 4


I see.

It is a dog.

And he is smoking a cigarette.

As usual.

OK. Fine. Go ahead little UMLs. Set me up. Knock me down. 

I don't care. I enjoy it. Ha ha! I'm laughing, see? Very funny. Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry funny.

Next time. Next time. We'll see. We'll see who laughs next time.

UML2, pt. 1

Here is the second in my series of UML charts. In this round I was surprised to see my own neighbor had a UML plate as well! Some of the UMLs in this chart were listed last time, but most of them are new: 011, 032, 037, 049, 061, 065, 084, 173, 183, 262, 279, 322, 336, 418, 421, 429, 443, 476, 558, 607, 652, 795, 816, 842, 901, 951, 974. UML lists 1 and 2 bring a combined total of 48 UMLs spotted out of 1000. This chart only presents those UMLs spotted in round 2.

UML2, pt. 2

And now, take away the grid lines, leaving the little black dots to float in space.

UML2, pt. 3

Then as we start to connect the dots an important image emerges.

UML2, pt. 4


UML20, pt. 1

UMLs spotted this round: 023, 032, 065, 076, 087, 205, 222, 271, 282, 300-301, 313, 337, 370, 400, 403, 426, 429, 624, 656, 680, 724, 816, 842, 882, 974, 989.

I showed this list to an acquaintance and he seemed shocked at one of the UML license plate numbers. "Choke," he choked, "That particular number ... don't you know?"

"Know?" I responded. "Know ... what?"

uml20.1.JPG241.17 KB

UML20, pt. 2

"That particular plate, it ... it belonged to a car that went over a cliff, crashed and burned over a year ago!" he cried.

"But I just saw it last month!" No sooner had I said that when the fellow sort of dissolved right before my eyes, leaving little twinkly dots floating in the air.

uml20.2.JPG44.87 KB

UML20, pt. 3

And although he vanished, I could still hear him laugh. Well, more like a mocking chuckle, with an echo like he was in a tunnel. And to my dismay the little dots started forming an image. An image of ....
uml20.3.JPG77.48 KB

UML20, pt. 4

... a dog smoking a cigarette.
uml20.4.JPG252.3 KB

UML21, pt. 1

[Special disemvowelled version, as the topic I'm about to cover is too horrible, too heinous to read in one quick dose]:

MLs sn n ths tm prd: 032, 057, 065, 079, 081, 088, 216, 219, 281, 371, 400, 453, 520, 619, 687, 721, 725, 728, 738, 816, 825, 827, 842, 854, 920, 970, 974 

Smtms wndr f m gng crzy dng ths vr nd vr, bt wht th hll, why nt?

uml21.1.JPG240.67 KB

UML21, pt. 2

Dy n nd dy t, drv rnd lkng t lcns plts nstd f njyng he scnry. r wrs yt, kpng my ys n th rd! mn, wht knd f nt cts lke ths? r s y mght sk yrslf.
uml21.2.JPG47.1 KB

UML21, pt. 3

S hrs th nswr.

m n mssn. mssn frm dg.

uml21.3.JPG59.09 KB

UML21, pt. 4

Ys, m n mssn frm dg,

dg smkng cgrtt.


uml21.4.JPG202.31 KB

UML22, pt. 1

My Oldsmobile recently developed a problem where the right turn signal is permanently on and I can't shut it off. This made the drive home from work a problem. Needless to say I had to use some creative navigation. All those circles! A normal half hour trip turned out to take 14 hours.

This grid displays the fellow UML license plates I spotted on my journey:

023, 032, 039, 065, 090, 205, 216, 303, 313, 342, 398, 418, 426, 429, 673, 725, 748, 770, 798, 813, 816, 831, 842, 846, 882, 932, 985.

Combine this with the previous 21 UML surveys, and over a quarter of them have been spotted to date. 

UML22.1.JPG273.03 KB

UML22, pt. 2

But I prefer to think of each one of these UMLs as not part of a grid. They are unique. So let's say goodbye to the regimented lines and let them go free!

UML22.2.JPG50.17 KB

UML22, pt. 3

But perhaps total individualism is not in our nature. As you can see, the little UMLs are regrouping into some kind of social network, forming an image that no doubt will shed some light on the essence of being.

UML22.3.JPG80.13 KB

UML22, pt. 4

Now that's just sad.

UML22.4.JPG267.8 KB

UML23, pt. 1

Something different was in the air during this UML spotting cycle. Maybe it was the snow. Perhaps the economy and/or the price of gasoline. But vehicles with "UML" license plates were, for whatever reason, harder to find than usual.

The UMLs I did see were hardy souls, braving the dangerous roads. When I saw one them I'd salute and say out loud, "I salute you out loud, O fellow UML. May Fate protect you on your journey." 

But for some reason, none of them saluted me back. I don't get it. 

At any rate, here the UMLs I recorded in this chapter: 8, 26, 32, 65, 91, 199, 213, 216, 225, 312, 330, 340, 429, 466, 558, 575, 586. 626, 708, 716, 816, 827, 842, 844, 895, 970, 974.

They are recorded on this handy dandy grid. 

UML23, pt. 2

These free spirits who braved the elements deserve to be free. So let us liberate them from the prison-like bars of the grid and allow the little statistical dots to fly where they will.

UML23, pt. 3

And so the organic process begins, a process of nature, where the little specks collectively form their image of what life is really all about.

UML23, pt. 4

Hey, whoa there, cowboys! This is a joke, right? As everyone knows, cats are not dumb enough to take up cigarette smoking. Give me a break. This is a joke, right? Not only do my own cats not smoke, they give me severe looks of disapproval whenever I begin to burn one of my beloved cigars. It has gotten to the point where I cannot smoke in front of them anymore. They are right, of course. They usually are. That is why this image is pure fantasy and very silly.

Reform! Reform this image now!

UML23, pt. 5

I thought so. I knew this image wouldn't survive under critical light. It is reforming to the true image as I speak.

UML23, pt. 6

Now this image makes much more sense. Western civilization is once again safe.

UML24, pt. 1

Now as is good a time as any to reveal that I have been assisting a city official in catching dogs. He drives and I spot. We are not looking for stray dogs. No. We are looking for dogs who are smoking cigarettes in public.

This also gives me an opportunity to look for UML license plates. Here are the numbers I spotted in this round: 004, 023, 029, 032, 065, 077, 129, 216, 256, 295, 297, 426, 429, 530, 650, 652, 692, 721, 728, 813, 816, 825, 842, 899, 926, 951, 974.

This grid captures the UML numbers for your viewing pleasure. 

[editor's note: make sure to also see UML24, parts 2, 3, and 4.]

UML24, pt. 2

Anyway, when we see one of these dogs smoking a cigarette, we jump out, capture it, put it in a crate and then stack the container in the back of our panel truck. Needless to say, we take away the cigarette.

When the truck fills up, we drive all the dogs to the veterinary nicotine rehab clinic.

The odd thing is, the crates are all different sizes, making it difficult to stack them in a uniform way.

Oh, back to the grid. Now you can see the little dots floating free without constraint. They will be forming a picture soon.

UML24, pt. 3

I asked the driver about this. Why didn't the powers that be make all the crates a standard "one-size-fits-all"?

Oh, look, the dots are forming an image now.

UML24, pt. 4

"Because," he said, "not all dogs are crated equal."

And, being of a slow mind, I realized that the driver was himself-- a cigarette smoker!

That doesn't seem right to me.


UML25, pt. 1

UML license plates seen in this round: 032, 065, 069, 071, 090, 216, 274, 295, 301, 321, 338, 418, 429, 466, 470, 652, 676, 680, 769, 798, 816, 837, 842, 850, 964, 974, 999

And, as usual, each one of these is recorded on this chart.

Meanwhile, I started thinking of some UML acronyms. What exactly do these letters mean?

United Moldy Lutherans
Unusual Male Librarians
Unorthodox Medical Language
Utah Mormons Laugh
Use Mortuary Lightbulbs

UML25.1.jpg71.74 KB

UML25, pt. 2

Under My Linoleum
Udder Milk Languishes
Ugh! Mucus Lake!
Uh ... More Lizards?
Ukulele Music Listener
Ummm, Mostly Liquid?
Uninteresting Meat Locker
Ungovernors: My List
Unleash Mary Lincoln! Upper Management Loses
Uranium Mine Lectures
Uzbek Manicurists League
Unwavering McCleary Loggers
Unfair Macabre Labels
Ahhh, now we see each dot floating free.

UML25, pt. 3

Unabomber Misses Love
URL Missing Link
U-matic Media-- Lost!
Universalists March Leftward
Uncovering Many Lies
Unlawful Moose Meeting
Unpleasant Mississippi Leaders


But the force of nature demands community, and so the little dots begin to connect. I wonder what kind of awe-inspiring image they will form?

UML25, pt. 4

[monotone] Wow.

But of course we all know UML really stands for:
Unique Mutts Lightup.

UML26, pt. 1

UML license plates seen in this installment: 008, 013, 032, 065, 068, 216, 225, 238, 307, 313, 394, 462, 473, 490, 516, 553, 574, 652, 804, 816, 842, 850, 916, 951, 974, 988, 999.

As you can see, the numbers are recorded on this handy-dandy graph.

I know, the dots will float and then form an image of a dog smoking a cigarette. Well, that's not going to happen this time. 

I will not draw a dog smoking a cigarette.

UML26, pt. 2

And so, as usual, the little number dots are released from their bondage, free to form their own society.

I will not draw a dog smoking a cigarette. 

I will not draw a dog smoking a cigarette.

 I will not draw a dog smoking a cigarette.

UML26, pt. 3

Look, the dots are starting to form an image! This time things will be different! This time we'll be treated to a vision of spiritual depth!

I will not draw a dog smoking a cigarette. 

I will not draw a dog smoking a cigarette.

I will not draw a dog smoking a cigarette!!!

UML26, pt. 4







UML27, pt. 1

UML license plates recorded in this round: 008, 019, 065, 144, 213, 216, 225, 233, 238, 340, 342-343, 346, 394, 406, 426, 429, 443, 574, 652, 783, 813, 816, 881, 932, 974, 998.

They are duly trapped and captured on this chart.

The other day I stumbled across an old comment in a blog accusing me of something I would never do. Naturally, the author of this charge did so anonymously.
UML27.1.jpg71.49 KB

UML27, pt. 2

So for a couple days the message had the intended effect of making me wonder why someone would hate me so much. But then I just let it go, just like I'm letting these UML dots go free. Free from the boundaries of statistical prison bars.
UML27.2.jpg30.34 KB

UML27, pt. 3

As the UML dots reassemble themselves, so do I rearrange my thoughts. There's an old saying about not letting people who upset you live rent-free in your head.

So, I quickly evicted him.

This was followed by a revelation. The anonymous commenter is obviously allowing me to live free of charge in his cranium, and I'm apparently getting plenty of square footage.

Hey, I guess there is such a thing as Karma!

UML27.3.jpg35.56 KB

UML27, pt. 4

Besides, I can't have any rooms to let in the Brain Apartments. Every space is apparently occupied by these damn dogs smoking cigarettes, created by my little mental nanobots who operate beyond my control! 
UML27.4.jpg177.69 KB

UML28, pt. 1

UML license plates seen in this round:
008, 032, 049, 065, 069, 216, 219, 225, 295, 346, 377, 400, 429, 486, 526, 652, 666, 671, 727, 790, 816, 825, 837, 842, 858, 882, 974

As an aside, I couldn't help but notice that 666 was parked next to the FLOD. Coincidence?


Here they are all recorded on this graph.


UML28.1.jpg68.26 KB

UML28, pt. 2

So take away the grid lines and the little dots float free.

As it happens these little specks correspond exactly with dead bug splats on my Olds UML windshield.

Oddly enough all these insects hit my windshield in a very tight time period, while I was driving between the two Summit Lake exits on State Route 8. 

I think they collectively sacrificed their existence to warn me of some danger. They were sending a message.

UML28.2.jpg32.67 KB

UML28, pt. 3

Naturally, with such a collection of bug guts on my windshield I hit the control for wiper washing. But that only made the disgusting insect innards blend together in something like lines. Almost like forming an image. In fact it eventually formed an image of ...
UML28.3.jpg40.34 KB

UML28, pt. 4

... a dog smoking a cigarette.

Maybe I'll take an alternative route when I commute from now on.

UML28.4.jpg112.75 KB

UML29, pt. 1


008, 049, 065, 215, 225, 230, 244, 271, 336, 343, 346, 369-370, 490, 574, 630, 652, 676, 680, 751, 783, 816, 825, 842, 883, 891, 955

Akcki djdieje sjs s smsjd.

UML29.1.jpg68.53 KB

UML29, pt. 2

abiaia sjsbeiebne, sheiownwene xz s ans sjshblp; ncksnbd so called artist sdnmdb dndne c!

opd aghen? You betcha!


UML29.2.jpg29 KB

UML29, pt. 3

anddnent hat wnenehlps smear coward hanent of, shent moopiddy opd.

And in the meantime fodusn ansndn qwiqkicnx z, dfkdfkdfndf ...

UML29.3.jpg34.28 KB

UML29, pt. 4

... a dog smoking a cigarette.
UML29.4.jpg95.57 KB

UML3, pt. 1

This is a sad edition of the UML series. My very own UML vehicle is ailing and I'm too broke to really give it the kind of repair work it deserves. So for the time being, my Fabulous Olds will be limited to short runs within the municipality of my small village. It goes through sort of a chugging motion when I stop at lights with the brakes on. Once I put it in park (it's an automatic) it seems OK. One passenger commented that the chug-chug motion was good for massaging sore muscles in the back, so perhaps I have an economic opportunity here in providing a mobile back massage unit.

Anyway, here are the UMLs I have spotted since UML1 and UML2. I believe I have a combined listing of about 6 or 7 percent of all UMLs. This chart only displays those UMLs I saw during this round-- 032, 049, 065, 070, 086, 152, 256, 261, 295, 303, 321, 343, 383, 428, 429, 482, 608, 639, 703, 708, 816, 880, 926, 966, 967, 974, 976.


UML3, pt. 2

And now, let us have the spots float in a seemingly aimless and random pattern in space without the constricting and imprisoning grid lines of Western thought.

UML3, pt. 3

Did I say "random"? My mistake. "Random" is a myth. There are no accidents. We need only to step back far enough to gain the required perspective in order to see the Big Picture. To see how these "random" spots really form the image that will lift us out of the ruts of ignorance we have formed for ourselves. Behold, the image is forming as I speak ...

UML3, pt. 4

Well, maybe we need to step back with a little more distance. What does this mean? Yet again, we have a dog smoking a cigarette.

UML30, pt. 1

So here's the deal. Like a birder I spot license plates with a UML sequence. After I have recorded several, generally 27, they are documented on a handy grid.

In this round I have seen 8, 12, 16, 25, 32, 65, 69, 77, 87, 216, 225, 304, 369, 376, 418, 429, 438, 474, 476, 526, 629, 652, 680, 816, 842, 970, 974.


UML30.1.jpg70.86 KB

UML30, pt. 2

Then I make up some malarky about the little dots floating free and try to give the narrative a little mystical spin, frequently employing the awesome wonder of the natural order.
UML30.2.jpg31.76 KB

UML30, pt. 3

And as the little dots begin to connect with lines, my M.O. has been to build the suspense with even more nonsense about order and chaos.
uml30.3.jpg37.34 KB

UML30, pt. 4

At the end, when the image is created, I pretend to be surprised when it turns out to be a dog smoking a cigarette. It is always a dog smoking a cigarette. It will always be a dog smoking a cigarette. Why? I cannot guess. I don't have a dog. I smoke cigars, not cigarettes
uml30.4.jpg77.36 KB

UML31, pt. 1

[The wording in UML 30 (except for the numbers) was run through Babel Fish, English to Japanese, and then back to English. I love the results]:

Therefore here's transaction. Like license plate of point of Aves capture person I of UML order. After I record plural, 27, they are documented generally with the convenient lattice.

I saw with this circle: 32, 65, 77, 177, 225, 250, 295, 346, 418, 426, 429, 493, 520, 629, 652, 680, 692, 740, 783, 790, 809, 816, 826, 842, 882, 896, 926.





uml31.1.jpg76.76 KB

UML31, pt. 2

Then malarky it constitutes concerning the small point where I float how many freely, it tries the fact that a little it gives to mysterious revolution and the story which use the wonder of the just order of the natural world you are surprised frequently.
uml31.2.jpg32.58 KB

UML31, pt. 3

Because and the small point starts connecting with the line, my M.O. order and concerning directly disorder furthermore is to make the undecided state of nonsense.
uml31.3.jpg36.36 KB

UML31, pt. 4

When image is formed to the edge, I shake when being the dog which inhales the tobacco becoming being surprised. That the dog which inhales the tobacco is always. That the dog which inhales the tobacco is always. Why? It cannot presume me. I don' There is a dog in t. As for me it is not the cigar tobacco and the smoke and others it does.
uml31.4.jpg81.33 KB

UML32, pt. 1

The following text, numbers aside, was originally taken from UML 30, translated from English to Japanese on Babel Fish, and the Japanese/English version (UML 31) was in turn translated into Portuguese and then back into English. Here are the results. My heart belongs to Dada.

Consequently here' transaction of s. As the school registration of the point of the person of the captation of Birds me of the UML order. Later that I record the plural one, 27, are registered generally with the convenient structure.

I saw with this circle: 8, 32, 51, 65, 68-69, 216, 219, 225, 227, 250, 293, 300, 343, 346, 474, 490, 520, 609, 630, 692, 728, 740, 783, 816, 920, 998.
uml32.1.jpg71.07 KB

UML32, pt. 2

Then malarky constitutes regarding the small point where I float how much freely, he tries the fact that a little it of to the mysterious return and the history that use the wonder of the order joust of the world that natural you are surprised frequently.
uml32.2.jpg31.58 KB

UML32, pt. 3

Because and the small point starts to connect with the line, my order of M.O and the reference directly of the clutter moreover is to make the state drifter of the nonsense,
UML32.3.jpg36.12 KB

UML32, pt. 4

When the image is given forms to the edge, I agitates to the being the dog that inala the tobacco that if becomes of surprise. That the dog that inala the tobacco is always. That the dog that inala the tobacco is always. Why? It cannot presume me. Me don' It has a dog in the T. How much for me it is not the cigar tobacco and the tobacco and another one makes.

uml32.4.jpg92.11 KB

UML33, pt. 1

UML license plates seen in this installment: 

065, 077, 086, 093, 216, 220, 346, 423, 426, 429, 476, 490, 517, 586,592, 708, 737, 739, 764, 816, 837, 906-907, 967, 974, 981, 998

As you can see, the data has been recorded on this exciting custom-made chart.

uml33.1.jpg65.62 KB

UML33, pt. 2

Unfortunately, I happened to be driving while writing down this information. In the process of being so wrapped up in my mission, I was not paying attention to the traffic and slammed into a big truck carrying a cargo of evaporated milk.

And as I came to, the little dots on the chart danced before me, like taunting little phosphenes, free from the grid of statistical prison bars.

uml33.2.jpg27.61 KB

UML33, pt. 3

For a few moments I thought I was about to bite the Big One. My number, I feared, was up. And the little specks appeared to be sending me a message. Forming an image that I would take with me to the Other Side ...

uml33.3.jpg33.36 KB

UML33, pt. 4

A dog. Smoking a cigarette.


uml33.4.jpg89.79 KB

UML34, pt. 1

In this round I spotted UML license plates with numbers: 031-032, 049, 065, 069, 081, 093-092, 225, 261, 265, 271, 328, 346, 350, 403, 429, 474, 479, 594-595, 610, 692, 728, 816, 842.

The numerical data points are covered in this handy-dandy chart.

Regular OlyBlog readers know this is going to eventually turn into an image of a dog smoking a cigarette. It always will. Why pretend it isn't?

So while this inevitable topic runs it's course I will provide a narrative of a substory. The story of the penguin-- an animal quite possibly more insidious than the caiman. 

uml34.1.jpg70.42 KB

UML34, pt. 2

As chance would have it, a visitor came to my house the very same day penguins happened to be on my mind. A man selling Penguin Windows! But wait. That isn't all.

Meanwhile, the dots run free, liberated from the grid of occidental logic, blah, blah, blah.

uml34.2.jpg29.87 KB
uml34.2a.jpg12.57 KB

UML34, pt. 3

On the same day I also discovered, quite by accident, that Clark College down in Vancouver actually has a penguin serving as a mascot. A penguin named Oswald, a surname shared by the alleged assassin of President Kennedy. I find this quite disturbing.

Meanwhile, the little dots form an image, yada, yada, yada.


uml34.3.jpg35.57 KB

UML34, pt. 4

So, to recount, on the same day: Penguin Windows and penguin mascot. But wait, there's more. A stuffed penguin in my house that had been missing for over month mysterously surfaced on that same 24-hour period in the utility room sink, hiding under a bucket.

Somewhere, in some sacred book of some faith, it must be written that a three-penguin day is an omen of some kind. If not, it should be. For as we all know, penguins are inherently evil. Burgess Meredith was proof. 

In the meantime, while we have been focused on the fowl problem, the dots formed themselves into (monotone of mock surprise) a dog smoking a cigarette. Looks like a part Chihuahua this time. 


uml34.4.jpg109.9 KB

UML35, pt. 1


UML license plates recorded in this installment are illustrated on the graph: 065, 069, 077, 216, 225, 292, 295, 331, 336, 337 (contributed by Olymp-ian), 346, 369, 418, 429, 466, 490, 526, 630, 666, 676, 708, 721, 816, 825, 893, 970, 974.

Here's an annoying little song to sing out loud while absorbing this UML set. Sing it to the tune "It's a Small World."

It's a world of Dodges,
A world of Fords,
A world of imports,
Coming by the hordes
But there's one thing they share,
So it's time we're aware,
UMLs are everywhere!

uml35.1.jpg81.61 KB

UML35, pt. 2

UMLs are everywhere,
UMLs are everywhere,
UMLs are everywhere,
UMLs are ev ery where!

uml35.2.jpg37.34 KB

UML35, pt. 3

All these license plates,
With that UML,
Form those little dots,
Just what do they spell?

uml35.3.jpg39.67 KB

UML35, pt. 4

It's a really old joke,
It's a dog with a smoke,
UMLs are everywhere!

UMLs are everywhere,
UMLs are everywhere,
UMLs are everywhere,
UMLs are ev ery where!

uml35.4.jpg114.67 KB

UML36, pt. 1

UML license plates seen in this slice of time: 023, 026, 065, 068, 081, 205, 214, 216, 244, 329, 343, 346, 358, 374, 386, 429, 479, 490, 558, 692, 797, 816, 846, 857, 907, 970, 974. All are recorded on this chart.

Sing this one to the tune of "Moon River."

Letters that beguile,
We're driving 'round in style,
With you

uml36.1.jpg70.67 KB

UML36, pt. 2

WA Stater,
You land freighter,
Wherever you're going,
Please count me in too

uml36.2.jpg31.48 KB

UML36, pt. 3

Three letters,
Off to see the world,
Shining beacons in a world of fog.

uml36.3.jpg35.88 KB

UML36, pt. 4

We'll connect all the dots
To the end,
Taking time to spend
To see our canine friend,
That smoking
Old dog.

uml36.4.jpg76.43 KB

UML37, pt. 1

UML license plates recorded in this cycle: 013, 032, 058, 065, 094, 205, 216, 225, 229, 313, 337 (courtesy of Olymp-ian), 346, 389, 406, 429, 484, 490, 608, 657, 708, 740, 769, 777, 816, 826, 842, 976.

You can see them recorded on this chart. I'll let music tell the rest of the story. This time sing it to the tune of "Oh! Susanna":

I drive around all over town
And spot each U M L.
I don't know why I write them down,
But I say, "What the Hell?"

UML37.1.jpg71.37 KB

UML37, pt. 2

We remove the grid and see the dots
They're floating in the air

uml37.2.jpg28.91 KB

UML37, pt. 3

And then the lines connect the spots.
I wonder what is there?

uml37.3.jpg33.15 KB

UML37, pt. 4

Oh! U M L!
We love you, yes, you bet!
And once again
We see our friend
The dog with cigarette!

UML37.4.jpg75.86 KB

UML4, pt. 1

In this round of UML sightings, I spotted 40, 61, 63, 65, 69, 205, 211, 216, 256, 274, 328, 336, 342, 418, 429, 498, 520, 526, 691, 739, 758, 761, 816, 826, 974, 985, 997. Some of these have been seen before. The combined total of all 4 UML rounds equals about 8% of Washington State license plates bearing the UML letter sequence combination. The numbers from round 4 are presented here on a special grid.

UML4, pt. 2

The removal of the grid lines leave the little dots, each representing a UML number, floating in space. I would say "aimlessly floating in space" but that would be misleading. No matter how chaotic it might look at first, everything in life has a pattern and a purpose ...

UML4, pt. 3

And even now, as I write, the deeper meaning is revealing itself.

UML4, pt. 4


UML5, pt. 1

Here are the UMLs spotted in this installment. Click here and scroll down to UML if you are having trouble figuring out what I'm doing.

049, 065, 068, 205, 211, 216, 230, 246, 274, 304, 321, 336-337, 386, 388, 429, 473, 531, 558, 586, 650, 669, 725, 816, 842, 846, 929

As you can see, all of them are marked on this handy dandy grid.

UML5, pt. 2

And now, without the lines of linear thinking, the little dots float as helpless individuals in the vast existential void.

UML5, pt. 3

But take heart. The lonely dots are joining together in a community. Becoming an organic thing that will reveal the beautiful pattern of nature. Perhaps.

UML5, pt. 4

Or perhaps not.

UML6, pt. 1

And so, in this world of ambiguity, it is good to know there are some things that are real and solid-- like spotting license plates with the UML letters. I have now accounted for over ten percent of all Washington State UML plates. In this special Election Day installment, the following numbers have been recorded and charted on this grid. Note: 864 was actually seen downtown by a special and deputized UML spotter. 020, 030, 032, 065, 068, 216, 220, 230, 250, 266, 279, 302, 321, 342, 421, 429, 669, 708, 720-721, 816, 841-842, 846, 864, 889, 933.



UML6, pt. 2

And we rid the world of those linear definitions. Begone! Begone! Float in the void, little UML dots, hover like dazzly lightning bugs and be free! The steel cage bars of Western logic have been removed and exposed for the illusion they always were!


UML6, pt. 3

But it has been my experience that little UML dots are not comfortable with being free. They want to take a seemingly random conglomeration and make something out of it. Oh gee [he says with mock wonder], what kind of image will they form with those lines connecting each other?

UML6, pt. 4

[Delivered in flat monotone]: Oh. A dog smoking a cigarette. How amazing.

UML7, pt. 1

In this installment, the following UMLs have been spotted and recorded on this handy grid: 16, 20, 49, 65, 256, 304-305, 313, 336, 373, 426, 429, 479, 486, 513, 518, 553, 558, 691, 816, 823, 835, 841-842, 883, 926, 985.

I often wonder if any of the UML owners observe me when I quickly pull out a notecard and write down their license plate number when I see them. And if so, do they take umbrage to my actions? If someone complained about my activity to a law enforcement officer, how would I explain what I'm doing without sounding crazy?

UML7, pt. 2

So I would explain to the law enforcement officer about my recording all the UMLs I see, putting them on a grid, and then erasing the linear lines of Western "logical" thought. Thus allowing all the little dots to float without constricted restriction.

UML7, pt. 3

I'm sure the officer would look in amazement as she/he would observe how random chaos can turn itself into a form. A form that might shed light on the very mystery of existence ...

UML7, pt. 4

... Or, I could just get arrested on the spot.

UML8, pt. 1

The UMLs for this time period: 008, 026, 028, 032, 065, 070, 087, 242, 295, 300, 313, 336, 429, 430, 438, 498, 526, 553, 612, 705, 708, 815, 816, 825, 842, 875, 889. I just recorded them without any sense of purpose. It was habit.



UML8, pt. 2

And the little UML dots are released from the grid, celebrating their freedom from my compulsive dungeon. The gridlines were like prison bars.



UML8, pt. 3

But the universe has a way of imposing order. And by now we can all probably guess that the design will look like ...




UML8, pt. 4

... a dog smoking a cigarette.

UML9, pt. 1

UMLs for this round: 023, 061, 065, 316, 318, 336, 373, 403, 446, 490, 498, 514, 558, 614, 637, 677, 705, 712, 798, 816, 824, 842, 895, 933, 966, 984-985.

I was a passenger in a vehicle that was in the drive-through line at the Tumwater Capital Blvd. Starbucks, and UML 373 was directly in front of us. The driver of 373, to our surprise, picked up the tab for our coffee (actually, I didn't have any, I was just along for the ride. Drive-through lines are my idea of an exciting excursion).

So, thanks UML 373, whoever you are.



UML9, pt. 2

Remove the grid lines, and we have a scatterplot of fine coffee grounds, waiting to be swept up the Starbucks floor. Little tiny particles that escaped and will not contribute to the habit of the caffeine addict.



UML9, pt. 3

But these little specks cannot go to waste. What can they create if we connect them?



UML9, pt. 4

The nicotine habit is harder to break than caffeine, right? Especially for dogs.

What's My Line? - CIAGuy, pt. 1

The entire CIAGuy family used the mail (What's My Line?, StevenL, PO Box 390, McCleary, WA 98557) to send me some lines. Unfortunately, one of them was drawn with a light blue pencil, which doesn't reproduce too well here so I was unable to use it.

The following line was drawn, I suspect, in a deliberate attempt to drive me crazy. Obviously the work of a wiseguy cartoonist. But, I tried my best to make something out of it.

cia1.1.JPG360.44 KB
cia1.2.JPG493.34 KB

What's My Line? - CIAGuy, pt. 2

A fine line between perception and reality.
cia2.1.JPG55.01 KB
cia2.2.JPG273.43 KB

What's My Line? - CIAGuy, pt. 3

The nice thing about this exercise is the total free association thing, where a single line could have limitless interpretations and a wide variety of topics could be explored. I just sort of surrender to the cranial jet stream and let the image create itself. And the results are so spiritual and "Big Picture."

Well, maybe not.

cia3.1.JPG73.52 KB
cia3.2.JPG326.72 KB

What's My Line? - CIAGuy, pt. 4

CIAGuy and Co. are taking advantage of the winter weather and staying inside, creating more lines for me to decipher. This one looks challenging. Hmm. What it could it be?
cia 4 1.jpg63.68 KB
cia 4 2.jpg93.89 KB

What's My Line? - CIAGuy, pt. 5

Hey, I don't draw these things. The line draws itself.
cia 5 1.jpg62.36 KB
cia 5 2.jpg115.38 KB

What's My Line? - CIAGuy, pt. 6

Hmm. A hard one. In this case "CIA" must stand for Confusing Ink Application. This line could be made into almost anything. I wonder what it will turn out to be?
cia 6 1.jpg127.45 KB
cia 6 2.jpg236.06 KB

What's My Line? - CIAGuy, pt. 7

Something tells me this was not a line made at random. [Lapses into Ross Perot voice] Is that how's the game going to be played? Now that's just saaaad.

[Back to normal voice] But, I'll be a good sport and see what this will turn to be. A new and original topic, I hope. I will approach this in a serious and academic way.


cia 7 1.jpg28.88 KB
cia 7 2.jpg80.5 KB

What's My Line? - GooseKaler

When I asked Goose to contribute a line, he took this task most seriously. I think he wanted to wait and think about it. But in the spirit of Curly Howard, a great American we both admire, he took a risk and went spontaneous on me, drawing this line on the back of an envelope.

Hmm. It looks a bit like a Rorschach test. It could be almost anything. The possibilties are endless. I hope my imagination can tackle this and not fall into a rut.


goose1.1.jpg43.98 KB
goose1.2.jpg101.66 KB

What's My Line? - Ogre Mage

Ogre must be a minimalist at heart.

(Click on image for the answer.)

What's My Line? - Olymp-ian

Three of us OlyBloggers went to Apollo's Pizza early one evening last week. The "What's My Line" series came up and Olymp-ian agreed to play. So he drew a line and handed it to me.

And just as he slid it across the table, something funny happened.

The lights went out. 

Now Apollo's really has little in the way of natural light, being essentially windowless. Fortunately, there were already little oil lamps at each table.

Olymp-ian lent his bicycle helmet headlight to one of the staff and they found it quite useful while dealing with the issues caused by lack of electricity.

The amazing part is that we still got our pizza! Somehow they managed to continue cooking it.

One of the more memorable dining experiences I've had in Olympia. And here's an image made from Olymp-ian's line to celebrate the event.

What's My Line? - Sarah

OK, so here's the deal. I approached some OlyBloggers in person and asked them to draw a line on a piece of paper with their eyes closed. Then, through some sort of automatic drawing, I make something out of the line. The first four people I asked were Sarah, Ogre Mage, ktk, and a notorious lurker called koliada. Want to play? Send a line on paper along with your OlyBlog name to StevenL, PO Box 390, McCleary, WA 98557-0390 

Anyway, let's start with Sarah:

Sometimes the simple lines are the hard ones.

(Click on image for the answer.)

What's My Line? - Sarah, pt. 2

Sarah gave me this line and I instantly saw it could be the basis for a drawing of a monkey sitting on the cranium of a distinguished elder statesman while playing the banjo.

But when I started to create the image my hand wouldn't obey, and this other graphic emerged. Maybe I should start using my right hand instead and retire from being a southpaw.

sarah2.1.jpg35.49 KB
sarah2.2.jpg68.11 KB

What's My Line? - Spareshoes

Spareshoes sent this line to me via snailmail (PO Box 390, McCleary, WA 98557-0390). This is one of those lines that instantly told me what it was going to be.

Click image to see next drawing.

What's My Line? - agathafrye

Sometimes I randomly run into my OlyBlog comrades and when I do I attempt to convince them it is in their best interest to contribute to the "What's My Line" nonsense, er, noble experiment. Actually, it is quite selfish of me since I am enjoying this series very much. Anyway, agathafrye was initially reluctant but she finally relented and honored me with her beautiful and expressive line.

And so, her single line formed the foundation for an image that was begging to be liberated. Hmm, I wonder what it'll be?

What's My Line? - koliada

My, what a busy mind koliada must have.

(Click on image for the answer.)

What's My Line? - ktk

Sometimes the simple lines are the hard ones.

(Click on image for the answer.)

What's My Line? - shmoo

shmoo gave me an uncomplicated line. It could be almost anything. I'll let my "automatic writing" side take over and see what, out of the endless possibilities, emerges.

Yet another disturbing image from the past

This one is from about 1990.