Bordeaux, WA

Video footage of the abandoned lumber town of Bordeaux in Thurston County, Washington as it appeared in winter 1988. Bordeaux thrived from 1900 to the 1940s when the mills closed. Very little remains.

It seems to have been a bit west of Littlerock.

Here's a series of pictures from the town as it once existed.


Is it Haunted?

From the video, it appears that quaint little Bordeaux might be Haunted!

Spooktacular!!! Ha ha ha...

Nature wins.

Maybe (if we humans don't kill ALL life on earth) Olympia will look like that someday. Spooky.

The Power of Imagination

Imagine what the Earth was like before humankind trampled on 95% of it.

You're right, it's pretty cool to imagine what it will be like when humankind is history.

Reminds me of Grisdale.

Reminds me of Grisdale.

Great video Rick. I never

Great video Rick. I never knew the town existed.

Olympia. 20 square miles surrounded by reality.


Thanks all for the interest!  I made this video back in '88 and posted it to Google recently because the place is deteriorating quickly.  Good to see others have an interest in local history.

 There's a picture of Bordeaux ca1920s at the Thurston Co website:

 If you plan to visit the site be aware it is private property- permission is required.



Is It Haunted?

What if you don't get permission? Will ghosts and ghouls rise from the mists wreathed in their stinking and filthy rags and grasp at you, and attempt to haul you off to their miserable eternity?

Seems like an interesting place to check out. Those abandoned nuclear reactor cooling towers would make an interesting film site.

Have you made any videos of them?

Permission to visit

I last visited in late 2005 and discovered the property had changed hands.  One indication that illicit visits might be a problem is the 4x8 piece of plywood spraypainted in dayglo orange, "trespassers will be shot!"
I didn't notice any paranormal activity on my visits, but then again, my experience in this area of inquiry is limited as I'm not a loonie.

I would call shooting

I would call shooting trespassers at least slightly "paranormal".