Cob Couch Y'all!! UPDATE

Hello everybody,

I need some help at the Olympia Salvage cob couch site: I need experienced carpenters to help me build a roof over this bad boy. It's a simple affair, four posts, some braces and a small roof structure to protect the couch and its couchers from all the liquid sunshine we get.

I also need some material donations to the tune of: 4 4x4x10s and some 2x6s, 12' and 8' and some galvanized brackets that can weather the storms of Oly winter. Roofing material. What you got?

Experience the thrill of doing things for FREE for your community and put a big ol' smile on my face!

Contact me at if you are interested in being awesome.

Thank you,



Cob Couch

This sounds great. I hope it goes well and that you are able to quickly locate the resources you need!

Is this part of the city's public art project? Where will the bench be located?

Location of the Couch

The couch is on the westside of Olympia Salvage's building, a few feet from the sidewalk.
Currently it is a mysterious tarp-covered shape. Soon it will be a glorious space for any and all to use and enjoy.
No, it is not officially part of the city's arts event, but a lovely coincidence of action.

Sounds like something Oly

Sounds like something Oly Salvage could help you out with....

But I am Just Another Voice

But I am Just Another Voice


Oly Salvage folks have been helpful and the organization has offered any applicable resources they have to the construction of the awning; they can't provide brackets and I still need experienced carpenters. I do have a volunteer who will gladly assist an experienced builder...anyone?

Work Party

I will be at Oly Salvage doing the final round of construction on the bench tomorrow, Sat. August 30th, from noon until 3:30 or so.
Feel free to stop by and get your feet and hands dirty!
If the skies dump a load of wet on us, the event will be canceled.
Hope to see you there!