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The Olympia Free School has their winter catalog out and one of the listings especially intrigues me. Community Print is offering a class Intro to Letter Press.

Here is their description about what Community Print is all about:

Community Print is an Olympia based artist's collective comprised of printers, writers, and rabble rousers of all visual persuasions. We hope to facilitate creative expression and cultural disturbance by sharing access to resources and building a community of artists. Our space is meant as a tool for the creation and distribution of independently published media and art.

We have a selection of type and 2 proof presses for hand set letterpress printing, silkscreening facilities, bookbinding and paper making supplies, and a handmade book and zine library. We provide workshops and volunteer run studio hours as well as resources and information on the printing arts.

Our goal is to encourage growth and change in our world by providing a space for ideas to come together and tools to cultivate meaningful work.



Thanks for posting this

I forget we have this resource...and I'm gonna take advantage of it one of these day. Reading down the list of classe, I was shocked to see they are offering an The Anti-Canada Cooking Class. Then I realized I was just a momentary victim of my reading disability.


I had no idea those sort of resources were available.  I noticed the OFS the other day when I went down to the Ace Hardware across the street and found it an interesting idea... 


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This is a non political tag line and cannot be linked up through a twisted thought process to an obscure company making specialty tools.  


More power to them. As a long time self-publisher I always enjoyed that old saying, "Freedom of the press is owning one."