Contribute your ideas to the Comp Plan

The Planning Commission is hosting a series of meetings about the central themes they've decided to concentrate on in revising the Comprehensive Plan, which sets city policies. The first of two meetings about downtown was last Saturday - a brief presentation and small groups with note takers discussing questions from a worksheet. At the end, if you had any ideas yourself, and the note-taker got them down right, they got added to a giant pile with all the other comments. You can do just as well by your ideas, without spending three hours at a meeting, by sending them to the city on the web input form they have open until the end of the month.

I thought it might be interesting to talk about the questions on OlyBlog, so I'm going to try that - by posting the worksheets in sections for a while. (If we end up with interesting ideas. I'll forward the threads to the city and get them included in the process.)

The first questions, about Downtown Economy, are here.



  It would be so heart-warming to hear that the number and quality of ideas submitted to the planners caused them to stay up at night in order to read them all.

Seeing how you were not at the forum

I can't help but think this is just more sour grapes from someone who is not involved with the process.

I was there. We broke into about a dozen groups and after reaching consensus we agreed to discuss three of the five questions posed. After an hour or so of deliberations each group made a short presentation of their conversations. Those presentations were recorded by the staff and will become part of their deliberations. On December 9th there will be another forum during which the staff will report back.

Good government is about showing up.