Dear Olympia Blog Community

What does your ideal community look/feel/taste/smell/sound like? 


Organic waste and war drums.

Organic waste and war drums. Closest thing I felt to it was our shanty town @ heritage park.


I agree that

Sounds just about perfect, as long as we use the drums for love saturated dances, more than for fear based interactions. 

Yay for asking Questions!

What does you're ideal community look/feel/taste/smell/sound like?

It is beautiful, respectful, loving, compassionate, understanding, kind, consensual, tolerant, patient, safe, magical, sweet, energetic, creative, smells like flowers and sometimes wood smoke, and sunshine, and fresh air after rain. Sounds like a thousand happy voices laughing in cheer. And tastes similar to all of that. With fresh crisp vegetables and sweet fruits and nutritious grains and popcorn.


+ inclusive, where everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, socio-economic background, religion or cultural difference, has a place and can feel a true sense of belonging...

lots of tall trees in some places, and beautiful bright flower and vegetable gardens in others. paths through neighborhoods, neighbors that know each other, some twinkly lights under the trees at night, but no light pollution to interfere with stargazing on clear nights. candles illuminating dinner tables and conversations! at this time of year, frosty windows and warm cheer, song and maybe even dance.

What a beautiful

Painting of downtown! I love your hopeful views on what things could look like Berd! Mmmm Fresh Vegetables! 

I imagine a community...

...that offers free education through a form of skill trade, and skill share program where we barter time, and services for skills and knowledge, where we take care of each other through a network system of close range community support. 

     A place where when someone has some troubles, people hear about it and gather their resources. A place where we deal with issues instead of sweep them under the rug... metaphorical or physical. A place where we use plants to filter the air, and have edible forest gardens every other block, and mushroom patches by the shorelines to filter the muck washing up on shore, and inoculated old houses and landfills that produce food and help myceliate the earth as well as free classes on how to handle your own health care, care for the newly born, and care for the newly dead. I guess my ideal community doesn't hand over it's rights to deal with their own life processes first hand. 

     A place where you don't have to fear your own eventual pardon from life's walking home fronts, and your eventual demise can be welcomed and celebrated as the beginnings of new life, as the offerings of appreciation to all that has come to pass. A place where medicine is respected and hardly ever see's abuse. Music can be seen in the streets, and isn't seen as a past-time, or distraction but seen as an enigma of celebration and reasonable expression, that is respected and not restricted to stages. 

     How about a place where our priorities are each other's well beings, and well being of our resources or those who provide for us. A circular construction with lots of people in it.  Where we can see everyone's faces! ... A place where we're always a short walk away from each other....  Hehe... but that's all just a lovely idealism that when asked I'm always pleased to indulge. <3    


it includes a tool library

a tool library