Denser urban housing that I like...

The Issac Maynard row houses in Chicago (c. 1881) - now on the National Historic Register

(By way of a post on the Seattle Transit Blog about Seattle changing the zoning for "low-rise multi-family housing", which covers about 8% of the city, so that developers are no longer require to provide dedicated parking for those projects.)


I would buy one fo those

Especially if it was near the minor league ball park we will build on the Port. 

Play ball

 Hey, what a great idea.  A ball park.  I can see it now - The Olympia Artesians.

I hope you go to all the Port meetings with this idea. And get all the supporters, like me, to show up.  I like things that are for community. Another hotel/restaurant might be good for $$, but a ballpark..... now that's a stroke of genius.

 PS - Would there be room for a merry-go-round also?  I know someone proposed one for the isthmus, but I like it better closer to a view.

A ball park is only the best idea...EVER!

With any team name, you want something that makes for fun headlines.  Artesians works: "Artesians Sping to Life in Extra-innings" or "Win Ends Artesian Dry Spell." 

Don't forget the fountain

  The artesian fountain outside the ball park.  Oh, and the mascot, or in our case a plethora of artesians, those pesky critters.

   I sense a fondness for this idea. For many reasons. Enough interest to make it happen or pie-in-the-sky?  I like it.

Yes, the Ballpark...

I think one really great idea would be to combine the ballpark with the new, modern, and beautiful public library downtown. This sort of partnership might just ensure various streams of funding for such a project, which would be integral in this economy.  It would also mix uses, and immediately make that an 18 hour neighborhood.

Ballpark downtown is a great

Ballpark downtown is a great idea, it could be the crown jewel in a mixed high density, commercial downtown..real homes that families wouldn't mind living in.

Wow, a ballpark

I've only been to a couple baseball games in my life, but I think this is a great idea. I would probably attend games. What would be its purpose in the winter? Could we come up with something that would boost its revenue with a year round flow?

Combination ball park and trout pond?

  Too bad fishing season and baseball are at the same time of year. What with global warming and all, maybe we could flood it in the winter for ice skating?

   Food for thought - a floating baseball game played in kayaks. Talk about your cross training.....

Where to put it?

   I really like the aesthetics.  But where to put such a building, or more than one. By the market?  By the library?  By the Capital on Water St.?  At North Point by the ball park?  Does everything have to be so void of architectural flavor like 'the mistake by the lake'?

   Keep in mind, too, that kids could play stick ball in the street with dreams of some day making it to the semi-pro park at North Point -  TRIVO STADIUM.

They would line both side of the pedestrian only zone

Leading from the library to the stadium

I think we should hang it from Zepplins

and fly to McCleary so stevenl could take in nine innings of the Olympia Mud Flats with us.

If Mohammed won't go to the mountian...