Don't you want advice on something?

We are still accepting submissions for tomorrow's debut of On Oly's Personal Shit.  In part because we have not received any yet.  That we are admitting to this says something about the kind of advice that we dish (if we actually get any questions).  Just ask us for our advice; we will give it.  As previously stated, we will respect all desired anonymity. 
    -The Telltale Taelliouses 



“Advice after injury is like medicine after death.”



Anything Yet

Are you getting any questions yet?

In the Course of Events

Why, yes...

as happenstance occurs, we have.

I see your animated person

I see your animated person is falling down only one flight of stairs. He could be falling from two floors, but that's another story.

that person falling...

that person falling...

is actually a Line Rider (please do not try this at home kids..)