The Evergreen State College


Massive Project

You have my respect.

And sympathy.

Bibliographicalism is a fickle gift of nature. It gives ... and, oh, how it takes.

If you are not careful it will grab the very essence of your soul. So dance around it, as if you were circling a hot fire, but never allow yourself to be consumed by the demon of bibliography.

It's a dangerous game. Full of risks. The stakes are high. But so worth it if played well.

And so far, you are playing it as if you were born to this task. But remember, one false step, and ALL WILL BE LOST! 


uh huh

Trying to scare me off, eh?

Just remember - I know The Evergreen State College Motto - Omnia Extares. This shall be my guide.

Reminds me, TESC president Les Purce won the oyster slurp off contest at the Fish Tale Brewery bash on May 18th, I'm told for the second time in a row.

This is an excellent omen. Of something.

It's a worthy project.

And extra hyperlocal to boot!

While looking at art

While looking at art education schools to visit i ended up going here with my sister and thought it was a pretty cool school I went up to saratoga.