"A hard costume to make"

The Herald examines interesting mascot names that are allowed by the NCAA. Evergreen rates #3:

With the start of college football and the NCAA's recent ban on Native American mascots, the subject of college nicknames comes up. Here is a look at some of the best college nicknames the NCAA will allow.
  • Wonder Boys. Have no fear, Arkansas Tech University's men's team is here. The women's nickname is the Golden Suns, a little better than Wonder Boy.
  • Boll Weevils/Cotton Blossoms. I don't know where the University of Arkansas-Monticello got these nicknames, but they decided to choose two nicknames - one for the men (Boll Weevils) and one for the women (Cotton Blossoms) - that would not be easy to dress up as.
  • Geoducks. Somehow I don't think a large clam is the best mascot, but Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash., does. This would be another hard costume to make.
  • Railsplitters. Try being a cheerleader for Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, Tenn. Go Railsplitters! Go Railsplitters! Go!
  • Banana Slugs. Yes, this is actually the University of California-Santa Cruz's nickname. Now, I wonder how they thought up that one.


I always enjoyed telling peop

I always enjoyed telling people my school mascot was a geoduck and the motto was "Omnia Exstares," which as close to "Let it all hang out" as they could get in Latin. When I attended grad school at the UW, my Latin teacher up there informed us that the UW motto, "Lux Sit," which is supposed to mean "Let there be light!" really means: "I grant you that light exists. So?" In the list of politically incorrect school mascots, one of my favorites are the Orofino High School (Idaho) Maniacs. By a sad coincidence, Orofino is also home to Idaho State Hospital North, one of the two psychiatric facilities in that state.

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