Harrassment by the FBI


I have been the subject of an investigation by the FBI. I don't know why I am being investigated, or since when this investigation has been going on, but judging by odd past events, I believe it has been going on for at least 7 years. It started while living in Pennsylvania (relocated there from Seattle in 1996). While in Pennsylvania I suffered personal and real estate property damage and a suspicious fire in the condo unit next to mine, which caused considerable damage to my unit. In the beginning, I thought that I was being harassed by neighbors because of my condition of minority. I sold my unit and moved to an apartment in another community in the metropolitan Philadelphia area. There, I started experiencing stalking and sleep deprivation. I complained to the apartment manager, but nothing was done. I asked my employer for a transfer back to Washington State. In 2006 I relocated to Lacey, Washington, buying a house in the Eastwood development. After about three months here, I noticed cars following me and it was then when I realized that it was the Federal Government who has been involved in all the events described above. For the last three and a half years I have been experiencing constant (every single night) sleep deprivation, stalking, property damage (personal and real estate), harassment in every place I go. Because of my job, I travel to the east coast, while at the hotels I experience constant sleep deprivation and stalking. I have written letters of complaint to hotel management and nothing is done.

I have written letters to Washington State US Senators, US Senators in the Judiciary Committee, The Justice Department and President Obama exposing this aberration of justice. I have been told that the only explanation for them not to help is that when the FBI labels an investigation as a criminal investigation everybody back off. Since I have not committed any crime, the only logical explanation is that the FBI is making up stories to cover up their blunders since they don't have a pint of decency to admit that a mistake was done. When I opted for the US citizenship I thought that I was becoming a citizen of a true democracy, how wrong I was. Sometime it feels like I am living in on of those countries that our government constantly criticizes for being repressive such as Iran, or Cuba.

I have been actively searching for a lawyer to take the FBI to court and it seems that even the legal system has been high jacked by the all mighty dollar. Meaning that lawyers only take cases where there is a potential for substantial material gains, or cut and dry type of cases (easy to argue).

If someone who reads this story is interested in knowing more of what is going on, or has any ideas to cope with this ordeal, please contact me.

Edgardo Rodriguez

(360) 915-3442



What do you mean?

  What do you mean that you are "experiencing sleep deprivation"?  Is someone waking you up at night? Are they shining bright lights into your windows? Or do you mean you are having a difficult time sleeping due to worry or concern?

I strongly recommend you seek medical advice

for the sleeping problem.  We all can use a good sleep.

I have an idea what might be happening...


"Detectives say 16-year-old Edgardo Rodriguez killed a man over gang territories in Cicero, Illinois. Now, he's on the run and cops say the alleged killer is also wanted for questioning in another murder."

Having a name like someone who is being searched out by the FBI (for interstate flight) would be a possible explanation.

So would organic mental illness, such as paranoia.  It's hard to say, without further investigation by parties not directly affected by the harassment.  You don't write like someone who has been driven insane, though.  I'll assume you're not for now.

I have had many instances of following by known (and unknown) agents, one of whom was a local FBI agent whose picture I posted right here on this blog.  My cell phone died the very next week, and had to be replaced with one that was GPS equipped.  That was the week before the National Socialist Movement came to Olympia in July 2006, and just seven months after the FBI launched raids on ELF people (some of whom had lived in Olympia).  It later turned out that high ranking members of the NSM were really FBI informants for years, and the rally here was an attempt to draw out people on the Left in Olympia so they could be photographed and followed.  The following I experienced happened just three days after I spoke out about FBI involvement in the bombing of Judi Bari at a rally in front of the Olympia FBI offices, and it was related to the Green Scare events. 

Be assured, harassment really does happen and sometimes it happens to people who are mentally stable (though they rarely remain that way) and often it happens to people who are NOT mentally stable in the first place.  After all, if you're going to train someone to do this why not use someone who is reporting their subjective experiences to a doctor who works for the agency doing the harassment?

What's clear to me is that as soon as you tell stories about what happened, many folks find it easier to believe you're having fantasies rather than accept that their own government will willingly break the law and hurt "their own people." 

So, down to some pointed questions: How do you know it's particularly the FBI, and not a US Military branch?  Persistent work of this sort takes more budget than the FBI has, especially when there are multiple stalkers involved.  When did the harassment begin, and what kinds of political or economic activity were you involved with at that time?  Are you related to someone who has engaged in groundbreaking scientific research or classified US military programs?  We're looking first for motive, then for identity of the folks doing the work.  Have you tried photographing them at work?  How do they react to that?  Do they have common makes of cars or trucks that they use, and how do those vehicles change over time (same car for a week, then a different car for a week?).  How is the sleep harassment working?  Is it lights, pain beams, sounds?  People rattling the doorknob?  Objects in your bedroom being moved obviously while you're out? 

You can call me and answer these questions in more privacy if you wish, but if you're up to it they should be made public.  I found that my harassers hate the light of day more than they love their pets.