Helen Thayer on Arctic Wolves

In today's inbox, from Capitol Land Trust -

When is the last time you hung out with a pack of wolves?  No, your family doesn’t count.  If you’re like me, the closest you generally get to wildlife is when the seagulls and crows try to steal your lunch.  However, there are brave souls out there for whom watching chickadees on the feeder just isn’t enough -- people who insist on swimming with squid, running with raccoons and cavorting with camels.  Miss Helen Thayer is one of these adventure seeking animal lovers and she will be presenting at our next Adventure & Conservation speaker series on Jan. 17th at REI.  There are 20 slots left, but I expect those to be gone soon.  So please register in advance!  Details below.
WHAT: Adventure & Conservation Speaker Series with Helen Thayer
WHEN: Tuesday January 17, 2012, 7:00 PM
WHERE: Olympia REI
COST: Free
REGISTER: http://www.rei.com/event/32756/session/41020
Helen Thayer traveled to the virtually untouched Canadian Yukon Territory, above the Arctic Circle, to live within 100 feet of a wild wolf den. She spent a summer observing and documenting the daily lives and behaviors of the pack and returned in the winter to study the wolves' interaction with the polar bears on the northern sea ice. Come hear stories and view photos detailing the remarkable story of wolves in their wild state, their pup care, hunts, and their social hierarchy explained.