Herrera-Beutler dodging 3rd Congressional District voters?

I was wondering why my member of Congress, Jamie Herrera-Beutler (or more accuately her staff) did not return my e-mail asking when and where she would hold a public meeting or forum in Thurston County during the annual August recess. I got my answer this week. Take a look at how Herrera-Beutler is "interacting" with her constituents this month while she has ample time to hear their concerns, field their questions and consider how best to represent them in the other Washington. This from The Columbian newspaper in her home base of Vancouver. Who says "main stream media" doesn't get it?



About half of Olympia is in the Washington Third Congressional District. Map is here



Your Representative is on an AIPAC paid trip to Israel

Seriously, she was on an all expenses paid trip to Israel with 80 other congress members sponsired by AIPAC (American ISrael Public Affairs Committee). Rep Adam Smith was also on this trip.


Here's hoping..

We in the immediate Olympia area get moved into a new district when the re-structuring comes. I'd much rather be in one that's more Puget-Sound centric; I would be surprised if Herrera-Beutler had held a townhall in this area even if she was doing them at all.

I'll miss being tied to Lewis County

Nice thing about that arrangement is the 3rd Representative had to spend a good amount of time in the district if her/she wanted to be re-elected. When the 10th district is created you can bet it will be a safe Democratic district and the Third will become safe for the Republicans, neither of which is good for democracy.

PS Did anyone believe a Republican who lost Thurston County by 15% points would do anything other than avoid her less conservative constituents?

Not much of a choice, but..

I'd choose being ignored by someone who shares some of beliefs

I got a response from H-B....

I sent an email back when the "deficit battle" was being waged.  I told her that we needed to focus on taking care of America's ills and not make a polticial football over paying the bills that were already ran up long ago.

Her response was predictably party line about "no tax increases for families" which had nothing to do with my email to her.

The Anonymous ThurstonBlogger

Whatever her other reasons...

perhaps Congresswoman Beutler figures that we won't still be part of her district after the new Washington Congressional district is created, so there's not a lot of need to pay attention to us...

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"a certain set of people"

Politician didn’t want event touted.  Columbian 10/18/2011

“When word gets in the paper, you get a certain set of people,” [Communications Director Casey] Bowman said. Does she mean Olympians?