As I Recall the 60s, 5

Back cover. Congrads, you have now read an entire 1980s-era minicomic!


Your drawing of yourself reminds me of...

...Richard Brautigan.

Brautigan, along with Kesey

Brautigan, along with Kesey and Vonnegut, was a big influence on my comic art. He was a Washington State native by the way, born in Tacoma in 1935. An unhappy man who was a great writer. My self-port above was made in the mid 1980s.

Maybe it is time to draw a new comic about 1960s/2000s arrogant and unpopular Texans in the White House conducting foreign wars no one really understands.


I love Brautigan...

...I think I ended up getting one credit for researching Brautigan, at Evergreen.

My favorite of his is "In Watermelon Sugar".

"Troutfishing" gets a close second for me. I love the part at the end where he goes to buy a

used trout stream and it's stacked in six foot lengths against the wall in the back. Ha!

I enjoy your comix and I think some more of your unique perspective is overdue.


Another Brautigan fan

I really enjoyed reading Brautigan back in the day.


for the kind words. Maybe I'll contribute more old comix when I get a chance.

Been awhile since I have read any of his work. I enjoyed The Abortion and his short story, Revenge of the Lawn.

Another Northwest author who deserves more attention is Angelo Pellegrini. He was the 1979 speaker at Evergroove's graduation ceremonies.