Ideas for Olympia - Revising the Rules

This book is a space for keeping track of and talking about ideas for improving the city. Thanks to the blog software, this top page displays a table of contents listing the topic pages people have added to the book's structure. To create a page about a new idea and display it as part of this book, you click on the "Add child page" link under this post; I think you can also insert pages as children of other pages, like sub-topics in an outline...

In addition to thinking that it would be fun to talk about (and maybe even work together on) ideas like these, I'm interested in this because Olympia's about to start revising its Comprehensive Plan, and is already in the middle of revising its Shoreline Master Program. These are both long, complicated documents, and the revision process will be long and complicated. (The State passed legislation requiring all local jurisdictions to do this, and setting a schedule - we're supposed to be done by 2011.) In the end, the City Council we've elected by 2011 will decide what these documents say, and they'll be the legal framework for land use decisions in the city for the next stretch (subject to amendments, and as implemented by more detailed city zoning regulations, of course.) So I'm hoping this book might be a space for us to get started.