Ignorant Movie Reviews

The idea:  To promote the Olympia Film Society through my patronage, writing and publicity.

The ignorance philosophy:  I will attempt to remain as ignorant about the movies as possible prior to my attendance so as to minimize my commercial preconceptions in the reviewing process.  To accomplish this goal I:  do not watch television, close my eyes and stick a finger in my one good ear during previews and refuse to read about movies online or in print. 

The content:  I will provide my first response to both the movie title and promotional poster following the assumption that each were deliberately created as a part of the whole art intent.  As a general rule of thumb, I will attempt to prepare future viewers for the movie while giving away as little as I can about the actual plot.  A semi-traditional American Haiku quoting one line from the movie will accompany each review and should only make sense after you see it, at which point I hope it is seen as sensibly emblematic of the film itself.  I will attempt to provide hyperlinks for my references.

The rating system:  I will rate each movie on a 0 to 5 Oly Stubbie scale with an infinite decimal system (and anything else I decide to throw in).

Reader input:  Please feel free to tell me whether or not you think these suck, are great, or lay somewhere in between.  I assure you that your input will not change my approach.


I actually appreciate it. I

I actually appreciate it. I rarely go there so if I read something from you that sounds good I know I should go down and see it.

The last film I saw down there was about a child in vietnam struggling to get to the US and find his Dad....it was a bore.

I also saw "The Aristocrats" down there with a few coworkers.

The Aristocrats

I never would've thought an entire movie about a single joke would be good.  Not to mention the fact that you know the "punch line" right from the start.  But I loved that movie. 

As for the OFS and Capitol Theater...I think people get spoiled.  It's incredibly unique for a city this size to have an arts resource like this.  Minneapolis, for example, just lost its Film Society theater for lack of funding and I've never seen a more pro-art city than Minneapolis.  Now all we need is a giant multidisciplinary arts cooperative in downtown Olympia...

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