Know your Nazi - Jimmy Marr

Jimmy Marr and his wife (don't know her name) have long been a problem in Oregon. For instance there is a 2011 report of them regularly harassing people in Eugene, outside of a popular coffee house. The two photos here of their salutes are from that report.

Since Jimmy was active in the recent Olympia White Man March, active in photo ops at the time and forum discussions after, I've been reading up a bit on him. Rose City Antifa has info on him here (scroll down about half way). They state that Jimmy has been a long time member of the National Socialist Movement (NSM)and looks to be the main person behind American Freedom Party banner drops, which would include the recent one in Olympia.

Village Voice has an article up on the March 15 White Man March:

Racists Declare White Man March a Success, Everyone Else Wonders If It Actually Happened

The Village Voice article includes an Olympia photo.

Perhaps Jimmy Marr and crew came to Olympia in order to do quick photo ops without disruption, photos and video they then can use for recruiting. Portland, Oregon anti-racists already had opposition planned.

‘White Man’s March’ Events Draw Smattering of Participants, Loads of Derision
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in the united states of

in the united states of america people have the right to freedom of speech, and that includes unsavory and downright infuriating opinions.

I don't know how I feel about them having their names and likenesses published here. 

It feels kind of like a witch hunt, and it also seems to be giving them the press they obviously want. 

Thanks for Posting

Thanks for posting these stories. It is sad, but important, to see evidence of fear-based thinking and life-styles. Just sad. An important spectacle for society to witness, and stand apart from.

I guess my opinion is that I

I guess my opinion is that I didn't know these idiots came to town, and I didn't care. 

In that, they failed at their goal.

Now with three entries on olyblog, they have succeeded. 

Now we all know these boneheads exist.

I think it was more effective to ignore them. 

a possibility

Other observers of this group believe that the Olympia appearance was motivated by a wish to get photo ops, quietly, without drawing local attention. Photo ops that would then be used online to recruit other white supremacists.

Originally this group planned to get photo ops in Portland, Oregon, but there was too much organized resistance.

Does ignoring bullies ever work?

Personally, I want to know. Some locals did encounter this group. If I come across them next month, it will help me a lot that I know some of their background, I know the names of the public figures, and I might know some of their motivations. Knowing the background of this group means I know that some of them support violence, that is a valuable thing to know.

People who are harassed by this group should not have to suffer in silence. They should not be made to feel guilty if they speak up.

Rebotco, you and I can agree to disagree. You have the right to walk away, to ignore this group. I have the right to learn more about the group and pass on info to those who want it.