Local organizing against occupation of Iraq

Gathering: Bringing IT Home: Organizing Local Resistance to the Occupation of Iraq

Saturday, August 20, 10-3, Olympia Community Center

About fifty people gathered on July 9 in Olympia to develop ways to say, through local actions, we don't support the U.S. military actions in Iraq. Six working groups formed and have been meeting, in these six areas: changing budget priorities at local, state and federal level; people-to-people campaign to talk more openly about the costs of this war; "know all you can"--an alternative to military recruitment; opposing racism within our community; organzing boycotts of companies that are benefiting from the war; organizing conversations with local churches.

Groups are going to meet again on Saturday, August 20, to share their progress, their ideas, and to engage in a workshop together to learn more about how to organize within a community. Everyone is welcome to join us as we learn together how to work for a community that affirms the lives of all.

More info or questions? Emily Lardner, 705-3678