McCleary WA Socio-economic Survey

OlyBlog readers are invited to participate over at Grays Harbor Down as we attempt to determine if McCleary is part of the Oly sphere of influence or not. Survey is on the sidebar.



No one so far out of 30 votes thinks McCleary is in the Oly sphere of influence. Why is that? The survey is still open.


they have decided that stevenl's endless commuting extends the McCleary sphere of influence eastward, over Olympia, rather than extending our sphere of influence toward the coast...

Best wishes,


What's a McCleary?

Oh yeah. McCleary. Isn't that where Bigfoot (feet?) live? Or am I thinking of Randle?


can be counted among our neighbors, as well as the wild Russian boars (although they have apparently been pretty quiet as of late)

the inside scoop

Locals tell me that if I'm really really lucky - some day I might see the amazing sight of Sasquatches out walking their wild Russian boars (feral pigs) on leashes.

That would be Awesome!