New county commissioner Karen Valenzula

Via email:

Hi all - Gov. Gregoire has appointed Karen Valenzuela to Bob MacLeod's seat. pb

Ken Camp has the scoop on what happened up to this point.

UPDATE (4:50 p.m.): Just got off the phone with Karen, she confirmed it. More later.


I think this is good.

I think this means good things for our county.

Good on the Gov

I am happy Chris G. honored the process. A number of well informed people spent a good amount of time to come up with a ranked choice of three candidates. It was not that Susan or Walt were bad candidates, it's just that Karen was so good.

And now the work begins. Not only does Karen have to get up to speed as a Comish but she already has two announced and strong candidates running against her this fall. And then she has to run again in 2010. Somehow it just don't seem fair.

Yep, completely with you

Yep, completely with you Laurian. Aside from the fact that I liked Karen more than Susan, the larger issue is that the Gov respected the process that a lot of people put a lot of time into. Mr. Landaas is one opponent, right? Who is the other?


I think he's assuming Bogni is going to throw her hat in.

full disclosure

I believe Susan Bogni said in her interview

she would run if not selected.