Flying Metal Wedges

I really don't know what to call them. Huge metal wedge shapes jutting out from some of the new mall construction. I hoped they would only be a design feature on one building, but lo and behold, they exist also on the other side of the emerging complex, on another building. This is a bad sign, very bad. Looks like flying metal wedges is the design theme for the entire place.

Not that they actually -fly-. As far as I know. They don't seem to serve any actual purpose, won't shield people from rain and wind. I bet they are gonna be extra fun on sunny days when right as the sun sets everyone has to squint their eyes or be blinded up here. Much fun. This intrepid Mall Reporter definitely requires a new pair of shades.

RagDharma at the Mark - "Sound Medicine" Performance Series

Rag Dharma ( will be performing music of the North Indian Classical music tradition. Pieces selected for this perfomance include Raga Yaman and a "light" classical piece in Bhairavi.

RagDharma's performance will be followed by the highly dancable grooves of electronic musician "Smoke" of Old Dominion.

Admission is $5.00 at the door to those ages 21+

Gabbly is a new way to talk

Gabbly is a new bit of internet magic that allows us olybloggers to talk to each other in real time. Let's kick the tires on this thing and see if we like it. I've put a permanent link on the header.

I've put the link to gabbly in the navigation menu now.

Coffee at the protest

Karan was at the protest yesterday, someone threw coffee at her. Huh.

Coffee Free ZoneStop douching the protester... ...specifically, me.

Yesteday, I participated in this event and for the second time, somebody threw coffee on me. While pleasant enough at first, it quickly starts to smell like Uncle Bud’s late afternoon coffee breath. Next time, I am planning to dress more in one of these.

Discuss over at Karan's blog.

Downtowners DVD Release & Saints of Everyday Failures CD Release

The Olympia produced documentary on youth homelessness, Downtowners, will be released on DVD at the end of this month, coinciding with the release of Olympia hip hop artists Saints of Everyday Failures fourth amazing and inspiring album, State of the Art is Failure.
Please join us at The Mark, to celebrate these releases! A screening of Downtowners starts at 9 pm, followed by music at 10 by the Saints of Everyday Failures and Baltimore hip hop pioneer Labtekwon. Admission is $5 OR $30.00 including the Saints of Everyday Failures CD & the Downtowners DVD

This is a 21+ event

Downtowners Press Release

Click here to view the Downtowners Trailer

Ominous words

There is an interesting discussion about the future water needs of Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater. There is a lot of emphasis on conservation, but Bob Jacobs isn't buying it. From The Olympian:

Former Olympia mayor Bob Jacobs is less optimistic that water supply challenges will ever curb growth.

“Totally unlimited growth is kind of an article of faith — a religious kind of thing,” he said.

The one thing almost everybody agrees on is this: Water availability will be the Achilles’ heel of growth in South Sound.


I still have a pulse.

I've been visiting Washington, DC for the last week. It's great to see where this whole "United States"-business got started.

I counted 11 representatives on the floor while I was at the Capitol building.

Our tax dollars at work.


Today at the peace rally downtown, a woman handed out bright pink flyers that proclaimed "Public Notice - Right now, there is a law on the books that when announced will change your life!". One side of the flyer lists information on something called NESARA, the opposite side contains the Bill of Rights.

NESARA is an "internet based conspiracy theory involving secret laws, white knights, aliens, and September 11.". Members attend most peace and social justice rallies in Olympia and hand out flyers. The Tacoma News Tribune did an expose of this group and their Shelton based founder a few years back.

So before buying into a conspiracy theory, shop around on the net, there are many to choose from, even here in Olympia.

Twisted Conundrum, Khrushchev's Donuts

It is early evening as you return to your home. You are sure that all the lights were turned off when you left this morning, but you see the kitchen light is on. You unlock the front door, and can hear some kind of cookery noises from the stove area. Slowly you tiptoe to the warm light of your kitchen, look into the door and see ...

... Nikita Khrushchev in the middle of the room wearing an apron. He is in the process of making donuts. The table is filled with them. Nikita appears to be alive and well, looking much like he did in the early 1960s. Never mind that he is now well over 100 years old. Never mind that he supposedly died in 1971. Here he is, in your kitchen, wearing an apron, making donuts.

He greets you with great fondness, speaking in broken English. He asks if it is okay if he can hide out at your place "for a few days." Nikita promises that he is no threat to our national security. He cannot explain the how and why about his presence in your kitchen. And he can give nothing in return, except conversation and donuts. So can he stay with you for a bit, and would you promise not tell anyone, at least for awhile?

He offers you a donut. It is the best donut you have ever had in your life.

What would you do?

More Twisted Conundra here

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