Eastside Neighborhood Association board meeting

Regular monthly board meeting of the ENA.  All are welcome.  See the ENA Web site for a tentative agenda.

"Filthy Communist Scum"

Nazi Radio

Scroll down and listen to Rattle Those Pots and Pans, 6/8/06 Jim Ramm of the NSM talks over upcoming plans for the Olympia rally.

Mr. Ramm suggests that we bring ear plugs to the rally.


TODAY! Roving Street Party! 4 PM Heritage Park - Make Some Noise For Civil Liberties

Hello everyone! Please remember to join us at 4 PM at Heritage Park for a roving street party in defense of civil liberties. We will make some noise to "show the world that the voice of truth will not be silenced by fear"! (quote from Jeff "Free" Luers)

There will be dj's, speakers, and dance music! We will meet at the park but then take it to the streets! Bring signs and banners and help us kick of the International Weekend of Resistance Against the Green Scare in Olympia!

Olympia Civil Liberties Resource http://www.olycivlib.org

I go out walking after midnight

Olympia is a different place after the sun goes down.  A time comes when many are a sleep, albiet some of them in the doorways and alleys of our downtown.  The quiet after midnight is an agent that changes our perceptions.  So I go out walking after midnight, sometimes, in our fair city.  Devoid of commerce and population the city becomes a place that can  instill hope and create dreams.  So go out walking after midnight and see if you can't have a new dream for or about Olympia

War with Iran

[via email]

Rick McKinnon - I picked up on the activists trying to block the Pomeroy. Those war supplies may be part of the logistics build-up to support Bush's preparations to attack Iran. See the below story for details. Keep track of CVN 74 USS John C Stennis homeported at Bremerton. If it "disappears" around the middle to late July, It will be enroute to the Arabian Sea to launch airstrikes.

Read Andrew Schoerke's statement here.

The tools of citizen journalism

As recent events at the port have brought to light, we need a more efficient system for distributing pictures and video so that more people can contribute and watch. Here are my suggestions:

  • For still pictures -- Flickr
    Some folks have already been posting their pics on Flickr, and sending me the link. This works really well (especially if the pictures are designated as a "set"); then I can post a link to a slide show on Flickr. This is a quick and easy way for folks to get a sense of what happened at a particular event.

  • For video -- YouTube
    I recommend that EVERYBODY with a video camera go set up an account at YouTube. YouTube allows you to upload your video very easily, which can then be embedded in the blog. (Try to set up a "Director's Account"; they're free and you can upload unlimited amounts of video.)

Think about the comprehensive coverage that we as a community could create with many people collecting footage from their own vantage point. I really think we could create something so interactive and powerful that conventional media would become virtually obsolete.

Double plus ungood

From The Nation:

Bowing to an intense lobbying campaign that spent tens of millions of dollars – and held out the promise of hefty campaign contributions for those members who did the bidding of interested firms – the House voted 321 to 101 for the disingenuously-named Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement Act (COPE). That bill, which does not include meaningful network-neutrality protections creates an opening that powerful telephone and cable companies hope to exploit by expanding their reach while doing away with requirements that they maintain a level playing field for access to Internet sites.

The Olympian Wants You

The Olympian is seeking to fill its two community members positions on its Editorial Board for the next four-month service period beginning in July.

Self-nominations from all interested community members are now being accepted through 5pm on Friday, June 9th.

To learn more about the Editorial Board and these community positions, please go to http://news.theolympian.com/opinlinks/volunteeredit.shtml

. Self-nominations should include why you want to serve on the Board and what you would bring to its deliberations. Letters should be sent before Friday’s deadline via snail mail, email or fax to: Editorial Board, The Olympian, P.O. Box 1219, Olympia WA 98507. The e-mail address is news@theolympian.com and the fax number is (360) 357-0202.

New discussion at Better South Sound: What should the topic of the Oly Town Hall be?

The city council is planning a Town Hall meeting on September 28, but they haven't come up with a topic yet. What should it be?

Go here to add your two cents.

There are plenty of things going on in Olympia, there are plenty of things to talk about. What is the most important thing for us Olympians to talk to our city council about?

I said "Public buildings, a new library and city hall," but what do you think?

Fundraiser for Bob Mcleod

Come out and support Bob Macleod, who is facing off with Kevin O'Sullivan this fall for a Thurston County Commission seat. For more information on Bob, go to his website. The fundraiser will feature the C Notes, Olympia’s Premiere Jazz Ensemble.
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