Irish: remembering the forgotten tongue

The Evergreen Irish Resurgence Element presents...

Irish: remembering the forgotten tongue

with Seán Williams
Thursday, May 4 (week 5)
SEM II C1105
4:10 - 5pm

The Irish (Gaelic) language is one of the oldest written languages in Europe, with a rich body of literature and tradition. Join Evergreen’s Irish-studies professor Seán Williams for an exciting and insightful exploration into the heart and soul of the Irish language, and a glimpse into the cultural heartbeat of Ireland itself. Learn a little background, some basic vocabulary and grammar, and maybe even a song or two. Thinking about taking the ever-popular Ireland program next year? Be sure to check this one out!

A FREE community event

Stop Genocide

Bloggers for Darfur Click on image.

Operation OlyBlog Conservative

My plan is to start this May 1, run for several days, and blog to encourage discussion. I'm keeping track of suggestions and ordering books and DVDs through the library. I don't have an end goal in mind, I want to just dive in and see what happens.

Room for All

 Blog against heteronormativity

" brief, heteronormativity is a term that can be used to describe institutions, policies, and beliefs that reinforce the rigid categories of male and female."

Het-er-o-norm-a-tiv-i-ty, that is quite the mouthful. I am in support of expanding beyond it. We as a society can evolve to include all manner of rich diversity of expression and identity.

This is an evolution that our friends in the National Socialist Movement greatly fear. After reading and listening to their profoundly homophobic rantings for 3 months now, I have to wonder, why are they so obsessed with their image of gay men? I also wonder, does the NSM represent the worst of our collective prejudices, taken to the extreme? In other words, maybe the NSM and related hatemongers don't come from Mars, maybe they come from us.

In a world where people who are thought to be not precisely straight are murdered, we have a lot of work to do.

City of Olympia (and Tumwater, Lacey) to possibly settle with All American over brewery water

On Tuesday night, the Olympia city council will consider settling their lawsuit with All American Water over the water rights associated with the old Tumwater Brewery property. Looks like everyone gets a bit of what they want, the cities get the water rights while the private company gets half of that water back in a seperate agreement.

Check out the rest and comment over here.

Go watch...

Smithfield, Woodland, and New Market

I recently started thumbing through Shanna Stevenson's Olympia Area Place Names (1986). It is a fun read, although I noticed she left out the former name of Mud Bay, which was, according to legend, "Shitpoke Flats." I note in Shanna's book that bodies of water seem to be the most likely candidates for geographic name changes. Anyway, I'll share some of the former and current place names from her book for you OlyBloggerz:


Sa-chal = Sat-chall = Black Lake
Seatco = Bucoda
Russell Lake = Chambers Lake
Drake Lake = Deep Lake
Chambers Prairie = East Olympia
Harlowe Junction = Gate
Wepusic Inlet = Gull Harbor
Pollala Ilaheee = Tyrell Prairie = Hawks Prairie
Lowe's Lake = Hewitt Lake
Wood's Lake = Rutledge Lake = Hicks Lake
Cushman Point = Hunter Point
Point Moody = Johnson Point
Simmons Lake = Ken Lake (Shanna says here: "Named for Frank Kenney, secretary of Olympia Brewery and a local realtor." I prefer to believe it was really named after Barbie's boyfriend)
Woodland = Lacey
Fleetwood Lake = Lake Lois
Wildman Lake = Lake Susan
Logan Lake = Long Lake
Shononadaub = McAllister Creek
Clear Lake = McIntosh Lake
McAllister Road = Marvin Road
Marshville = Olympia's Westside
Squaquid = Medicine Creek
Dodge Prairie = Mima Prairie
Nez Quarres = Sherlock = Gardner = Maxfield = Nisqually
Cheetwoot = Smithfield = Smithster = Olympia
Lyons Lake = Pattison Lake
Key = Rochester
Scates Creek = Scatter Creek
Little Bigelow Lake = Setchfield Lake
Ruddell Lake = Southwick Lake
Pray's Lake = Crooked Lake = Summit Lake
Swantown = Olympia's eastside
Post lake = Tempo Lake
Coal Bank = Tenino
Jones Beach = Tolmie State Park
Drewry Lake = Trail's End Lake
Ferguson Lake = Trosper Lake
New Market = Falls River = Des Chutes = Tumwater
Brune's Lake = Wards Lake

May Day Events!

This years May Day Worker Solidarity events are going to be blast! Take a stand to defend the rights of immigrant workers and hear from numerous people and organizations including:

-Adrianna Barazza from Schools for Chiapas
-Cory Fischer-Hoffman from the WROC
-Amanda Milholland from UCAN
-the Olympia Workers Association
-Mary-Ellen Donaldson on CAFTA
-Delegates from the Thurston Santo Tomás Sister County Association
-Phil Owens of Bread and Roses
-And more!

Music will be played by:
*The Citizens Band
*Fast Rattler
*The Grizzle Grazzle Trash Can Band

There will be a solidarity statement read from the Seattle May Day Organizers.

Interactive tabeling will be done by:
+Rec The Place Records - Make your own buttons
+Last Word - Providing free zines
+Yes Yes - Community based art
+Free Radio Olympia
+Schools 4 Chiapas - Mother Seeds of Resistance

At 3pm events will begin at Sylvester Park
Around 5pm we will march
At 6:30 the march will end at the new Bread And Roses Advocacy Center

Free shows following the days events at the Yes Yes and at the Manium!

Baseball Fans!

The Evergreen Club Baseball Team will be playing it's first home games of the season this weekend against the University of Oregon.

The games will be at Olympia High School starting at 12pm on Saturday and at 10am on Sunday.

Hope to see you there!

Mike Anchors
Facilities Manager
The Evergreen State College
Athletics and Recreation
(360) 867-6532

Fry Bread Theatre

Double Feature for Fry Bread Theater: Classic Indian Humor: SMOKE SIGNALS (4:30PM) AND POW WOW HIGHWAY (7:00PM)--Please Announce this Saturday's Fry Bread Theater and Post attached flyer—SATURDAY, APRIL 22nd, 26-105, WITH DOORS OPEN AT 4:00PM and 6:30PM FOR SILENT AUCTION!!!!

THANKS FOR ANNOUNCING AND ATTENDING OUR SATURDAY NIGHT MOVIES. This Saturday’s Movie is a Double Feature: SMOKE SIGNALS AND POW WOW HIGHWAY. Our Anthropology Club Members need your help to raise funds to attend the next international WARP (Wetland Archaeology Research Project) Conference is scheduled in New Zealand with Maori participation.

Our students hope to attend and present their latest research at the Qwu?gwes Mud Bay Wet Site and need your help to raise support. Please ANNOUNCE THESE CLASSIC AND GROUND-BREAKING INDIAN HUMOR BASED MOVIES, All is by donation and promises to be educational. We will fry homemade fry bread at the event so you can dine on fry-bread and enjoy the full-screen movies. Future showings will include Thunderheart and Incident at Oglala, Dances with Wolves,. (PS we have to credit Professor Bill Swanson with this idea!)

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