Welcome historymike!

Lots of new folks have joined in recently, welcome to you all. I've not had time to entirely catch up yet, especially with all the news being made lately in our fair town. Our downtown is practically a war zone of military convoys, protesters, Homeland Security, Coast Guard, police, reporters, and all manner of participants.

One name I do recognize and want to specially welcome is HistoryMike, I first found his blog while doing some initial research on the National Socialist Movement. His blog is about much more than those boys, he covers quite a bit of ground and it is all intriguing stuff. Michael Brooks, a Midwestern "writer who travels between journalism, academic writing, and iconclastic rumination". His blog is worth following. Plus now we can also compare notes about the boys in brownshirts who want to take over Olympia.

Welcome HistoryMike and everyone else new to our local blog.

Teachers Walk Downtown

At 4 o'clock Wednesday teachers from Olympia's public schools marched up Legion from Sylvester Park to the Knox Administration Building, Olympia School District's Headquarters.

There they dropped notes into a ballot box saying they were teachers and supported the ongoing effort to bring a fair working contract to teachers in Olympia.

They are trying to get compensation for all the overtime that they work, the average teacher spends at least two hours of their own time preparing for their classes that they don't get paid for.

They have only had a .5% increase in pay since 2000.

Over 200 teachers and supporters made the walk.

Joahna Vaughn who works at Olympia high said, "I've been in the district twenty years and I can't recall this ever happening."

As the teachers approached the Knox Administration Building, children waved to them from the doorway. Their goal was to bring attention to teachers in Olympia and to let people know that they were sticking to the objective. To make Olympia a world class school district.

Shine a little light

My goal is to shine a light on Neo-Nazis, specifically on their ongoing harassment campaign against myself and quite a few other people. The hit page text is archived here thanks to Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace, so we don't have to wade through all the images of Hitler. Other names have been added since. We the targets are in about the fourth month of this rather novel experience.

We've been visited by odd phone calls and even odder emails. Because the hate mail I've gotten is not for family viewing, I posted on my other blog the details.

The National Socialist Movement doesn't like our blogs. They don't like our articles. Jim Ramm doesn't like me to use the word "database". They don't like our newspapers. They don't like that we have meetings or where we have meetings. They don't like Viking Fest. They don't like that statue of Lenin in the Fremont Neighborhood of Seattle. They don't like the granite steps of the capitol because it makes it hard to tape good audio. They don't like us, though they haven't met all of us. So........here is the question...........what DO they like?


Slide show of port protest

Click picture for slideshow. (Thanks kid.citizen!)

Today's Events

My friendly neighborhood barber informed me that there were people meeting up to protest again today, so I went down to check it out. When I got to the corner of State and Plum there were about 30 people gathered on the four corners, most of them on the Shell Station corner. I was sporting my brand new - hot off the press " Drew for Port Commissioner" button, which was a big hit, even with Drew. Another notable on hand and taking part was City Councilperson T.J. Johnson. Now, I know this is only going to raise the ire of some in the OlyBlog community, but I can't describe how good it felt to see him there. Maybe I shouldn't be as surprised as I was, but it feels good to know that someone I voted for is willing to walk the walk. Too many politicians, some in Olympia even, have great election politics but don't follow through on their promises after they're elected.

A man in the passenger seat of a large white pick-up truck rolled down his window and began screaming at us. He was very angry and wasn't really making any sense at all. I was kind of embarrassed for him. T.J. actually responded to him, trying to explain what we where doing and why. The man screamed some more about war being the only way and demanded that we look into his eyes. Finally he rolled his window up and stared at T.J. intently until the light turned green.

All in all, it was nice. No one was hurt, no one's rights where violated while I was there and we got some great responses from the folks driving by. My biggest hope coming out of it is that next time 60 people show up.

Demonstration Against Vicente Fox in Seattle

Today! Wednesday May 24 at 6 PM At the Westin Hotel in Seattle (1900 5th Avenue downtown)

Join us to assure that there is justice for the people of Central America, the people of San Salvador de Atenco and the people of Mexico! President Vicente Fox will be appearing as a guest of Governor Gregoire. Vicente Fox is not welcome in the Northwest. We want to point out three very important issues why he is considered a person non-grata:

1. We understand that Fox is traveling to Seattle to talk about the issue of immigration. Fox's very aggressive application of US immigration policies to border control in Mexico has caused the abuse and mistreatment of thousands of workers in the southern border region of Mexico. (see http://www.worldpress.org/0901feature22.htm)

2. The atrocities committed by police against the people of San Salvador de Atenco this month were vicious. Two children were killed as a result of the brutal repression by the government forces against the people of Atenco. (Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2006_Uprising_in_San_Salvador_Atenco)

3. The Mexican populace has been plunged into the worst economic crisis in years under the Fox administration, driving millions of Mexicanos to seek employment and a better life in the United States. Although there have been large investments by US companies under NAFTA, the people of Mexico are not benefiting from the "riches being made from trade". (please see http://www.globalpolicy.org/socecon/ffd/2003/0322mexico.htm)

Viva Mexico! Abajo con el Mal Gobierno!

TONIGHT--CounterPunch editor Jeffery St. Clair

Jeffery St. Clair

TONIGHT, May 24th, 7pm,

SemII B1105

for more info please go to


Interesting words from Doctor Claw

Protest the Government, not the Soldiers.
I will not say that I am for or against the war in Iraq. What I will say is that I shall soon find my boots on the desert sands of that far off place. I am a Medic. I joined the Army to heal. As we have trained for the Army often performs MEDCAP missions where we will go into a town and make sure all the children are current on their immunizations, treat any wounds, and generally provide on site medical care to these villages and towns. You have no idea how expensive of an undertaking that can be, or how dangerous it is for us, and our providers. They don't show this kind of stuff on the news. Pardon the horrible organization and spelling of this post as it’s late and I'm tired. I heart about your protest today at the port and it angered me. Not because you were protesting, or what you were protesting, but because the only thing you succeeded in was giving me and my fellow soldiers a hard time and making us have less time with our families. We are operators not policy makers. We volunteered to do a job. That job is handed down to us by a civilian government according to the constitution. What I think about the war in Iraq is totally irrelevant. What anyone in this Stryker Brigade, even its commander thinks about it is irrelevant. We are soldiers and we go where the civilian leadership needs us. If you want this to stop, talk to them, not us. AS I said, we are not policy makers... We are given a mission and we prosecute it to the best of our abilities. Don't hassle the soldiers, hassle Congress and the White House.

Account and Images of Manhandled Protesters

I was one of the people arrested at the port today. In fact I was the first one arrested, as I was crossing the cross walk. I was in motion moving toward the sidewalk as the officer snatched me. We were peacefully and lawfully protesting the military shipments by holding signs while crossing a crosswalk that had no pedestrian traffic signals on marine drive. We did not break any laws!

During our arrests, Holly and I were manhandled by officer Watkins of the Olympia Police Department, resulting in injury.

When I was being arrested, I sat down on the ground. Holly put her body over mine and held onto me. Instead of simply removing her hands, two police officers proceeded to use cruel and unusual tactics to remove her. A thurston county sherrif put his boot on Holly's back. Officer Watkins proceeded to pinch the underside of her arm. She has a massive bruise which is getting worse than what you will see in the picture.

I was drug to the car and thrown up against it by Officer Watkins to be searched. Once the back of me had been searched by a female police officer, she told him to roll me over. He slammed the other side of me onto the police car. He proceeded to do this one more time when the search was complete. I have a dull pain starting in my shoulder and continuing down into my elbow.

SEE attached photos for evidence

We believe we have to stop this war, we have to show our complete rejection of the American Empire, we have to show our support for the lives of U.S. troops by making it harder for them to be deployed to Iraq, where they will face death, and permanent mental and physical scars and at the same time commit crimes against humanity.

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