Another Protest

Not to far away from the Port protest, Olympia has another type of protest going on.  On Thursday, about 200 dancers from the United States, Canada and countries descended upon Olympia in their continuing work to experience liberation from within.  These dancers came to work with Gabrielle Roth, the creator of the 5Rhythms movement meditation practice, and her son Jonathan Horan. 

These dancers will continue their hard work through tomorrow, exploring through movement how we make a difference in a world so full of chaos, and our personal responsbility within the chaos.  If you've been in the downtown core, surely you've seen many of these dancers enjoying food at our great restaurants.  Though they represent everything opposite of the caimen, like the caimen, they have a distinct personality.  You might notice lots of flowing, bright garments and the spirit of strength, confidence, and power exuded through their presence.  They are floating, and gliding, and full of big smiles. 

The Heat is On

No matter our opinions about what Olympia is going through right now, we probably mostly all agree that these are intense times. So how do we keep our heads? How do we get ourselves to unwind? How do we debrief and relax? 

Oly Blog is of great service with this, we can catch the latest report, we get a chance to share and discuss.

How do you manage your emotions and frustration level during this time?

Downtown Oly at Night

Excessive Force During Tuesdays Action At the Port

Since the beginning of the actions at the port, many have posted in comments that we 'deserved what we got.' In response to this, and to provide one more account of the recent actions at the port, this is an account of what happened on Tuesday compared to the first blockade on Wednesday. First of all, the people involved in the incident on Tuesday did not have the intention to get arrested at the time that the arrests took place. The first arrest took place as a protester was moving out of the road, so this person was moving toward the sidewalk when they were snatched by Officer Watkins (badge number 44 for those of you who were witnesses). This person was cooperating at this point, they were in motion toward the sidewalk and within the boundaries of the crosswalk when the arrest took place. The first protester sat down in a passively resistant manner, which does not constitute the use of excessive force. A second protester attached themselves to the first in an act of solidarity and to stand up against the unlawful arrest of their comrade. Two police officers grabbed ahold of the second person, who could have been easily removed by simply pulling the persons arms apart. Let me put this into perspective: two small, non-threatening women and two large white police officers - it doesn't seem hard to figure out that pulling the attached woman's arms apart would be the easiest and least abusive way to get the woman to release her arms. Compare this to what the officers chose to do: one officer kicked the girl in the back, and the other proceeded to pinch her arm resulting in bruises the size of a fist that are now a deep purple and black color dotted with broken blood vessels. The bruises are the result of Officer Watkins actions, the kick in the back was inflicted by Sheriff Jay Swanson. There are also finger marks in the form of deep blue bruises on her outer arm, also attributed to Officer Watkins. This use of force was not only unnecessary, but relflects the state of mind of the police officers.

Protests Continue at the Port

Demonstrations continue at the Port today.

Protesters talked with a number of reservists from California for about twenty minutes about the war.

For the first time truck drivers are being asked for their ID at the gates.

A truck driver also told me he had no idea what he was transporting.

Demonstrators arrived at 7 in the morning and intend to stay into the evening.

Mind Melt Moments

Stressed out? Need a little gentle mind melting? Read stevenl's blog, especially the current series of Obscuro Comix Sound Effect Dictionary.

Reconstructing New Orleans Symposium

Free! (childcare available)

Morning Keynote: Jerome Scott is the director of Project South: Institute for the Elimination of Poverty & Genocide in Atlanta, GA. Project South is host of the June 2007 US Social Forum.

7:45-8:30 Evening Keynote: Malik Rahim is a veteran of the Black Panther Party in New Orleans. For decades he has been an organizer of public housing tenants both New Orleans and in San Francisco and is a recent Green Party candidate for New Orleans City. He is also the co-founder of the Common Ground Collective.

This symposium is critical especially in light of the fact that eight months after Katrina half of the city is without basic services such as public schools, public health care, and public housing, in light of the fact that over half the city still remains a scattered and largely disenfranchised diaspora around the country, and in light of the recently released Senate Report whose primary conclusion is that this nation is still unprepared for any disaster of this scope.

Click on "read more" for full schedule.

Bremerton building wifi network.

There is no reason why Olympia can't do this, but yet we're not. Go figure.

A statement from OMJP

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Port Militarization Resistance

A statement from the newly-formed OMJP break-off committee - Port Militarization Resistance

In four years of the war in Iraq, over 2,000 US soldiers and over 150,000 Iraqis have died. Hundreds of billions of dollars later later, our troops are still fighting in Iraq. The declared mission has been proven false and now civil war rages on. This is an illegal war founded on lies told by the Bush administration and sustained by Congressional acquiescence, Republican and Democrat alike.

The discrepancy between public opinion and US policy both locally and nationally is evidence of a failure of representation in our electoral democracy. Nationally, numerous polls demonstrate diminishing support for the war. Locally, since the military shipments through Olympia's port began in 2004, the community has fully employed a broad spectrum of democracy's tools - including letter-writing and petitioning public officials in open forums - to oppose the occupation and the Port of Olympia profiting from it in any way. In large numbers, we have asked the port commissioners to withdraw support for the war and stop shipments to Iraq. Yet, just as the war, the killing, and corporate war-profiteering continue, so do the military shipments through Olympia.

Read more.

Protest the war

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Hello RIck, my name is James Hall and i am a life long resident of olympia! I have heard of this site before but never felt compelled to write. I am a resident of eastbay drive,where no doubt you already know all the protesting has been going down. I am all for first amendment rights but i believe there is a time and a place to protest. I strongly disagree to the people protesting at the port. Now correct me if I'm wrong but the people are protesting the use of the tax payers port to further war efforts in Iraq, they think we should not be wasting money..? But aren't they just wasting police dollars for hauling there asses out of there to begin with. and what is with the masks. i saw very few signs in protest of the war, I saw more people out there in masks riding there bikes in traffic just to slow down the convoy. maybe i just don't get what the point of it all is. I think they should protest at the capitol to the politicians not the fucken soldiers. PROTEST THE WAR NOT THE WARRIORS.



ps. i like peacefull protest

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