New legal territory

The Community Values Ordinance would have pushed the legal evelope, City attorney Bob Sterbank argued to the City Council. From the Olympian:

"There are both substantial legal hurdles and significant practical questions inherent in a municipal attempt to establish and enforce a regime regulating ... 'good citizenship' on ... a segment of the business community," Sterbank wrote.

The summary says: There aren't enough federal laws or court rulings that officials can lean on. And, in some cases, federal law already sets guidelines for which Olympia lacks the power to supersede.

Under the proposed "Community Values Ordinance" pitched by a local group last summer, a report card would have been used to grade businesses on whether they discriminate against employees, pay a living wage, pay overtime, let workers unionize and create a "town square" where people could assemble and exercise free speech.

Businesses scoring below 50 percent would have had to shut down within two months. Those scoring between 50 percent and 89 percent would be put on probation to raise their score or face closure.

The proposal targeted national and multinational chains, not regional chains or mom-and-pop stores, proponents said.

But it would have been hard to legally differentiate between large corporations and smaller ones, the city's memo argues. And imposing a report card on certain businesses could be viewed as overly burdensome or discriminatory, the memo continued.

I don't get this. First, if a city can decide, based on community values, not to have strip clubs, then why can't it decide, also based on community values, not to have a company with exploitative labor practices? Second, why is our City Attorney such a chicken? If there are no precedents, then why not work to establish some?


I'm going to re-activate the "profile" function on the site as another way that we can all learn a little about each other (or you could just come down to the Brotherhood on Monday night). I thought I'd give folks a "heads-up" first, in case anyone wanted to filter out some information (or put some up). Anyway, user profiles will probably become accessible in the next day or two.

Nazi anagrams

[Comment from "Who's your favorite nazi"]

Vote for Boyer -- check out his anagrams

For whom to vote. Hmmm. I decided to use the age old technique for voter decisions of making anagrams from the list of names. It is frustrating that Jill Laoch's and Jim Ramm's names offer nothing creative to add to their vacuous personas. I don’t imagine anything can be gained from interacting with them on any level. [I think I’m just gonna switch the first letters of their last names and refer to them as the terrifying nazi mascot beasts Roach and Lamb.]

With ‘Mark Martin’ is at least something fairly intelligible: KNIT RAM ARM. I think a conversation with him [I think I’m just gonna call him Markie Mart] would consist of nonsensicle monosyllabic grunts and nazi slogans.

As I move through the list I believe I have uncovered an internal battle raging within candidate Bill White. His name reveals in anagrams a few tell-tale proclivities: WITH LIBEL and I BLEW HILT. Is the last one his obsession with Paris Hilton and his longing for the simple life. Surely if he publicly promoted that he’d achieve the first anagram of his name. His struggle of obsession and fear is diverted perhaps in nazi costuming? I’m concerned that any conversation with him informally or on the hard facts of fascism will always turn back to “did you see what Paris wore to the Emmys?

Students not Soldiers

High School Students - Join Know All You Can Know for an awesome, full three day summer camp, to be held in Lacey, WA, August 18, 19, 20. -Learn how to organize peace clubs and social justice events on your campus. -Gain leadership and planning skills. -Learn from other students as you prepare your own projects. There will be music, theatre, and workshops on media, event planning, militarism and more. Outstanding presenters who have completed successful student projects in Seattle, Tacoma and SF will join us. There is a sliding scale fee and scholarships are available. Contact Molly at for application and information.

Protest at Caterpillar shareholder's meeting


Shareholders of Caterpillar Inc., the giant U.S. machinery maker, are scheduled on Wednesday to vote on several proposed corporate governance changes at its annual meeting that could, among other things, weaken the influence of Chairman and Chief Executive James Owen.

Outside the afternoon event, critics of the company's equipment sales to Israel and its decision to force some retirees to pay for their health-care benefits are expected to stage protests.

Proposals put forward by stockholders include a call for Caterpillar to split the chairman and CEO positions; eliminate the staggered three-year terms that directors currently serve and replace them with annual elections; and establish a requirement that directors win the votes of a majority of shareholders — not just a plurality — in order to qualify for the board.

Peoria, Illinois-based Caterpillar has recommended shareholders vote against all three proposals.

A number of religious groups, including the governing body of the Church of England, have criticized Caterpillar for supporting what they characterize as Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories.

The company sells bulldozers to the Israeli army, which has reinforced them with armor and used them to demolish homes of supporters of the Intifada.

Three years ago, a 23-year-old woman from Olympia, Washington named Rachel Corrie was crushed by one of those tractors in the Gaza Strip as she tried to stop it from demolishing a house. Her parents were expected to be outside Wednesday's meeting here.

NSM seems to be withdrawing?

The last email I got from Jim, he said he was going to label my address as spam. Presumably, this means my messages will not get through.
In other, possibly related news, the last comment I posted to Bill White's blog (, under the "I get adopted" heading) has not been published yet, though he's published two new original posts since. It read something like this:
I find it funny that someone from the NSM would condemn a group of people using the phrase "where ideas are all the same". Admit it, you were giggling when you typed that.
I thought it was really funny, and I'm sorry those who were following that thread didn't get to read it. I hope he changes his mind and posts it. I also hope Jim changes his mind and continues to exchange emails with me; honestly, I kind of miss it already.

Nazi Dialogues

Below you will find an exchange of emails between myself and Jim Ramm of the National Socialist Movement.  If you would like to talk with him yourself, please email him at

Phil Owen to mindfelon
Jun 11 (3 days ago)

My dear friend Jim,

I, sir, am a christian anarchist and a card carrying member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW or "wobblies"). I think that qualifies me as a proud "filthy commie scum", and an enemy of hate. I would be greatly honored if you would list me with Jade, Sarah, and others on your website. Thank you and blessings on your day.

Jim Ramm, NSM Northwest to me
Jun 11 (3 days ago)

39.95 Paypal only


I have a new blog!

I had to open a blogger account in order to post on Bill's blog, so I started an Urban Layers blog. It's here. I know, I know, everybody has one... I'd rather be posting here, too. It can serve as an overflow, or something.

The Urban Reststop

We have seen them as we travel our highways across our state or country.  Every so many miles you will find the reststop.  The facilities vary, but they are designed for travelers to, well, rest, visit the toilets, in some cases shower.  It is not uncommon for people to be sleeping in their cars and trucks in the highway reststop.  In our state you can often find free coffee (donations welcome) and a variety of snacks for free or by donation.  I have yet to find public showers at any of the Washington reststops, but I haven't seen them all.  By the way, beware of the rattle snakes at the reststop between Yakima and eburg.  Yikes.

So I wasn't kidding about showers at the library.  Think of it as an Urban Reststop.  We provide facilities for those traveling on our highways, including a place to sleep.  Why not provide such things for those in our urban areas?  Transients are by their very nature "travelers".  Tax payers pay for the highway reststops.  A humane society would provide such facilities to our non-motorized travelers.

I see that such a place existed in Seattle.  Not sure if it still exists, I'll do a follow up to see if the information is current.  I do like the concept. 
Here is the link.

My friends, I urge you to look at institutions and facilities that we make available to the non-homeless, at tax payer expense, and come up with ways to extend these services to our homeless brothers and sisters.  It is fair, it is humane, it is the right thing.  Urban Reststops.  I will not stop here, I will not rest.


Tiem Thuc Forgotten

[by crackhole; reposted as event by Rick]

Tiem Thuc Forgotten: 3 generations of women's oral histories from the vietnam war.

A short film by Amanda Nguyen, depicting a struggle contrasting what is ingrained in our subconscious minds and the forgotten experience of a lived reality.

Amanda, currently attending TESC, went to her homeland of Vietnam and documented three generations of struggle with the war. Knowing Amanda, there's going to be some serious power behind this. Amanda doesn't poke at things with a stick, she hits them with purpose and effect.

I promise, this will be worth seeing.

TESC, Thursday, June 15th Recital Hall in the Com Building - Films start at 7:00 pm - Amanda's starts at 7:25

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