World Sacred Music Festival

A celebration of the sacred through the uplifting music & dance of the world

Saturday May 13, 2006 at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Olympia WA USA

Suggested donation $5-10 at door

Check out the schedule right here.

Are you ready for Procession? I am.

Eli will not be charged (not sure how I feel about that).

Check out this video.

I have my procession morning pretty much planned out. April 29 is also lowland lakes opening day. I usually go out to the rear end of the Kitsap Peninsula to a couple of small lakes (~10 acres) pearched above the Hood Canal. But, this year I'll be likely heading into the hills northwest of McCleary to kill my poor little trout. Then, off to Procession.

Art, Anarchy and Solidarity in the Meso-american Market


For more than 500 years the Occidental Man has attacked the Indigenous of the Americas with little impunity. First on the Occidental historical agenda is to change the names of people and places to attack identity and claim to land. The Wixarika alas are renamed by Spain, the Huichol.

Other cool stuff from the Olympia Free School here.

Learn how to write like a lawyer

From the Tacoma News Tribune:

Law professor Michael Santana has developed a new program to help prospective law students get a jump-start on their studies.

Legal Writing Prep will be offered weekly from May 1-Aug. 14 and is limited to 10 participants per week. Legal Writing Prep is at 2512 Division St. N.W. in Olympia. For more information, call 360-480-4722 or go to

Case against Sterling dropped

From the Olympian:

OLYMPIA — Prosecutors won’t file criminal charges against Procession of the Species founder Eli Sterling over his acceptance of public reimbursement for services he never paid for, they decided Thursday.

Olympia police began investigating Sterling in February 2005, after city officials discovered he’d asked for reimbursement of $14,000 for Web site services that had been donated to Earthbound Productions, the nonprofit agency that runs the annual Procession. The popular event is paid for with grants, donations and money from the city’s lodging tax fund.

A prosecutor has been reviewing the case for months, determining whether the evidence shows that Sterling intended to defraud the city. The evidence does not meet the standard for proving criminal intent beyond a reasonable doubt, Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Joseph Wheeler said in a letter explaining his decision.

An Endangered Species

I drive a 1996 Oldsmobile Ciera (Series II). It was a "Program Car," meaning a rental, before I bought it in 1997 or 1998 from the now defunct Hulbert group that was on Plum St. At the time there were only 34000 miles on the odometer. Today it has 168450 miles tallied up.

This car has been rear-ended twice, but held up well since it was hit by little econobox vehicles (you should've seen the other guy). It has a cassette, not a CD, player. When I open the front doors, the interior lights do not work. They do in the back, but not up front. The driver's window will electronically go down, but only go up an inch at a time with five minute intervals. The cheap plastic little cup holder has long since vanished. Recently, fine wisps of foul burnt plastic smelling smoke have gracefully risen from the steering column, and this probably explains why the turn signals work at random. The front brakes need replacing since the whole car starts shaking violently when I tap them at 60 mph. The Elma Les Schwab guys lost my left front hub cap, which makes the car look really classy, but I have a replacement on the way courtesy of eBay. So where did my old hub cap go? (Esoteric reference= Rubin Farr's headgear? Points for who recognizes this reference, V-Ster and Rick excluded). Oh, yeah, the automatic gear shift lever occasionally falls off. It will no longer shift into any gear below "drive." The "Service Engine Soon" dashboard light has been more or less permanently on for a few years.


Time to stand up

From The Billings [via olyunity]:

Montana's history is full of examples of racist and anti-government bullies trying to run roughshod over communities. In the early 1990s, a group of neo-Nazi skinheads terrorized Billings' Jewish community. It began with cemetery vandalism and escalated to a brick being thrown through the front window of a Jewish family's home. In the mid-1990s, the Montana Freemen formed their own illegal courts and issued death warrants for criminal justice employees in Eastern Montana. In 2001, David Burgert and Project 7, a militia group, compiled hit lists containing personal information about criminal justice employees and their families in the Flathead area. Beginning in 2004, Kevin McGuire, a racist recruiter in Bozeman, posted false and misleading propaganda about local citizens on racist Web sites before running for the local school board.

Not in our state

The logical question to ask in all of these cases is: What happened? With the Montana Freemen and Project 7, group activists were arrested and sentenced to prison. In Bozeman, Kevin McGuire remains on the streets. However, thanks to the network and its Bozeman affiliate, the people of Bozeman have a clear picture of who McGuire is and what he represents. The community of Billings came together and opposed the neo-Nazi skinheads in the "Not in Our Town" campaign, which has been replicated in cities across the nation. The citizens of Billings emphatically stated that racist and anti-Semitic beliefs did not represent their values. They stood up to the neo-Nazi bullies together.

Nazis don't go away if you ignore them, they run for elected office.

Learn to ID fish

From The Tacoma News Tribune:

The SeaDoc Society is sponsoring free Pacific Northwest fish and invertebrate identification classes in Olympia on April 29. These classes will be of interest to divers and others who are interested in marine ecosystems.

Janna Nichols, of the Reef Environmental Education Foundation, is the instructor. The classes, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., will be held at The Evergreen State College 2700 Evergreen Parkway N.W., Olympia, in the Seminar II Building, Room E1107.

Coloring books

From Tesc Library:

This is a listing of coloring books published by Federal government agencies..a great way for kids to learn about the world around them through color.

Benefit for The Nica Greentruck Project

Film Benefit for The Nica Greentruck Project: Support Nicaraguan farmers’ real struggle in the face of the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA).

Sunday, April 16th: The Nicaraguan Documentary on CAFTA: El Tigre Suelto & El Burro Amarrado, The Tiger on the Loose & The Tied-up Donkey
Show starts: 7:30 PM
Q&A and teach-in after the film.
Capitol Theater in downtown Olympia. (206 E. 5th Ave. SE, Olympia, WA, 98501)

Admission Price: Anticipated $4.50 OFS members/ $7 general (benefit event). Additional donations for Nica Greentruck Project graciously accepted (all donations are tax deductible; all proceeds benefit NGP, a project of SPEECH, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. ) (Please make checks out/mail to NGP c/o SPEECH, 209 E. 4th Ave., Olympia WA 98501)

The Nica Greentruck Project (NGP) is an international solidarity effort between Evergreen students and Nicaraguan farmers cooperating to combat poverty and build local food economies in Nicaragua, by creating a farmer-to-farmer, person to person exchange of information and technology on renewable energy (biofuels) transportation.

The Benefit for NGP will include:
* The Nicaraguan film "El Tigre Suelto y El Burro Amarrado" (The Tiger on the Loose & The Tied-up Donkey), a documentary about CAFTA and its reality for small farmers. The title is a metaphor for U.S. neoliberal trade policy (the tiger on the loose) attacking the common Latino farmer (the tied-up donkey). Spanish with English subtitles. One hour running time.
*A community teach-in, including Q&A, will follow the film.

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