My husby in the Olympian :)

I don't know how to make it look all fancy and cool but check out the article about my husband, Terry, in the Olympian Living section this morning! 

He's been to Carnegie Hall twice, serves as music director at a South Sound church, coaches football and teaches high school choir.

But who is the real Terrance "Terry" Robert Bernard Shaw?

The mixed CD that he sings along with while driving his big, white conversion van might hold the answer. A gift from his wife, Jennifer, the homemade disc includes songs by all of his favorite rock bands.

"I love Bon Jovi, '80s hair bands, Poison, Def Leppard - I'm all over that," said Shaw, as he prepared to conduct the Brahms' Requiem on Tuesday night for the Olympia Sings program. "Really, classical was pop music 200 years ago."

But while he's a rocker at heart, Shaw said his passion is helping people perform classical works.


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I've been a reader of Olyblog for quite some time (when I have the time) and I generally like the quality of the discussions here.  The comments often spiral off into irrelevance and stupidity, but that's the nature of blogs.  A post I read today frankly disappointed me though.  It was OlyCop's post from July 13th about one of my favorite stores, Orca Books.  It upset me for a number of reasons. 
    For one thing, I used to be a business owner, and it was disheartening to see an Olympia police officer using this blog as a forum to complain publicly about a downtown business just because he got "a feeling" from the place and didn't receive the reception he felt he was entitled to.  Set aside for a moment the reason for the cool reception (if there really was one)--it's entirely inappropriate for a person in his position to air his personal (and disturbingly vague) grievances in this way.  He owes all downtown business an apology for this. And then, I read a good deal of news about the Olympia police (much of it from OlyBlog).  Like most people here I'm aware of what was done to Long Hair David in Sylvester Park.  I'm aware of the treatment that non-violent protesters in this town routinely receive.  And if people tend to stiffen and become a bit nervous upon the entrance of a uniformed police officer--well, I think they're entitled to a questioning look.  Who doesn't cock an eyebrow and get slightly curious when the police enter a building?  Be realistic.  In any case, I don't know what (if any) other overtures Officer Tupper has made to this store, but if he's really interested in "mingling" with downtown businesses and building bridges, as he says, perhaps inviting a bunch of bored bloggers to take pot shots at those businesses isn't the wisest approach.
    As for the trail of comments after the post, it was about what you'd expect.  Two posts by prominent Olybloggers were disappointing additions to the melee.  Rick's comment was this:
        'Can you say "authority problem?" Actually, it's kinda cute. They think they're standin' up to "the man." But to them, "the man" is everything from the cop on the beat all the way up to Haliburton. In other words, not a very sophisticated view of what to rebel against.'
    I have to assume from this that he's never been in the store, or that he hasn't really talked to any of the people who work there.  I know several of them, and they are not only friendly but deeply devoted and active members of the community.  Rick should try introducing himself, or at least acquainting himself a little with people before tearing them down with such a meaninglessly broad accusation.  Again, as a regular customer at Orca I can't imagine who or what he's referring to with such a remark.
    And then there was Sarah's "me too", which was lock-step and mindless.  I suppose that speaks for itself. 
    Is this really the level of discourse you're trying to promote here?  Is this the sort of community you want to foster?  Olympia needs the people who work and shop at stores like Orca, especially with new big box stores sprouting up every month.  It would be a smaller, sadder place without them.  Certainly downtown shop owners are accountable to their customers.  But don't use your website to have a little vague, self-indulgent fun at the expense of stores that don't happen to make your list of favorite downtown hang-outs.  It's petty, and  it's unworthy of OlyBlog. 

Derrick Jensen, author and activist at Captol Theater

Come one, come all and put a fire under our community to fight the Federal Grand Jury coming to town, the occupation of Cheetwood (Black Bear Place, the Nisqually name for Olympia), and the destruction of the Earth. Come feel comforted that there are others who realize that the American occupation started here, and that Iraq is just another page in a long book of Civilization's death march. Join together with your friends in creating a wall of resistance against this occupation here in America and against outrageous state oppression. The Green Scare -- the FBI witch-hunt against environmental activists -- has come to town, but we are up the challenge.

One person who has helped many realize the total failure of Civilization is author and activist Derrick Jensen. He has two new books about fighting Civilization, called Endgame Volumes I and II, and will speak about them.

Shootings at the Jewish Federation of Seattle

Boy, is this discouraging.

The shootings on July 28th at the Jewish Federation of Seattle distress me. I understand being vigorously opposed to the US and Israeli militarism and the violence perpetrated by US and Israeli militarism, but I don't this kind of event does anything to address that.

I think the specter of anti-semitism haunts lots of us these days as we work to oppose the US and Israeli domination, occupation, abuse, torture, murder of the other middle eastern people.

I don't think Americans stand on any moral high road since our appropriation of this land from the people who inhabited this continent when we arrived was as shameful and brutal as anything the Israelis can possibly come up with, but there is the question about whether this planet's people can evolve, respect each others' differences, and reduce the violence and suffering.

So, to the Jewish community, our neighbors, our friends, - let us know what you need from us as you see the violence taking a toll close to home.

Time for a ceasefire.  Everyone lay your weapons down. Let's talk.

Matt and Carye visit Olympia

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Dahlia - Little Miss Independent 2

A little video interlude to start your weekend:

Music video for the song "Little Miss Independent 2" by Dahlia.
Video by Nicky Click & Cindy Wonderful, Olympia, Washington.
"Little Miss Independent 2" appears on "Dahlia - Plastique" (2005), by Dahlia Schweitzer and Blackjwell, Mix by NAM:LIVE!.

Twisted Conundrum, Bell Jar Float

So your spouse (or partner) pulls into the driveway after work, but instead of driving the family car they are being delivered by another mode of transportation. Two guys with little captain hats are driving a big pickup and pulling a long, flat trailer. In the middle of trailer is an enormous bell jar (with air holes), and in the jar is your spouse (or partner) sitting in a nice easy chair, looking happy as can be. The two men in the cab of the pickup solemnly perform a complicated task involving pulleys, etc. to lift the bell jar, allowing your spouse (or partner) to step down. After this operation is completed the pickup departs, leaving the beaming passenger to explain:

"I traded in the car for this wonderful service! For a mere $50 a month these gentlemen will take me wherever I want to go as long as I travel in the bell jar. Think of the money we'll save on gas alone! Not only that, but I'll be the talk of the town and my co-workers will be so impressed when I arrive every morning in this special way!"

One slight drawback is that, according to the contract, only one person can be transported inside the jar-- so you are out of luck in terms of gaining any transportation benefit. After a couple weeks commuting in this fashion, you notice that your spouse (or partner) has started wearing a Burger King crown whenever he/she travels. And slowly, subtly, almost glacially, the trailer starts accruing brightly colored ornaments. And as these decorations pile up, the whole operation resembles a parade float.

Finally, your spouse (or partner) adds giant sequined letters on the back of the vehicle proclaiming "[fill in the name of the spouse (or partner)]" and five or six attractive young women with tiaras and festival princess attire are employed to stand around the trailer and perform the parade-float smile and wave. Naturally, this means the whole setup must move very slowly, at parade speed, which requires your spouse (or partner) to leave extra early to get to work on time every day, and return home very late as well. Also, the cost of hiring the princesses basically eats up the salary of your spouse (or partner), but he/she maintains it is worth it. In fact, you have never seen your spouse (or partner) be so consistently happy and have a sense of glowing well being.

Oh, and the Burger King crown is placed on a velvet pillow under a cake dish every night when your spouse (or partner) is not wearing it.

Finally, one day you get a call from the local Crowbar Hotel, where your spouse (or partner) is cooling his/her heels after being stopped for obstructing traffic and resisting arrest on account of claiming diplomatic immunity ("Can't you see my crown, you fool? I'm royalty! Royalty I tell you!") Bail is needed.

So, at what point in this sad tale would you step in, and when you did, what would you do?

Procession of the Species: 2006

Just found this on Google video:

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