Blogiversary thread

As OlyBlog approaches its first blogiversary (that's like 11 in blog years), I'm wondering how people would like to celebrate the occassion. Should we get together on a Sunday at the park? Should we have an extra big Monday night at the BroHo? Should we have a nazi cross-dressing fashion show?

I'd like to also take this opportunity to say how inspiring it is to read all the conversations happening on the blog, and to see the respectful, yet engaging, manner in which folks are communicating. It is really something special.

Just to update y'all on the kind of traffic we're getting these days:

  • Daily Average Pageloads: 2,570
  • Daily Average Unique Visits: 909
  • Most Pageloads in a day: 5,121 (6/15)
  • Most Unique Visits in a day: 2,649 (6/15)
  • Number of Sites Linking to OlyBlog: 58
  • Total # of Links: 996 (over 11 months?)
  • # of Registered Users: 351

Projects in the works:

  • Redesign of the site to make it more user-friendly (more on this later).
  • Creation of a work station at Media Island where anyone can upload video or pictures to the internet where they can be accessed by OlyBlog (as well as other outlets).
  • Continued developemnt of the Olympia Civic Network so that it is more accessible and provides more ways for people to connect and communicate.
  • And many more...

Farmer's Market Entertainment

It was hopping yesterday. Perhaps because of the July weekend.  I needed a few things, and was nearby at about 12 but it was so crazy -- I couldn't even get parking in the overflow.  I decided to wait and come back after the lunch crowd. That was a good idea.  It was calmer later, and  people were happy.  A nice little jazz band finished up their last song. The farmer's market entertainment is always really fun!  Upcoming Schedule.

Summer Extra's

My spinach went to seed when I was out of town last week.  The cherries were ripe and needed picking when I was out  of town this week.  While I was not happy that I didn't make a plan for this food to not go to waste, the birds were very happy with the cherry bounty. With all of our extra heat this year, and warm spring, the garden is doing very well.

I remembered this morning about the Gleaner's Coalition who will glean food for the hungry.  I will try to not waste all of the  fruit --alll of our fruit trees are loaded this year,

beach party protest!

The next protest at Ralph's Thriftway is going to be a "beach party" protest.  Bring your boombox (and beach boys!), beach toys, chairs, etc.  Wear a bathing suit, surfing trunks, or a sarong!

If the weather continues like this, you might want to bring a cooler with icy treats...from the coop. :)

We want a really big turnout, so be there or be square!

About not meeting Sgt. Dahl

Drew Hendricks and I were hanging out this morning in Sylvester Park. We were seated on a bench, sharing coffee and conversation.

A large man in uniform strode towards us. State patrol. No smile. No introduction.

He stopped in front of us, blocking us, his hands on his hips. Which meant one hand on holstered gun. Still no smile.

Sgt. Dahl spoke with Drew, said what he wanted to say. I tried to introduce a friendly note but Sgt. Dahl had no interest in meeting me. I would have stood up, introduced myself, shook his hand, shared some community spirit and appreciation. But there was something about being seated, looking up at a large unsmiling armed man in uniform that made me sit still.

I hope next time that smiles and friendly conversation can be shared. I very much appreciate the dedication and hard work of any law enforcement member who is good at his or her job. I would have liked a chance to express this to Sgt. Dahl.

I have to say that I'm nervous about writing this. Will I get into trouble? Should I just be intimidated and keep my mouth shut?

Tonight-forum to discuss recent port protests and garner community input and feedback

Community Forum – “The Port and the People: A story of Profits, Protests and the Militarization of the Port of Olympia”

“The Port and The People” , a Community Forum on recent anti-war protests at the Port of Olympia will be held Friday, June 30th, 7 PM at Traditions Café’ (5th Water St.,  Downtown Olympia). The event is free though donations will be accepted for the Port of Olympia Legal Defense Fund.

This community conversation will begin with short presentations on  The Economy of the Port, The History of Port Protests in Olympia, and brief testimonials from two war resisters.  Following, an hour will be devoted for a Question & Answer period in which members of our community are welcome to pose questions to those who participated in recent port protests as to their intentions, visions and concerns with war resistance at home.

This event is sponsored by Port Militarization Resistance (PRM) and Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace (OMJP). For further information, please see:

Picket Ralph's Tonite 5-7PM

Support Women's Health and Power to Choose Birth Control

Boycott Ralph's and Join us on the Picket line tonite from 5-7PM!

We need you there!

What are you paying for besides food when you shop at Ralph’s?

Hey everyone,
Below is an advanced copy of an article to appear in the next Works In Progress newspaper due out this Friday. It explains the connection between Stormans and the christian right extremists who have been countprotesting our boycott of Ralphs/Bayview. Pickets continue for Friday and Sunday 5-7pm. Join us!

What are you paying for besides food when you shop at Ralph’s? 

The Suppression of Women’s Rights.  Ralph’s and Bayview shoppers are paying to support a backwards attitude towards women’s, and everyone’s, reproductive rights.  Not content to merely keep the condoms under lock and key, Ralph’s Thriftway is refusing to stock emergency contraception.  Initially represented to several community members as a business decision, Kevin Stormans, vice president of Stormans Incorporated, changed his story for media interviews with the Olympian and Seattle television stations by calling this policy a “moral” decision.  He characterizes it as an issue arising out of when one believes life begins.  He clearly has a mistaken understanding of what emergency contraception is and does, along the lines of Christian extremists’ intentional mischaracterization of it.  Plan B is not an abortifacient; it does not dislodge an established pregnancy.  There is not any clear medical evidence to suggest that Plan B prevents a fertilized egg from implanting.  Plan B works primarily by inhibiting fertilization, as conception often occurs when an egg is released after sexual intercourse.  But science is irrelevant to those whose minds are morally entrenched.  Evangelical christian extremists are encouraged to spread their faith in whatever “spheres of influence” they may have, including places of business, church, families, governments, education, media and healthcare. 

July 3rd Live Reports

Between 7am and 2pm on July 3rd members of SDS will be posting frequent reports regarding what's happening downtown and in the area around the Capitol.

We will post information regarding police activity, nazi activity and any other important information.

All reports will be posted here at

-A member of Olympia Students for a Democratic Society

a convergence of redheads

Being new to Olympia, I have had little to add to the dialogue here at olyblog.  I am still getting my feet wet, so to speak.  What does one write about, when one has so little context?

But every time I drive around our lovely city, I see a noticeable truth.  I have come upon a convergence of redheads.  Being one myself, it is somewhat of a shock to see all the glorious shades of auburn, copper, and strawberry blonde locks that crown so many of our residents.  I am much more accustomed to being one of a few, if not the only one around.  But here, we are everywhere.

Does the climate here speak to our celtic & danish roots?  Is it ancestral memory that draws the copper crowned folk to the south puget shore? 

Whatever the cause, I like the result. 
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