When My Spirit Raised Its Hands

All are invited to attend an event in the Longhouse at The Evergreen State College this Friday, April 7.

We will begin the evening with a performance by local Skokomish singers and drummers. The night’s feature is a one-woman show written and performed by Diane Benson, a Tlingit woman hailing from Southeast Alaska.

An acclaimed poet, playwright and actress, Diane has performed "Voicing Tribal Women" locally in Alaska as well as nationally, including this past month at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC. This piece features "When My Spirit Raised Its Hands," a true tale of Native Civil Rights in the 1940s through the lens of Elizabeth Peratrovich, a Tlingit forerunner of Native women taking a stand against oppression. Diane portrays other characters with a quick wit, along with an underlying message that gives voice to the Native woman’s perspective in the crazy world we live in today.

Please join us in the Longhouse at Evergreen from 6pm-9pm and help us out by spreading the word! Do not hesitate to email us back with any questions or just give us a ring at 360.867.6105.

("Thank you" in Tlingit),

Cary Jensen Turkon
Native Student Alliance

The YES MEN Live!

Multimedia Presentation & Lecture by Andy "the yes man" Bichlbaum
Free! Enjoy popcorn and baked goods for sale!

Come see the movie to find out who they are...
"The Yes Men: The True Story of the End of the World Trade Organization"
Wednesday, April 12
6pm in Lecture Hall 1

Political Pranksters Impersonating Corporate Criminals: Cutting the Corporate Crap


identity theft: Small-time criminals impersonate honest people in order to steal their money. Targets are ordinary folks whose ID numbers fell into the wrong hands.

identity correction: Honest people impersonate big-time criminals in order to publicly humiliate them. Targets are leaders and big corporations who put profits ahead of everything else.

the yes men: Impersonators of some of the world's most powerful criminals (at conferences, on the web, and on television) in order to correct their identities. They currently have hundreds of thousands of job openings...

Dr. Cornel West

S & A Productions Presents: Dr. Cornel West

Lecture and Q & A

Dr. Cornel West has been described as one of America’s most vital and eloquent intellectuals. He has authored 17 groundbreaking and thought-provoking books that have changed the course of discussion of race, justice and democracy. At the Evergreen State College, Dr. West will be discussing topics in his latest book “Democracy Matters

Aaron Dixon interviewed while in Oly

Aaron Dixon, the non-voting candidate for Senate and Green Party member, was interviewed while in Oly last week. Check it out over at the heretic. Big file though, 30 MB .mov.

Comment on it over there.

UPDATE: I downloaded it, and here are my notes of the 13 minute video: 

  • "I think Maria needs to be challenged, I think the Democratic Party needs to be challenged. "
  • Ironic that Cantwell would fight so hard for the environment, but not work on poverty.
  • We need a war on poverty, we need to bring that back.
  • These political parties have voted along the same lines on a lot of issues: War in Iraq, Patriot Act and free trade agreements.
  • He wants to build a grassroots campaign.
  • Black Panther Party dedicated itself to helping poor people. Credit for community clinics and school breakfast programs owed to BPP.
  • You will see more independent candidates this year.

Advice from Spokane

Some folks with a bit of experience with neo-Nazis offer some suggestions about how Olympia should respond to the NSM. From SR.com: Power of dignity:

The resisters to the Olympia hate rallies would do well to study the Kootenai County task force playbook.

Rather than confront haters directly, which would have provided recruitment fodder for them on the evening news, the late Bill Wassmuth, Tony Stewart, Norm Gissel and others counseled patience. One year, they encouraged Kootenai County residents to show solidarity against the neo-Nazi creed by tying ribbons at their homes and businesses. Another year, they collected statements from cities, counties and states around the Northwest in support of human rights. In the process, they supported victims of hate crimes and promoted legislation behind the scenes that ultimately led to the downfall of the Aryan Nations compound.

This makes sense to me. But it leaves unanswered what to do about the actual Nazi demonstrations. There will always be the problem that some people will show up, and then the shouting begins. Olympia needs a more organized response (involving humor, of course) that is ready on short notice to offer a coordinated counter-message to the NSM. It should be a low-tech solution, however. For example, what if everyone at the protest at the Capitol had just engaged in a giant game of freeze tag, instead of standing on the steps and yelling at the Nazis? I think that would have conveyed our message more effectively. Just think about what the King5 story would have looked like if 75 counter protesters were playing tag on the lawn in front of 8 Nazis standing on the steps? Then the story would have focused on the response much more than on the Nazis themselves.

Memoria Technica

Mellington Cartwright (a.k.a. Melissa Sanborn) Memoria Technica April 6 - 20, 2006 OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday, April 5, 7-9 p.m. EVERGREEN GALLERIES, GALLERY 4 Located on the 4th floor of the Library Building

The talent and dedication of graduating senior Mellington Cartwright is being celebrated in an exhibition at Evergreen Galleries, The Evergreen State College. Mellington was selected from among a strong group of applicants to participate in Senior Thesis Projects, and received the Mabel Young Mark Memorial Scholarship in recognition of exceptional achievement in visual art. Her metal sculpture will be exhibited in Gallery 4 from April 6-20, with an opening reception Wednesday, April 5, from 7 to 9 p.m.

The exhibition’s title, Memoria Technica, refers to devices that aid in preserving memory. Working primarily in bronze and sterling, Mellington creates sculptures that explore the sentimentality that lies within our memories. Her art draws the focus away from the psychological and scientific properties of a memory, towards a magical sense of nostalgia.

Inspired by her own worldly travels and questions of identity, Mellington reveals to the viewer a journey of both physical and transcendent nature. Serpentine patterns suggest the curve of a balloon string in the wind – or a meandering road. Straightforward design is combined with subtle details to illustrate the archetypal journey, and to bring forth the viewer’s own reminiscences of the past.

Radical Poetry

Jack Hirschman will be reciting poetry on Tuesday April 11th. from 5:30-7:30 PM sliding scale $0-$1000. Free Childcare available so bring the whole family brought to you by Carnival (the evergreen political arts collective)

Jack Hirschman has taken the free exchange of poetry and politics into the streets, where he is, in the words of poet Luke Breit, called, "America's most important living poet." He uses his skills to help awaken the American people to homelessness as an expression of a system that can no longer take care of its people. He has written more than 50 volumes of poetry and essays. His impassioned readings challenge his audience. He speaks on the artist's role in social transformation.

World's Second or Third Largest Egg Replica

If you visit the town of Winlock, a bit south of Centralia, you'll see a little patch of land surrounded by a cyclone fence. In the middle of this square is a pedestal and on it sits an enormous fiberglass egg. It used to have the stars and stripes painted on it, but the weather has stripped most of that design clean off. There is a little sign under this display that proclaims, "World's Largest Egg."

OK, first, it isn't an egg, it is an egg replica. Second, even if the sign was changed to read "World's Largest Egg Replica," it would still be misleading. The world's largest egg replica is in Vegreville, Alberta. It would appear Metone, Indiana has an egg replica that rivals the one in Winlock, but then we get into height vs width vs weight arguments. I'll leave that one to egg replica scholars.

Double Dog Dare

I double dog dare anyone reading this to go downtown to Danger Room Comics , buy some of Steve Willis's work,  take it to a favorite coffee house/pub/restaurant, and read the comics without cracking up loudly.

I myself failed, I could not read and drink coffee at the same time, without spewing coffee in laughter. Which I did not do, no actual coffee spewing, instead I tucked the comics away for later reading.

Remember, this is a -double dog dare-. Serious stuff.

Updated Oly (area) blog aggregator at Better South Sound

Rick's post on three new Olympia blogs reminded me that I wanted to update the local blog aggregator at Better South Sound. 

I installed a new Drupal aggregator this afternoon and have just about loaded all of the Olympia area blog feeds into it. There isn't a front page block like the old one, but I was able to put together a new page with everything. The advantage of this new way is that everything is hosted on this site and it aggregates everything into one feed, if you're interested.

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