Caiman patrol

V-ster and I will be going undercover at the Fishbowl, looking for caimans. I think it will take at least a few beers worth of investigation to make sure the place is really clear of our reptilian overlords. Anyone who wanted to lend a hand would be welcome. Operation will commence at 7:00pm.

Support KOWA

KOWA, 106.5 FM, Olympia's new progressive voice, invites community participation!

If you or someone you know can help, please come to our meetings, currently scheduled for Mondays at 6, at Media Island, 816 Adams St, Downtown by the Library.

KOWA will have a special place for local news and commentary (including call-in!), but will also highlight the best of progressive news, analysis and culture from around the globe. We currently schedule Democracy Now! for 8 AM and 6 PM weekdays, but will feature a wide variety of socially relevant material. See: for more information.

We are putting out the call to our community. Listen, participate, donate, and/or otherwise support Olympia's newest community voice!

-- KOWA 106.5 FM 360-352-8526 816 Adams St. SE Olympia WA 98501

Bill White of NSM is Fired!

Or did he resign? Or what the heck is going on with those Nazis, anyway?

Bill White Resigns

Why is this important to us locally? Because this man has hassled Drew and other local activists, he posts activist names and addresses and makes false accusations, because he has been a major engine behind troubles here in town and nationally.

Plus he is spilling his guts about all sorts of interesting details and he claims that the Washington State NSM may very well soon split off from national or do something else altogether. I personally want the Nazi crew to drop the Nazi and pick up useful tools for building some homes for people in need.

And because if you see spontaneous dancing erupt in the streets, this might be part of the reason.

Antifa photos

The nazis were headed to Olympia on Monday. Thankfully, Sheriff was on the case.

Odissi Dance Troupe

The Evergreen State College to host
touring Odissi Dance Troupe from India

The Evergreen State College is pleased to announce an Odissi classical dance recital by the 15 member touring Rudrakshya Dance Troupe from India on Friday, July 14, 2006 at 8:00 pm in the college’s Communications Building. Tickets are $10 general and $5 for students and seniors and are available at Rainy Day Records, online at, the Evergreen College Bookstore or at the Box Office one hour before show time.

Founded in 2000 by Guru Sri Bichitrananda Swain, Rudrakshya is dedicated to the enhancement of the Odissi dance style with special emphasis on developing new and innovative choreography, Rudrakshya seeks to preserve the integrity of this art form by building upon the foundation reconstructed and developed by the forefathers of Odissi. Founder and choreographer Guru Sri Bichitrananda Swain has gained accolades for his innovative choreography and has emerged as one of the leading Gurus in the next generation of Odissi dance.

Odissi is a classical style of dance from India that traces its origins to the ritual dances performed in the temples of ancient India. It is characterized by extreme lyricism of the upper torso juxtaposed against fast, strong, rhythmic footwork. During British rule, it lost repute, only to be carefully reconstructed in the 20th Century. The performance is sponsored by Ratna Roy, a member of the dance faculty at The Evergreen State College, and disciple of the late guru, Pankaj Charan Das. Roy has been instrumental in faithfully maintaining this ancient style and technique over the years.

For more information, please call Ratna Roy at (360) 867-6469 or e-mail her at or Please go to http// for details of the program and photos from the February 2006 performance in Orissa, India

On the web:

Privacy and Information

I got lost in the prior thread so I'll start a new one on the theme of privacy, outing, respect, and community information. Please feel free to join in.

For community safety, I do believe in publishing information on dangerous people. Sex offenders and others. Unless it somehow was directly tied into the danger level, I wouldn't be posting information on a criminal's family or friends. I myself see hate groups as potential or actual criminal gangs. Photos and names, public info, can be helpful for community safety. But I would never publish home addresses or family info without a lot of thought and reasoning.

Even if personal information and nonsense is published about me. Because after awhile, I would be caught up on their level, in their dance. This would not be a place where I personally can be effective. I know other groups and individuals make other choices and I respect that we can have different opinions.

I'm learning and refining my ideas and actions as I go along, as I learn from more experienced folks also.

If a public figure is being a hypocrite and harming our community by pretending to be what they are not, I would consider outing them. Only after a lot of research and thought.

Ultimately I want to be part of community efforts to help us all be safe. Just because I believe that I can do something, just because I can reason something out and defend my actions, does not automatically mean that I -should- do that action.

There is a way that we can help keep each other informed and realistic, while being honorable and respecting each other.

Addition: see Rick's reminder of our OlyBlog prime directive on this issue here.

Frisbee golf public meeting

forwarded by email....

"The City of Olympia Parks, Arts & Recreation Department invites those interested in the sport of disc golf and/or the possibility of a disc golf facility being built, to attend a public meeting on Monday, July 24th from 6-8pm at The Olympia Center (222 Columbia St. NW), room 101/102.  For more information, please call Terry Rodgers, Associate Director, at (360) 753-8061."


Thanks to everyone that showed up in support of our protesters!

The update at this point is that  every case got 'reset' until the prosecution produces copies of the police videos that were taken at theport. See the new dates below.

A group of people who are representing themselves are looking to develop 'Motions' to file in the hopes of getting their cases dismissed, etc. If you
have any interest in helping with this work [legal research, writing,copying, etc] let me know.  Pat 705-2726

Also, very important, the judges are imposing a $100 'assessment fee' on those appointed with a Public Defender and that amount is in addition to the already $100 'booking fee' imposed at the time of arrest. If you haven't already done so, then please contribute to the Legal Defense Fund to pay off these amounts ASAP as the deadline for the payment is fast approaching: August 1st! Directions on contributing are at the end of this email.Or if you want to adopt a specific protester and pay off their fees, let me know and I'll set you up with their case number for payments.

The calendar below will be verified through the courts and an updated email will be sent out as the dates approach.


I 360 Needs a website

I don't know how to program websites and haven't the funds to buy one.  Does anybody with strong antifascist sentiment and some html wish to lend a hand?  360-888-2335.

General Membership Meeting

Dear Members and Friends of the Olympia Historical Society:

Please join us for our next event:

Olympia Historical Society General Membership Meeting and Program
Saturday, July 8, 2006
Bigelow House Museum
918 Glass Ave NE - Olympia
(one block off East Bay Drive)

Membership Meeting - 10:00 am
Program - 10:30 am
"Bill Goes to the Beach: An 1882 Trip from Olympia to Oysterville," presented by Karen Johnson

Hope to see you there!
Annamary Fitzgerald
President, Olympia Historical Society

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