A Story to Think About (NAZIS!KKK!ACTION!)

i decided to post this because this account of events in the past in anywhere, usa has really changed my thinking towards how to approach and take action towards an invasion or threat against our safe little bubble. i don't want these bone heads to get any kids in our town mixed up in this kind of bs. anyway, here it is and it comes license free from crimethinc:

Fighting Terrorism Begins at Home
How and why we used direct action to thwart a fascist rally, and what we learned

report courtesy of the usual suspect

Our story begins at the polar opposite of liberation and self-determination: an utterly apolitical, consumerist macho hardcore show. A former bandmate of mine was on tour with a popular band in the genre, and I went to see them at the rock club where they were opening for another band that had a music video on MTV. There were four fights during their set alone.

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Corporate personhood Initiative

Due to my own procrastination,I am only now processing an initiative to redefine 'person' as a human being only, and not a corporation.  As it is today, corporations are considered people, and are therefore given all the rights of citizens.  They have won lawsuits for false advertising under the first amendment right to free speech.  Blackwater and similar mercenary groups have arisen under the second amendment protections.  EPA and other inspections have been shirked by fourth amendment protections.  Testimony has been curtailed and lawsuits have been quashed under the fifth amendment.  Basically, corporations, get life liberty and the pursuit of happiness today.  If you don't want Walmart in your neighborhood, they will be able to defend themselves from a stance of discrimination.  For background on how the 14th amendment wound up applicable to Corporations, see my post somewhere under the Beating Walmart thread. 

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Loose Change 9/11 Documentary Free Online

Just wanted to be sure everyone in Olympia has seen this.


Loose Change
New 9/11 documentary by Dylan Avery. Free viewing online, DVD available.

Here's the Decider-in Chief responding [sic] to 911 doubts: Bush-911.mp4

Who's Your Nazi?


Vote for your Nazi, read about them in the Adopt a Nazi series (tons of other good info and discussion links on this page), start a penpal via email correspondence if you like, please let us know if you get a response.

We have a clear winner at this moment on the poll, though just a few new votes can turn the tide.

Nazis born in test tubes

And raised in orphanages. This is the only reasonable explanation for why they would have chosen Father's Day to bring their sordid circus to Olympia. On a day when every other human is spending some quality time with dad -- doing some fishing, watching some soccer, having a meal -- the nazis are trying to pick fights on the street. How pathetic is that? They really do need to be adopted, because they need parents!

YAYA: We Will Be Heard

[from Jessica]

“We Will Be Heard

A few thoughts about handling the nazi posers.

These rejects are posing and posturing for the sole objective of getting in the Olympia news paper.

The fascists are already in Washington D.C. and that should be the subject of any organized protests by anti-fascists. These comical morons have zero chance of having any impact in the US or Washington State.

In my experience most of these people are social misfits who had a really hard time in school and come from problem homes. They are mostly geeks who feel like frustrated outcasts, and have decided to make a religion out of being public enemy #1. This much I can actually relate to. What is dangerous about them, if they could ever be called dangerous, is that they believe society has completely “gone to the dogs”, and advocate cleaning up the “rif-raf” of society the way they imagine the nazis did, even though none of them would have the stomach to carry anything like that out. Most would call themselves “social darwinists” and “racial separatists”, as opposed to flat out racists. Their obvious contradiction is that few of them could meet social standards themselves. The idea of a superior leader is appealing to them precisely because of their own inferiorities.


Musical Chairs on the Capitol Campus

It seems to me that the various agencies on the capitol campus love moving into new digs.  For what ever reason it seems that they will move to another location, Tumwater, Lacey, who knows where.  They just get this itch for new surroundings and more spiffy facilities.

I imagine that at some point in time, maybe sooner than later, the Superintendent of Public Instruction will want to move out of that nasty old Capitol building by Sylvester Park.  So this is what I am thinking (picture me rubbing my hands together with an evil grin) the vacated location would be the perfect location for a new Olympia library.  A huge magnificant old building, right adjacent to Sylvester Park.  Library, park, what a fine combination.  Sure the building would need to be restructured to be a library.  I'm sure there are issues to deal with.  But I see in this scheme something perfect.  I see a true civic center.  I can envision the Urban Rest Stop.  I see room for the Free School, day care centers, all kinds of possibilities.  WiFi into Sylvester Park.  The list can go on.

I don't know if the SPI will want to move elsewhere.  The trend is that they will at some point in time, and when that happens we should make our move.  Failing that, I see that a library along with a park would go a long way to creating a true civic center.  Thanks Meta and Jade for the inspiration.


Smear Campaign

A smear campaign by the National Socialist Movement against Olympia is in progress. An example here on a NSM blog (caution, link direct to hate site). 

This is a standard NSM tactic. As they focus on a community, they amp up the rhetoric, and accuse community members of being criminals.  


I'm writing a screenplay as a side-project in life.

Actually, I plan on writing a few but this is my first real attempt to write a screenplay which I plan on (in the future) pitching.

At any rate, I need a little input (stevenl's opinion would be much appreciated).

Would it be a realistic scenario to have Pope Benedict XVI giving a welcome speech in Turkey in relation to Turkey joining the European Union?

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