The Olympian Wants You

The Olympian is seeking to fill its two community members positions on its Editorial Board for the next four-month service period beginning in July.

Self-nominations from all interested community members are now being accepted through 5pm on Friday, June 9th.

To learn more about the Editorial Board and these community positions, please go to

. Self-nominations should include why you want to serve on the Board and what you would bring to its deliberations. Letters should be sent before Friday’s deadline via snail mail, email or fax to: Editorial Board, The Olympian, P.O. Box 1219, Olympia WA 98507. The e-mail address is and the fax number is (360) 357-0202.

New discussion at Better South Sound: What should the topic of the Oly Town Hall be?

The city council is planning a Town Hall meeting on September 28, but they haven't come up with a topic yet. What should it be?

Go here to add your two cents.

There are plenty of things going on in Olympia, there are plenty of things to talk about. What is the most important thing for us Olympians to talk to our city council about?

I said "Public buildings, a new library and city hall," but what do you think?

Fundraiser for Bob Mcleod

Come out and support Bob Macleod, who is facing off with Kevin O'Sullivan this fall for a Thurston County Commission seat. For more information on Bob, go to his website. The fundraiser will feature the C Notes, Olympia’s Premiere Jazz Ensemble.

Community Conversation on Health Care

The Thurston County Democratic Party will host a community conversation on health care on June 19 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Olympia Center, downtown (map).

Moderating will be state Representative Brendan Williams

Confirmed to speak is:

Feel free to start the conversation here in the comments thread at Thurston County Blue

Monday night at the Brotherhood

I've been frequenting the BroHo on Monday nights lately (initially because of Red Brown and the Tune Stranglers), but I've gotten to meet a bunch of really cool folks down there as a result. I've asked these regulars how they would feel about making Monday night at the BroHo a regular OlyBlog meetup/drinking liberally kind of occasion, and everyone seemed pretty positive about it. (I know that we had a poll that settled on Sunday afternoon/evening, but I'd like to try this and see how it works out.

So, I hereby propose that OlyBloggers assemble variously at the BroHo, around 7:00 to talk Olympia issues, quaff some suds (or beverage of your choice), and then hear some swingin' tunes strangled.

Can I see a show of hands, please?

Impressions from the City Council Meeting

 Well, I have a small break at work so I'm going to try and cram this in. If it seems short I may be coming back to edit and add things.

 First, I'd like to say that I'm not going to try and single anyone out. I'm also going to go over the positive and the negative of what I saw and heard. When I go over the negative I will try and put it in a constructive way, otherwise what's the point, right? I feel the the positives that I list outweigh the negatives. Although I may have more negative points, I don't feel they are as important.

The positive: As soon as I came in and sat down it was a bit exciting, and I was feeling pretty nervous, I couldn't put my finger on it but I wasn't going to dwell on it either. I sat and just watched people interacting with one another, talking, taking pictures. The silence was broken quickly when T.J. Johnson walked into the room. You would have thought it was a famous lead-singer, or movie star with the way that the room erupted. Throughout the night this was an ongoing event, with people applauding his presence at the port. I must admit my feelings on him and his being at the port have changed some since I first spoke with him. At this point I think it was great of him to be down at the port and watching the events unfold. He chose to have a more active role as a city representative and I can't fault him for that, in fact I think it's a nice change.

 Even though many people were there to cheer on their new favorite representative, you could tell that people had other goals in mind as well. I sat in my chair and while holding my girl's hand, noticed that I was shaking. I'm not one to shake, or be cold, so we both found it interesting that my hand was almost trembling. I thought it was nerves but realized I had nothing at all to be nervous about. The more I think about it the more I believe it was simple excitement. The energy that the room was putting off was incredible. It was almost intoxicating to be in the same room with everyone. The level of passion, everyone voicing their thoughts and opinions, the solidarity of this was downright powerful.

Read more.

Engage Olympia

The most inspiring thing to me about the Olympia City Council meeting was to see so many different people participating in the meeting. Lets engage! Time to put the pedal to the metal and start filling up more political organzitions with sensible people. The point is not to isolate our soldiers, or to insult war-supporters, or to say anything negative at all, no no no, I mean yes, the point is to paddle WITH the tide! I once wanted to be doctor, but then I looked at some medical books and saw the most disgusting pictures that I had ever seen, and so I said: "NO WAY! THAT'S GROSS!", but then I remembered that adversity equals strength. I realized that medicine is a battlefield that nobody should have to fight-in, but somebody has to do it. Just when we think that we must oppose, we find a reason to engage. A couple days ago everyone was calling the port protesters 'criminals', rioters and other derrogetory names, and people were telling the protesters to try other avenues. Then that lead to an over-packed City Council meeting. That is the first step of engagement. Get engaged Olympia. Hold-in your stomachs and go for it.

KUOW radio

1 pm today on the KUOW show The Conversation, focus on  Lieutenant Ehren Watada.

KUOW is also covering this story in their local news.

KUOW radio in Olympia is 1340 AM.

Update: listen to the show on web.

Nazi Watch Kit

To get the lay of the Nazi land, check out the hate sites: "nuke israel", overthrow, and stormfront. The first two are National Socialist Movement sites, the Stormfront one includes all manner of white supremacists. Viewer caution advised.

Photos of NSM members, including of our regional friends, are available for review.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has a new article out on the National Socialist Movement.

Dave Neiwert on Orcinus is always worth reading and he regularly discusses hate groups such as the National Socialist Movement. The good folks at One Peoples Project monitor and comment on hate groups, including the NSM. Citizens Against Hate also does a great job.

The Olympia based coalition group Unity in the Community is active, lots to participate in. Olympia Movement for Justice & Peace also busy. Free Radio Olympia helps keep us informed and dancing.

The Olympian helping nutjobs all over

I am fond of posting to the comments section of the Olympian, gosh who cold have imagined that?  Yesterday I got an email from the Olympian asking me to join a focus group.  Pretty innocent, I'd say.  Apparently the email was sent to all that post to the comments section.  What concerns me is the recipients list was visable.  That's right I could see the names and email addresses of all the people that got the email.  Some unsavory characters there, to be sure.
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