Nine complaints filed

Women contest Plan B stances - The Olympian:

TUMWATER - The battle over an Olympia pharmacy's refusal to stock emergency contraceptives intensified Monday as nine women filed complaints with the state against a handful of South Sound pharmacies that failed to have the Plan B ­morning-after pill on hand recently.

The pharmacies targeted include Ralph's Thriftway, which has been the focus of a boycott by activists that is beginning its second month today. Also named were an Albertsons Sav-On in Olympia, which was out of stock several times, as well as a Walgreen's and a Rite-Aid, both in Lacey.

"I hope this brings the focus on how stocking or inadequate stocking affects women's access to emergency contraception," Janet Blanding of Olympia said as she and other activists filed paperwork with the Department of Health in Tumwater.

Blanding was one of nine women to file complaints based on her personal experience of trying to obtain Plan B emergency contraception at local stores. She said she not only wants to make the medications more available to women who need them, but to clarify state policy so that pharmacies must stock emergency contraceptive medications.

Way to go Janet. Go here to see a refusal caught on video.

Life is dangerous...

I've discovered in 48 hours how dangerous life can be...because I cut my the tip of my middle finger on plastic on my water bottle, I waited for 20 minutes to use the bathroom at Bayview...gave up and finally used the other "gender's" bathroom....I saw a woman at a restaurant who looked like Dustin Hoffman as "Tootisie," I could have a twenty minute conversation with my spouse about the demise of "Journey" and the advent of the synthesizer, while visiting a very ill woman in a rehab center her dog licked my toes the whole time, I had to divert a three foot spider in the back of my car away from my children...okay, it was only a half inch long but you's all perspective, and matter how dangerous, life is still beautiful because there are lace-cap hydrangas on the table from our garden.  Have a beautiful,mysterious, and dangerous day!

Homo A Gogo has Arrived!

Homo A Gogo, the biannual queer music, art, film, performance, and activism festival is here!  This is a week of workshops, films, music, spoken word, art, and more.  The festival is a benefit for Gender Variant Healthcare Project.  Passes are available, loads of fun to be had!  Check out for details. 

Caiman Rapid Response Team

Report to the Brotherhood Tavern. Assemble and await further instructions.

Here Today

Here Today celebrates a sense of place through local artists and the arts. Between July 15 and September 15, 2006, eight public art projects will come and go in the public, and sometimes private, spaces of downtown Olympia. All the exhibition dates vary, and some of the projects involve components that move, so the element of surprise and discovery is part of the fun! Only in downtown Olympia, and only for two months - plan your summer around Public ART!
Here Today

Meet the Artist: Dana Squires

Meet the artist of “A Continuous Line Through Rock Garden” which is in the Gravel lot to the East of the Olympia Farmers Market.

Description of the work:

Continuous line and knot patterns found in cultures around the world are the inspiration for this living line pattern emerging from the rocks. The well-defined “drawing” will change and blur in time and with the interaction of people, weather and life as the transient nature of the installation takes over.

Part of the Here Today (link to .pdf flyer) temporary public art series. Other artists to meet also at this event, check flyer for more info.

Library Thing

Catalog your books online. You can make your list private or public and there are also groups forming, including a Librarians who LibraryThing group that already has 324 members.

Enter 200 books for free, reasonable cost for more. I use mine to keep a private list of what books I've read recently.


The Fight Goes On: Picket at Ralph's, Monday

July is over, Ralph's and Bayview are over $60,000 poorer, and women in Olympia are still having trouble getting their legal prescriptions for emergency contraception filled.  The suffragists had to protest for years before women got the vote, so in honor of their long struggle, many of the picketers tonight will be wearing all white.  (If you're one of those people who only owns black clothes, however, we still need your support!)  We made lots of new signs yesterday, and we need people to hold them, so please join us on the picket line tonight! 

Help Stop War Crimes in the Middle East

“The civilian population as such, as well as individual civilians, shall not be the object of attack. Acts or threats of violence the primary purpose of which is to spread terror among the civilian population are prohibited.

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