No violence, no problem

From KOMO News:

OLYMPIA - Can Washington State avoid the violence that came with a Neo Nazi rally last year in Toldeo, Ohio?

Some of the same groups that triggered riots there are headed to Olympia on Monday.

Local counter protesters and the State Patrol are lining up with a message of their own. That message: no violence, no problem.

The group staging the Olympia rally is the National Socialist Movement. The Anti Defamation League says it is one of the fastest growing Neo Nazi organizations in the state.

While they've hosted small gatherings, Monday's is billed as a large national rally.

Why Olympia? Possibly because of the reaction they could get.

"They know Olympia doesn't want them," says Rob Jacobs, the Regional Director of the Anti-Defamation League. "They know the Olympia community is a really strong multi-ethnic community that is going to react strongly to this. They're hoping, actually, that it will be a negative reaction."

In Toledo, police made 116 arrests, and many of them were counter protesters.


I'm going to try and go see former Vice-President Gore's film this weekend. It will probably be closer to next weekend, though.

I just thought I would share that the film Why We Fight is out on DVD now. I watched the first half and it's pretty good, I thought.

Also, I just finished watching the trailer to America: Freedom to Facism. The basic premise of the film is interesting: What constitutional basis is there to tax the wages of an American citizen who is earning their living from within the Union?

The "facism" in the title doesn't just refer to, say, the Department of Homeland Security and President Bush.

It seems to make the case that organizations such as the IRS are unconstitutional and that the only reason we have to pay taxes is because the People are outgunned by the Government.

Point of order

I've noticed folks making identical posts lately under various content types. There are a several options under the "create content" menu, so let me explain the different functions of each option:

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Please use the Personal Blog Entry for stuff that doesn't pertain to an existing forum. If you would like a forum created, drop me a message and I'll set it up.

Ralph's boycott draws crowd

Over one hundred protesters gathered at Ralph's Thriftway to express their support for women who need access to emergency contraception in the form of "Plan B". There were also 20-30 counter-protesters present. Nobody was quite sure what the counter-protesters wanted to say.

I had a conversation with the fellow above with the sign. I related to him that the particular pharmacist in question at Ralph's wanted to be able to offer Plan B, and thus, his choice was being limited by the Storeman's policy. He didn't seem to get that, however.

Olympia's Music in the Park

Olympia's Music in the Park Series starts next Wednesday, and occurs every Wednesday through August.  Bring the family, meet some friends. Come Dance.

July 5 Jude Bowerman (Funky Blues)

July 12 Olympia Symphony Orchestra (Classical)

July 19 Ian McFeron Band (Pop/funk) -- Port Plaza (new venue!)

July 26  DB & The Coupers (Funky Jazz)

August 2  JC Hyke & the Gambling Scarecrows (Country)

August 9  Ft. Lewis Concert Band (Americana)

August 16  Cold September (Pop/Rock)

August 23 Vicci Martinez & Band (Folk)

August 30 Gray Daisy (Rock)

"Kill 'em All: Let God Sort 'em Out"

I attended the Lt. Watada support demonstration yesterday.  There were many people there to express their appreciation for the lieutenant's brave act of refusal.

There were also a few "Operation Support our Troops" members.  They carried a couple of flags, one which read, "Kill 'em All: Let God Sort 'em Out."  Another one read, "Special Forces: Mess with the Best, Die like the Rest."

Is this type of mentality, or ethos, common or prevalent within the US military?

Is this type of thinking, or its extended behavior, acceptable in the USA?

I wish the Olympian would publish photos of these flags.

Flag Photos Listed Below:

Community to rally against NAZI hate group

Olympia, WA--On Monday, July 3rd 2006 in Olympia, concerned community members from the surrounding Puget Sound region will be rallying to oppose the presence of a neo-Nazi group called the National Socialist Movement in our community.

The rally will begin at 1:00 p.m. at the Tivoli Fountain on the capitol campus, with plans to conclude at sometime after 4:00 p.m.—the NSM has a permit to occupy the steps of the capitol from 2-4 p.m.

The Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace has played a central role in spearheading the organizing necessary for conducting the rally and we strongly urge other organizations to join us in seizing this opportunity to demonstrate, with a fundamental goal of building a sustainable movement working for racial, economic, and social justice.

 A broad cross-section of communities, including members of diverse ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, religions, and political persuasions will confront this group peaceably, utilizing various non-violent tactics, demonstrating that this type of behavior will not be tolerated, especially in our town.  The counter-rally is one of numerous activities the Olympia community has participated in, including educational workshops, outreach, and community organizing that numerous individuals and organizations have played crucial roles in facilitating.  

The direction and objectives of our demonstrations, as briefly mentioned earlier, are intended to affirm and celebrate diversity.  We seek to use this unfortunate occurrence, the rallying of a neo-Nazi hate group in our town, to create a celebratory afternoon of community solidarity, drowning out the negative message promoted by the NSM, forming an atmosphere of unity and compassion.

Race, Poverty, and Prisons Panel Discussion

In an effort to build community awareness and forge a sustainable movement for racial, economic, and social justice, a panel discussion covering the intersection of race, poverty, and prisons will be held at Traditions Cafe beginning at 7pm.  This panel was organized by the Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace, with the foreknowledge that a neo-nazi hate group, the National Socialist Movement, will be rallying in our town on July 3rd.  We invite all to join us for the evening. 
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