Urban Layers wants your feedback!

Hey folks! The Urban Layers Project will be submitting an RFP application to Thurston County next week, seeking $1 million or so in state funding to design a building, commission a feasibility study and create a solid governing body for the project. I have pasted our proposal below, and I'm looking for feedback. Give me whatever you've got, be it incisive criticism, glowing praise, helpful suggestions, names of folks who might be interested, etc. I promise to use whatever is useful and not take the rest personally. Thanks! (I know it's really long, but I also know that fewer people would read it if I only linked to it, rather than posting the entire text--thanks in advance for your patience.)

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Port Commission Meeting Mon 5:30PM LOTT Board Room

Port of Olympia Board Meeting

LOTT Board Room
111 Market Street NE, Second Floor
Olympia WA

(Across from the Farmer's Market)


A Call to Order
B Approval of Agenda
C Commission Consideration
(Consent Calendar)
(Action Calendar)
D Public Comment on Topics not on this Agenda
E Commissioner's Reports / Representatives Reports
F Executive Directors Report
G Other Business
H Adjourn

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Bicycle Records

Bicycle Records has a very cool website. Just thought you'd like to know.

Let the Buyer Beware

As an alternative to the fuzzy friendly stance the Olympian is taking on Ramtha's School of Enlightenment, check out:

Golden Evening

Four of us OlyBlog women lounged around in Sylvester Park last evening, I enjoyed. We got a chance to discuss how strange this last week has been and also to make all sorts of exactly perfect decisions for our community at large, I think all four of us should be appointed Mayor(s).

On the way home, the light of the slowly setting sun over Olympia had me in awe, I decided that it appeared as if someone had ladled liquid gold over the city from above. The air was cooling to a comfortable level, folks looked calmer and more at ease, everything and everyone touched by gold.

Proposal - OlyBlog Games

I'm thinkin' OlyBlog is due for some organized games soon, how about a water war in Sylvester Park? We could bring water balloons and various water squirt toys.

Got other game ideas?

More Oly by night

Click picture for slideshow.

Thanks steve_h!

Make A Difference - Become a PCO

It only costs a dollar and you and you can mail that in, but you can run for office and become an elected official. From Thurston County Blue:

For those who aren't aware of what a PCO is and what their role in the Party is, PCO's are the building blocks of our Thurston County Democratic Party. Being a PCO provides an opportunity to put a face on  the Party and make it more personable to voters in your neighborhood, for the voters to share their concerns with you, and for you to answer questions on issues, direct them to the appropriate elected official, register new voters, encourage others to get involved and help keep the voter files updated.

If you think you'd be interested in serving, here is the website link to check by precinct to see if a PCO is currently serving: http://www.thurstondemocrats.org/pages/PCOlist.htm

The  "Declaration of Candidacy" form,which is available here, along with the one dollar filing
fee, may be mailed to the Thurston County Auditor's office at 2000 Lakeridge Dr. SW, Olympia, WA 98502.

Or, you may deliver the form in person between Monday July 24th and Friday July 28th. Office hours are M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

As PCO of Belmore 061 in Tumwater, I hope you'll join me in filing for candidacy as a PCO in your precinct.

Friday caiman blogging

And this caiman don't need no daddy, 'cause he answers only to the Caiman Master himself.

Oh, yeah. The Caiman Master has trained me well, and I'm ready to rock your nutria-infested world. You thought nazis were repugnant. Well, ha! You ain't seen nothing yet!

Foster Care

I took my daughter to the Thurston Animal Services this morning so she could submit a volunteer application. The shelter is clean and today was well staffed.  There were a lot of baby kitties, and some beautiful dogs.  But anyways I digressed from the point of my post.

From the volunteer handbook, on the section entitled Foster Care Exotics I discovered the following:

Program Description: On occasion the shelter receives "exotic" animals which may not be able to find proper housing here at the shelter. Most commonly these include iguanas, boas, rabbits, pot-bellied pigs, caiman, birds and ferrets.
I kid you not. I'm glad our shelter is responsive to our community's current issues. The caiman problem deserves this level of attention. And thank you courageous volunteers who risk life and limb to help keep our community safe.  Stevenl this might be another ripe volunteer opportunity for you.
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