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Where do you think Nazis in Olympia go for fun? I mean, when they're not hosting hate rallies, they must hang out somewhere. (NSMers: Please feel free to respond. I know there are a couple of you who actually live here.) comment at What This Town Needs


I'm eager to see any photos and maybe even video that folks may blog up from the Pride parade and festivities today.  

Curious about the history of Gay Pride celebrations? Check out what Wikipedia has on Gay Pride and follow those tasty social history links too.

Capital City Pride

Pictures of Watada Vigil

It was great.  There were some ill-informed warmongers there, but I believe they learned something even if it was subconscious.  The guy in the cowboy hat is very frustate.  It seems he has they key document, although the name of his reference escapes him, linking Saddam Hussein and Osama.  I guess it was only recently translated but acted as a recruitment flier for people to come attack America.  He's very frustrated that the liberal media hasn't put it out there.  In the end, he appoligized for his beligerence.  We all enjoyed how the "Thank You Erin" sign was a prominant central focal point surrounded by old glory.  The fact that the surround flags were held by pro-war folk didn't matter.  From the ground our American flag was rightly represented as belonging to the people and not the chickenhawks.  Pics below.  The little guy, by the way, was a very intelligent fourth grader who has been fed some amazingly hateful one-liners.  I like the kid a lot and am confident he will gain control of his mind in the years to come.


This is from a National Socialist Movement blog, an entry on Olympia. I look at this particular photo and feel very sad.


Bush in Medina

Click on picture for a slideshow of pictures from Justin Vela.

There are some other pictures in the set as well.

Homophobia and the Bible

In recent Olyblog conversations about gay marriage, homophobia, etc, there have been a number of comments that suggest that homophobia may be rooted in the Christian religion. These comments make me nervous.

Here's the truth, folks:  THE BIBLE HAS NOTHING AT ALL TO SAY ABOUT HOMOSEXUALITY.  Nothing.  Zip, zero, nada.

There are a number of passages that rightwingers use to justify their hatred.  I'll go through them one by one.

"Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve"-
Bigots often refer to the opening chapters of Genesis as a suggestion that heterosexuality is the only natural form of sexuality.  This is plain flawed logic.  Genesis pairs Adam and Eve, but does not condemn homosexual relationships.  The Adam and Eve story is silent on the matter.

"Sodom & Gomorrah"-
The story of Sodom and Gomorrah is often used by gay-bashers.  In this story, God tells Abraham that he has condemned these cities for their wickedness.  God sends two angels in to test the city.  Lot invites them home, and the townspeople try to attack them.  The nature of the attack can probably be assumed to be sexual in nature, although the scripture actually isn't super clear on this.  The angels save Lot and his family, who are sent out of town while God burns the city.


What Jade Said:


Justin, I am against the extermination of white people. You and I have that much in common. The reason I am not a Nazi is because I am against the extermination of any people.

Confronting Pure Evil

I was up in Medina today.  We managed to find the escape route.  The thing that struck me the most is how, when you get that close to the blight of the world, the evil radiates into the air and boils your blood.  If you see it on tv, the guy who is screaming go back to your own bleeping planet you bleeping bleep etc... is me.  It was like being in a car wreck.  I didn't remember the exactly that twenty seconds until I watched my video tape, and I had the shakes for some time.  We were a spectacle that Bellevue folk don't see too often.  Everybody driving less than a $75k car honked and waved.  The rest stared straight ahead.  I put some pics on here.  Low quality snapshots off my little digi camcorder.  I hope I posted them right.

The Sign of the Caiman!

A fellow at B&B gave me the sign of the caiman this morning. I am renewed. I wholeheartedly recommend this therapeutic interaction to all of my caimrades.  ^@^
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