Antifa updates

I'll be out and about with the antifascists all day tomorrow, making sure those rowdy rascals of the NSM don't start any unnoticed fires. I'll be making frequent phone posts to my LiveJournal at

Hope to see y'all on the Judicial Building steps at 1:30.

Tear it down!

Lt. Ehren Watada News

The very latest news is that Lt. Watada is now off restriction and back home.

Courage and Lt. Watada
Thank you Lt. Watada

A Strange Occurance at Unity in the Community

The Unity in the Community Festival has been a very positive and empowering event today.  Folks from all over Thurston county came out to express their support for the speakers and organizations that have been working hard to put together this event and oppose the Nazi presence in Olympia.  Speakers from Stone Wall Youth, OMJP, Religous groups, the Mayors from Lacey, Olympia and Tumwater, and many more spoke in support of diversity, equality and anit-racism.  Youth played games; perfomers danced, sang and celebrated the day.  One of these groups was Scream Club, a well known rap duo from Olympia.
During Scream Club's set, while performing a song titled "What the Fucking Shit," the power to the park was cut off unexpectedly.  A State Patrol officer was seen shutting down the power box and said the group was to leave because their music was found to be offensive.  Officer 457, E. T. Wickman, claimed the language used was offensive to many and was considered disorderly conduct.  Before Scream Club had begun to perform the song, they gave a disclamer telling the crowd that there may be offensive language.  The actions taken by the officer were done without dialogue with the event organizers or the group.  It was also done at the expense of the sound system operator since shutting down all that equipment improperly can damage it.
When Officer Wickman was confronted at his vehicle about his actions, a sticker was spotted displayed on the dash of his car.  It read something to the effect of: Do not stand within 100 feet of this vehicle or you will be shot; followed by Arabic writing, presumably of the same nature.  When told that the sticker he displayed in his dash was offensive, he walked away from the conversation.  Another officer from the OPD said that the sticker is displayed as a joke.  Does that still make it okay?
Tommorow the Nazi's rally on the steps of the capital.  It is highly likely that many will find their retoric offensive.  Will the police be willing to take the same actions they took today against the Nazis?  If not, why?

citizen journalism....

chad360 (aka "my" Chad) noticed a bike cop riding on the grass today at Sylvester Park.  He came up and complained about it.  (Because it's not good for the grass!)  She told him that they have the right to do anything they want.  Can that possibly be true?

On a related note, I'm mooching off of *somebody's* wifi while I work on an online pledge/boycott card for Plan B Oly.  Thanks, whoever you are. :)

Reproductive Rights...Equal Rights?

 I went and hijacked someone elses thread with this post, and Meta kindly suggested I start my own thread with the idea. So here it is, the only thing I ask is this: This is a really tough issue for many people, please try and approach the question(s) in a fair and kind manner. I want feedback and lots of dialogue, but I don't want anyone to have hurt feelings. Thanks

 I've always thought that what happens to a body should be the body owners choice. I find myself wondering though ( it's never happend ) how would I feel if it were my child that was growing inside of her? I've never really come up with an answer to that. I have so many conflicting feelings about what I would want to happen, what I would do to make things happen. I have no doubt I'd step up to the plate, but that inbetween time actually scares me.

So to all of you men out there I pose a question: How would you feel if it were your wife, or girlfriend, whatever the case may be. She became pregnant, and she wanted an abortion, adoption, or wanted to have the child, and you feel strongly in the opposite. We basically have no claim over someone elses body, how does that make you feel that something that is half yours ( in theory ) is under the complete control of the person who gave the other half?

 We could even turn this around to women: How would you feel if you became pregnant, and your partner wanted to keep the baby, even though you didn't, or vice versa. How would you feel? The ball is literally in your court, what do you do?

Deep, no?

Presidents speak

From the Olympian:

While our democracy allows the neo-Nazi the freedom to spew their abhorrent rhetoric into the public marketplace of ideas, we, as a community, have a responsibility to vigorously and loudly counter them with our own positive, community-affirming message. As the Nazis' message will tell us who they are, our message must tell them who we are: Arts Walk on a warm evening. The farmers market on a Saturday morning. The Tumwater Fourth of July Parade. Lakefair. The Lacey Fun Fair. All those times and places where we come together in good company as a community.

Against those forces that would tear us apart and diminish our neighbors, The Evergreen State College, St. Martin's University and South Puget Sound Community College stand together to reaffirm our commitment to building a future that openly embraces the ideals of freedom we celebrate on the Fourth of July. The neo-Nazi message of hate is antithetical to that commitment to a free society, and we stand with you, the community, in opposition to it.

Der Furry Fuehrer

The NSM think that they are sooooo intimidating and scary, but we know that they're just misguided little kitties that have lost their way. In fact, here is an entire blog that is devoted to kitties that look like Hitler:

Click picture for link.

Who's Your Nazi?

The poll is still open and votes continue to trickle in. A new blogger voted for SS Mann Mark Martin  today.

Some thoughts for voters to ponder:
  • Is age better than youth?
  • Does physical appearance and charm (or lack of) count?
  • Are the best Nazis serious or can they be funny too?
Nazis come to OlyWa

Blogiversary thread

As OlyBlog approaches its first blogiversary (that's like 11 in blog years), I'm wondering how people would like to celebrate the occassion. Should we get together on a Sunday at the park? Should we have an extra big Monday night at the BroHo? Should we have a nazi cross-dressing fashion show?

I'd like to also take this opportunity to say how inspiring it is to read all the conversations happening on the blog, and to see the respectful, yet engaging, manner in which folks are communicating. It is really something special.

Just to update y'all on the kind of traffic we're getting these days:

  • Daily Average Pageloads: 2,570
  • Daily Average Unique Visits: 909
  • Most Pageloads in a day: 5,121 (6/15)
  • Most Unique Visits in a day: 2,649 (6/15)
  • Number of Sites Linking to OlyBlog: 58
  • Total # of Links: 996 (over 11 months?)
  • # of Registered Users: 351

Projects in the works:

  • Redesign of the site to make it more user-friendly (more on this later).
  • Creation of a work station at Media Island where anyone can upload video or pictures to the internet where they can be accessed by OlyBlog (as well as other outlets).
  • Continued developemnt of the Olympia Civic Network so that it is more accessible and provides more ways for people to connect and communicate.
  • And many more...

Farmer's Market Entertainment

It was hopping yesterday. Perhaps because of the July weekend.  I needed a few things, and was nearby at about 12 but it was so crazy -- I couldn't even get parking in the overflow.  I decided to wait and come back after the lunch crowd. That was a good idea.  It was calmer later, and  people were happy.  A nice little jazz band finished up their last song. The farmer's market entertainment is always really fun!  Upcoming Schedule.
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