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Justin, I am against the extermination of white people. You and I have that much in common. The reason I am not a Nazi is because I am against the extermination of any people.

Confronting Pure Evil

I was up in Medina today.  We managed to find the escape route.  The thing that struck me the most is how, when you get that close to the blight of the world, the evil radiates into the air and boils your blood.  If you see it on tv, the guy who is screaming go back to your own bleeping planet you bleeping bleep etc... is me.  It was like being in a car wreck.  I didn't remember the exactly that twenty seconds until I watched my video tape, and I had the shakes for some time.  We were a spectacle that Bellevue folk don't see too often.  Everybody driving less than a $75k car honked and waved.  The rest stared straight ahead.  I put some pics on here.  Low quality snapshots off my little digi camcorder.  I hope I posted them right.

The Sign of the Caiman!

A fellow at B&B gave me the sign of the caiman this morning. I am renewed. I wholeheartedly recommend this therapeutic interaction to all of my caimrades.  ^@^

John Edwards Keynoting Blogging Conference in Seattle

From the Chris Pirillo Blog:

Just when you thought Gnomedex couldn’t get any better, Senator John Edwards signs on as our Keynote. The senator is a long-standing supporter of technology - including podcasting and blogging. Every year, we wonder how we’re going to top ourselves. When conversations started with Senator John Edwards’ office, they were intrigued and enthralled with our approach to content! Sentator Edwards will quickly turn his time over to the Gnomedex audience, fielding questions and fostering discussion over how technology could and should play a role in our world. This is fantastic! I’m sure you’ll agree, no matter your political persuasion. This is a tremendous opportunity to have your voice heard. Does anybody know any political bloggers out there? I don’t know any…  

Hmm, I know more than a few political bloggers who are regulars to OlyBlog.Net, so I thought I'd put this here.  Tickets still available for the Cove area, see Gnomedex 6.0 to register.

Cosmo Spacely

Shameless Podcast Plug


Evergreen gradution, so happy with streaming

I'm watching the Evergreen graduation online right now, and Charles Lathrop, the undergrad speaker is making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, singing The Turtles' "Happy Together" with a pink panther. Literally, a guy dressed up in a pink panther costume.

I love Evergreen.

Its actually a pretty good speach, he's talking about the pointlessness of arguing from the point of view of anger.

One line went something like this: "You've heard this all before, is like I'm speaking to the choir. Which, you know what that makes you?"

Beating Wal-Mart at their own game

We are all aware of the horrors that a Wal-Mart (now it seems there are other companies we can add to this category) can bring a community.  In retail there are shoppers, and there are the shoppers the retailers really want.  For instance the big box electronics stores don't want the geeks shopping there.  The geeks go in, snap up the items that are at a really good price and then take rest of their business elsewhere.  Some such stores are taking an approach to discourage the geeks from shopping there, apparently geeks are bad for the bottom line.

At Wal-Mart I suggest that you be bad for their bottom line.  Buy the things that you really need (staples, dog food) that are at a  super good price.  Don't buy anything else.  Just do your regular shopping for the specific list at Wal-Mart.  Also make sure you always ask for help.  Be slow at the check out.  Make it cost them money to sell you the products.

The affluent are starting to do this.  They will go into a Wal-mart and just buy certain well priced staple items and nothing else.  The bottom line is that these customers are hurting wal-mart's bottom line.  Wal-mart is now spending money to make wal-mart more attractive to the affluent shoppers.  It will no doubt fail and further erode their profits.

With a business like wal-mart you have to hurt them.  Cost them money.  I urge those that have boycotted wal-mart in the past to become parasitic customers.  Buy the super cheap staples.  Make them waste resources on you.  Every so often return something.    The more time and staff wal-mart has to waste on you the more it costs them to sell you the goods that they are already selling you at or near a loss.  Be the affluent customer from hell.  Be the parasitic customer from hell.  Play the game but play by your own rules.  Who knows, maybe they will shut down some wal marts.  We all know that when a wal mart goes in poverty goes up.  Let us reverse this trend and send some wal marts packing.

Watada vigil: Day 1

[via email]


Today I started a vigil at Ft. Lewis in support of Lt. Ehren Watata which I hope will grow over time.

I drove down to Exit 119 at the Dupont-Steilacoom Road and parked my car. I then walked back along the railroad tracks to the main gate at Exit 120. There between the Highway overpass and the entrance to the fort (outside the fence) I stood along the road for about 45 minutes with my sign and flag in hand.

My sign said, "Lt. Watada: Upholding the Constitution and moral integrity in the U.S." on one side and "Refusing to fight in an illegal war takes courage" on the other side. The second side had a picture of Watata attached. I received some long, long looks, a few middle fingers, a few thumbs up, a few honks, but mainly just the long, long looks. The traffic was non-stop there.

After 45 minutes, the MPs came along and said I had to leave because I was on Ft. Lewis property. My map indicated otherwise, and I said I was on Pierce County property. I moved over to an entry ramp to the highway. That wasn't good enough for them. But I refused to leave. I thought I was not on Ft. Lewis and they were interfering with my First Amendment Rights. Eventually there were about 7 or 8 MPs and they confronted me. I started swearing at them. (Sometimes I can be a bit rebellious and anti-authoritarian.) They dragged me down, put a choke hold on me (funny how frantic one can get when the air supply is cut off for a while), and hand cuffed me. I was told by the staff sergeant in charge that they would drop me off by my car. Instead another MP took me the opposite direction to the Madigan exit.

So I walked back along the railroad track to my car. On the way back I noticed they had kept my wallet. So when I got back to my car, I drove back to the visitors' center at the Exit 120 gate and told one of the cops there that the MPs still had my wallet. They called the MPs, and they dropped it off after about 20 minutes.

Gone to See the Guvnuh

Well, I am off to another day. I will see you at the Evergreen graduation where I will be protesting Governor Gregoire's plan to cut children off welfare...sigh...so much injustice, so little time. Please watch for our yellow leaflets carried by graduates and supporters who oppose the Governor's actions. :-)

Gay Marriage

This seemed to be a popular thread and it seems the discussion is still rolling so I thought I'd bring it back to the top.

I'm interested in peoples opinion of the idea that homosexuality is a naturally occuring event in our species for the purpose of population control. There are other species on the planet that simply stop breeding once they become overpopulated, could it be the same for us? I know that there have been queer people since the beginning of time, but this theory intrigued me.

I want to end by saying this: to be called "the rose in a pumpkin patch" to me, would be the greatest compliment ever. Or, for that matter, the pumpkin in a rose garden.

A Soldiers Duty

I wasn't sure how many folks read the PI, but I figured some of you may enjoy this article.

"Soldier's duty: Say no to illegal war"



Lost in the media frenzy over the killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, First Lt. Ehren Watada, of Fort Lewis, opened another front in the conflict over President Bush's war of choice in Iraq. At a news conference in Tacoma a few hours before al-Zarqawi's death, Watada announced his refusal of orders to deploy to Iraq on grounds that the war is illegal as well as immoral.

"An order to take part in an illegal war is illegal in itself," he said. "I felt it was my obligation as a leader to speak out against the willful misconduct at the highest level of the chain of command."

Click on the link for more information, I didn't want to copy the whole article.

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