New way I'm doing the city council updates

I'm doing something different with my weekly city council posts from now on. I will continue posting a short summary of what is in the weekly packet here at Olyblog, but in interest of kick starting the discussion over at Better South Sound, I'll be posting the entire thing over there.

This week, there is a discussion on the future of our sidewalks, how the city works with community events like Lakefair to provide services, but also not break the bank. For example, Lakefair costs the city over $60,000 but all other community events only $12,000. Wow.

And, there is posted in the packet the minutes of the joing Port of Olympia/City of Olympia meeting. Read the entire summary here and discuss.

Creative ways to protest Nazis

Here are some suggestions pulled (and edited) from a discussion thread in January:

  • A kazoo band playing the theme from Hogan's Heros.
  • People of all colors dressed in little Aryan costumes (lederhosen for boys, pigtails and Bavarian dresses for girls -- think St. Pauli Girl). The more absurd looking the better.
  • A "moon the Nazis" brigade.
  • Belly dancers.
  • A Nazi mime troup.
  • A goose stepping contest.
  • A bumbling Nazi brigade that keep bumping into each other.
  • Fundraiser for the local foodbank depending on the number of times the Nazis shout "Sieg Heil!" and "White Power!"
  • Contest for the best Nazi cross-dresser.
  • Local chapter of gay Nazis for discipline.
  • Nonsense slogans to echo "Sieg Heil!" such as "Don't smile!" "Nail file!" and "Big pile!"

The opportunities for street theater are truly endless, and I know that we can come up with more good stuff. Use the comments for further ideas or elaborations. See you Sunday!

Things you should know about Nazis

There are few bits of information that anyone who is going to the rally tomorrow should be aware of. Here they are:

  • Nazis thrive on conflict - Polarization is the energy that feeds the Nazis cause. Thus, they will try to hook people into a confrontation by saying outrageous things. Their ultimate goal is to goad anti-nazi protesters into a physical alteraction so they can continue their fiction about being victims of oppression. Don't give them that opportunity. Shouting matches just bring both parties down to the same (low) level.
  • Nazis record everything. - The Nazis will be videotaping everything (as will be anti-nazi protesters). The Nazis will carefully comb over their recordings for any language that they can manipulate or distort. Thus, watch what you say or shout at them - make sure your message is clear. Some examples: "Olympia is a hate-free zone!" "Not in our town!" etc. Shouting such things as "Death to Nazis!" or other obscenities just contributes to their victim fantasy.
  • Nazis don't have good manners - There will be many more anti-nazi protesters than Nazis, so it is unlikely that they will engage in violence, but they will escalate as much as they feel they can get away with. New recruits to the Nazi group may be motivated to "prove" themselves by engaging in physical violence. Thus, don't expect them to respect behavioral norms.

Humor is the best approach. See A master plan to deal with the master race and Creative ways to protest Nazis for more on this approach.

Rallies Sunday April 2nd

Plans for Sunday, April 2nd Rallies

We believe that the Nazi group, the National Socialist Movement (NSM) will be having their hate rally, tomorrow, Sunday, April 2nd. They have announced they will meet at Sylvester Park, they may not be there. Various groups including Unity in the Community, Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace (OMJP) and others are planning the following response.

Our purpose is to make it clear that the Nazis are not welcome in Olympia or any town, that while we resist them we are committed to building a movement against racism and all forms of oppression, and for liberation and equality. We will not permit the Nazis to use the name of Rachel Corrie, a woman committed to fighting anti-Semitism as she worked for Palestinian and human rights.


Dave breaks it down

There is an excellent post over at Orcinus about that racism thang. It is a must read for folks interested in current immigrant legislation and activism.

Nazis Plan Olympia Rally Sunday April 2

The neo-nazi group "national socialist movement" (NSM) is planning to come to Olympia this Sunday. They intend to have a rally at Sylvester Park. Their rally is billed as “NSM RALLY TO SUPPORT RACHEL CORRIE Goyim Unite

Get the word out

Download the OMJP flier/statement for the April 2nd rally here. Please make your own copies to poster before and distribute at the rally.

Thanks melbobs!

Immigrant rights movement

Hundreds of thousands are taking to the streets after the passage of the most repressive anti-immigrant legislation in 70 years. And in Seattle, latino workers are being targeted by the minutemen. I have made a flier out of an article by Jesse Jackson which succinctly ties the economic, racial and repression issues together. I am posting it here for people to download and reproduce.

Oly Blog Examines Fashion Trends in Robbery: Continuing Investigation

The apparel and appearance of bank robbers in our region is a continuing interest of our elite team of fashionistas.
Four arrested after bank in Hoodsport is robbed.

Four people were arrested Thursday afternoon on suspicion of robbing a bank earlier in the day.

Two men wearing bandannas over their faces and stocking caps on their heads robbed Hoodsport’s West Coast Bank about 11 a.m.

Bandannas and stocking caps. Efficient but perhaps lacking in creativity.

Proposals for 1st Annual Oly Blog April Fool's Day Awards

Feel free to add your own ideas.

Rick gets a large gold star wall adornment, a leather caiman rustler hat with caiman claw trim, along with a statuette depicting caiman-human history in honor of posting the funniest first thing in the morning seen post.

Steve gets various whirlygigs, hanging and tabletop, all spinning and abstract, in honor of his comic genius.

White Feather gets a toy teddybear armed with a toy gun of his choice -and- a wand. Said bear is complete with jacket with pockets overflowing with cash.

Emmett gets a full scale large table top geographically correct model of this region, fitted out with flood capabilities and earthquake shift buttons and tiny toy fish that actually stream through the flowing waters.

The Fire Inside is set up with a film festival of his choice that he organizes and presents. To the rest of us. And we have to watch without whining.

Help me out folks, we have many more awards to dream up.
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