Saving our Home (Planet Earth)

I finally went to see An Inconvenient Truth and it was well done and worth seeing for anyone who's interested in living on planet Earth or wishes their progeny to continue to live on Earth.

I learned things like an ice age can occur in my lifetime (within 10 years), polar bears are drowning because they can't find ice (even though they can swim 100 miles), and the reduction of CFC's has been successful in stopping the ozone hole from growing!

Things I'm going to work on to reduce Carbon Dioxide:

1.  Get an insulation blanket for my water heater (save 1,000 pounds of CO2)

2.  Unplug electronics from the wall when I'm not using them

3.  Buy more fresh foods

4.  Avoid buying as many packaged products

for more ideas on what you can do visit: 

Thank You

Thank you Washington State Patrol for all your work and service Monday, along with all the work leading up to the event.

Thank you OPD, medics, and everyone else who helped keep watch on our city.

Thank you reporters and bloggers and participants. Thank you community organizations, schools, individuals, faith communities. Thank you clowns and dancers! Thank you Olympia.

I dig entrepreneurship

While I am no longer living in Oly, i eagerly support friends doing cool biznesses.  Like friend Chris whose sweetie is selling Hungarian food, yup Hungarian food at the new Tumwater Farmers Market called The Best of Budapest.  If i were there, i would feast, but please enjoy in my stead and let me know what you think.


In some ways, I think we should have had the Unity rally after the NSM thing, just to wash the bad taste out of the mouth, so to speak. But, through the power of video, we can remember what Olympia is about. Enjoy.

Quicktime File.

Midnight March through downtown Olympia

So earlier tonight, a bunch of us were sitting around at this party, and somebody said, "We should totally just go marching down 4th Ave tonight."

And you know how sometimes someone brings up a totally awesome, totally plausible idea, and you're like, "Yeah! We should really, actually do that!", and then the people who brought it up are just like "Huh, yeah, that'd be soooooooo cooooooool. *cough* Pass the bowl, man."

Well, this time we all really were like, "Yeah! Let's totally do it!"

So we had ourselves a little march. A Midnight March! We got out some signs. We picked up a megaphone. We busted out our little anarcho-syndie flag. Come 11:00 or so, we just started walking out. About eight of us, out of the 30 at the party.

Keep in mind, this wasn't for demonstration value. We had some serious chants and signs. Stuff about the war. But really, this was just for fun.

A nice day for Nazis

Dave at Orcinus has a good report on yesterday.
The response in Olympia, however, was one of the most effective I've seen yet. For one thing, by making mockery the theme of the day, it transformed the mood of the crowd from an angry one -- and who wouldn't get angry if they actually listened to what these Nazis were saying? -- into a celebratory one. They played music, they danced, and made so much noise having fun that, if you were in the crowd, you couldn't hear a word the Nazis were spewing.

Photos Sunday and Monday July 2nd and 3rd 2006

The nazis, in their proper perspective. Picture 1

Another view of the scene, for scale. Picture 2

Who's Who? Picture 3

At the Unity in the Community Rally, Nazi Nigel and his young companion share a moment in the park. Picture 4

More pics

Name the photo

This is a photo from yesterday of Nigel Forvargue and Shawn Stuart, I think it needs a good caption, any ideas?

I've promised myself that I'll take a break soon, but these photos coming through are too great to pass up.

Groundview Productions

Lost and Found at BroHo

Sundry items were left at the Broho last night. Phil and I were among the last to leave, and we found these things at the table, and brought them home to return them to their rightful owners. Please let me know (259-9619) if one or all of these are yours:
*pair of sunglasses called "kiss" with hand-polished frame (very stylish!)
*Red Brown and the Tune Stranglers CD's, brand new, one of each
*one caiman... oh... wait--I think I adopted a caiman last night! Geez, I get a few drinks in me, and all of a sudden I think it's a GOOD IDEA to ADOPT A CAIMAN?! What was I thinking? Ack. I'm going to call MADCA (mothers against drunk caiman adopting).
I will try to attach a photo of the sunglasses!

Need help with some computer geekery..

Meta suggested that I post I-360 petitions in a printable format here on Olyblog.  I love the idea of doing that here and elsewhere. 1st problem:  my scanner is only 8.5 x 11 and the petitions have to be 11x17.  2:  It seems that most printouts like this are a pdf or an adobe something or other.  Does anybody know what I should do?  I'll probably just go to a kinko store or something after the fourth, but as a carpenter, I always relish learning how to do things mice elf.
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