Drinking Liberally in Olympia (sort of)

I'd explored having our little Monday night at the Brotherhood group sanctioned by Drinking Liberally, but haven't really seen the need to do so. There is another drinking group in Olympia (Tumwater, actually) that also meets on Monday nights:

Drinking Liberally Olympia is a small group of progressives that meet on the 1st and 3rd Mondays at 7:00 at the Tumwater Valley Bar and Grill. The meetings are geared towards informal conversation. All who would like to participate in this kind of forum are welcome!!

This was news to me when I heard about it several months ago -- I had always thought they had liberals stuffed and mounted on the wall at the Tumwater Valley Bar and Grill. Anyway, they have a new website.

Former Olympia mayor dies

From the Seatte Times:

OLYMPIA - Former two-term Olympia mayor Dave Skramstad, who turned from careers in the military, politics and business to a retirement passion for mystery writing, has died.

Skramstad died Monday in Arizona of heart failure, his family said.

Skramstad, 74, served as the capital city's first mayor under a council-manager system adopted in 1982. Although a conservative, he worked well with the liberal council to revitalize the downtown and create some of Olympia's favorite amenities, including the Washington Center for the Performing Arts, the farmers' market, and a boardwalk along Budd Inlet. He served a second term in the early 1990s.

Here's the Olympian's story on Skramstad (with info on a memorial).

Caiman Cruising

Lonely, Drew considered adopting methods which could technically be considered evil...

Park & Ride to Lakefair Parade

On Saturday, July 22, two special park-and-ride lots will provide free, all-day parking and convenient access to bus transportation to the event: 5000 Capitol Boulevard in Tumwater and Seventh Avenue and Golf Club Road in Lacey. Just look for the “Downtown Olympia” buses.
More Info

Muni wifi: getting up to speed

I'm going to start posting some links that pertain to the establishment of a wireless system that will envelop all of Olympia, aka muni wifi. So here are some resources that will help us all get up to speed on what we need to know to make this happen:

  • Fighting the Good Fight for Municipal Wireless by Craig Settles. Blurb:

    Using a combination of narrative and directive, business strategist Craig Settles tells how Philadelphia launched its citywide broadband wireless initiative, and gives you a foundation for planning your own wide-scale wireless project. Fighting the Good Fight for Municipal Wireless doesn't give you all the right answers. It poses questions you need to ask to determine what answers are right for you.

    The introduction and chapter 5 are posted here.

  • Peter Cochrane's Keynote Address at The Wireless Event in London, England in May. This 30 min. video presents a lot of background on the development of the technonolgy that underlies wireless networks.

  • muniwireless.com: A portal for news and information about citywide wireless broadband projects around the world.

  • This discussion at bettersouthsound.org about muni wifi in Olympia.

Volcano Cam

Mount St. Helen's VolcanoCam

Pacific Seismograph Network

Mount St. Helen's Update
At 9:56 PDT (Tuesday) this morning, a magnitude 3.6 earthquake occurred at Mount St. Helens. This is one of the largest earthquakes recorded during the ongoing eruption, and it triggered significant rockfalls from the growing, extruding spine and from the crater walls. Plumes of dust and ash generated by the rockfalls rose slightly above the crater rim but dissipated quickly. Occasional similar rockfalls are likely to occur in the future, and if future earthquakes occur comparable to that this morning, they will likely be felt by anyone on the volcano. Overall, extrusion of the growing lava dome continues to occur in the same quiescent mode exhibited over the past year, and levels of seismicity remain generally low.
Please note that since October 11, 2004, Mount St. Helens has been in a constant eruptive state.
Telephone recordings with the latest update on Mount St. Helens and phone contacts for additional information can be heard by calling: (360) 891-5180

Through Our Eyes

"Through Our Eyes" is a temporary art project that you can find in Downtown Olympia right now. It features the photographs of people who are living on the street. Several people without shelter were provided cameras, and their pictures and writing are displayed on silhouettes. You can find this installation on the corner of Capital and Legion Way. Go here to read about the genesis of this project.

Click picture for slideshow.

addition to Iran panel

recently added is Therese Saliba who will talk about the connection between the 'Iran Scare' and the current situation happening in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon. 

so come out and hear these great speakers and get involved in some good discussion.

More Olympia Photos - Cosmo's Drive Home

Here some photos from the day of the Port Protests in May.  I was driving around town, and took a few snaps (actually 57) on the drive downtown, and back home.  It was also when the Spanish Broom was blooming, (don't blame the Scottish for that.) Enjoy.


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