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For the anti-Nazi kazoo band

The theme song from Hogan's Heros:

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Thanks Zoltan!

Two hours from now...

Dear Olympians,

Two hours from now we will start posting updates nazi and police activity downtown and around the Capitol. Everything will be reported on our blog.

-A Member of Olympia SDS

At the beach

This was the most amusing moment for me at Ralph's today. Storeman's Inc. is evidently tired of having the protesters park conveniently in front of his store, so he got some rent-a-cops to patrol the lot. The rent-a-cops were getting a little hot under the collar (in more ways than one). Then, they decided to join the beach party!

Important information for tomorrow's counter-demonstration

[via omjp]

I had a meeting with the Washington State Patrol on Friday to discuss the demonstrations on Monday. Below is information on our meeting, expectations that the Washington State Patrol has sent to people in Unity in the Community and workers at the Capitol, and demonstration guidelines that the peace keepers will be handing out to participants.

M. R. Rossi

Summary of Meeting With Washington State Patrol

I have had a lot of meetings with police officers, and believe that the meeting I had with Captain Curt Hattell went very well. Mostly Captian Hattell and the other officer expressed a desire to ensure safety and to respect all demonstrators right to free speech. Regardless of what I think of WSP’s approach, after our meeting I was convinced that those intentions are sincere. As far as I know, the WSP plans to have a 100 – 150 foot barrier between counter protesters and supporters of the Nationalist Socialist Movement. The barrier will be drawn around the grassy area with the flagpole between the Temple of Justice and the Legislature Building. The NSM will be allowed to occupy the side with the Legislature Building – on the steps, where they got the permit – while counter demonstrators will have the area around the Temple of Justice. I have heard some remarks that the WSP plans on erecting a fence or wall between demonstrations. None of that was mentioned to me at our meeting. I was told that there will be a line of police tape with the WSP, probably in riot gear, guarding the line. Anyone crossing the line without police consent from either side will be arrested. I was assured that the WSP would not interfere with our rally, that they plan on letting things take their course and wind-down as the day goes on, and that they will let us resolve problems internally through our own peace keepers. For more information, you can read the official statement that was sent out below:

Read more:

Olympia Airport becoming Seatac South?

According to Bernie Friedman, it could happen. This a very interesting email from Friedman that I took a few days to read.

Apparently the Port of Olympia is flying under the radar (pun intended) to change the nature of our airport from a small, regional facility, to a major commercial operation. I've not heard much about this, but apparently Friedman was able to come up with some juicy details. Enjoy:

...I found the Port's comprehensive plan on the Port's web site and went to the section on the airport.  That section refers to the FAA's National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS).  This is basically a five-year, nationwide, airport capital  improvement plan.  It lists all 3300+ airports that qualify for federal funds, and reports how much federal money they are planning to spend on each of those airports.
I went to the NPIAS section on Washington airports and found Olympia.  Here is the link (pdf file)
What I was shocked to learn is that the feds are planning to spend almost $14,000,000 in capital improvements on the Olympia airport from 2005-2009, and to upgrade the airport's designation from General Aviation (GA) to Primary Airport (PR).  SeaTac is a PR airport.  Olympia is the only airport in the state that is being upgraded from GA to PR.
All this, of course, was entirely sotto voce (did I spell that correctly, Zena?) at the Port.  They are not strengthening the runway to allow much heavier planes to land on it, you see; they are merely correcting a line of sight problem.  In other words, typical secrecy and deceit from our wonderful Port.  The 1995 comprehensive plan says the airport use is GA, and I don't recall any public process amending the comprehensive plan to permit PR uses at our airport.

Compassionate Rapists and Getting Lei'd

Today I stood up for what was right at the PlanBeach Party. I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew that it wasn't going to be worth being arrested or losing my job and outside of saying what I believe I didn't want to do anything else that could alienate my family. Turned out I had nothing to worry about.

I filled out a card saying I spend approximately $250 a month at Stormans. (I've guestimated about $3000 in the past year...yikes.) This was to give them an idea of how much money they're losing in the boycott. The combined total so far is an impressive amount.

Most of the protesters were polite, didn't break any laws, and helped make the event pleasant. I observed one guy mouth off to a security guard when he was asked to hold his sign down while crossing the parking lot. The only other spotty thing I saw from our side was a woman shouting something to one of the opposing dweebs about how he was a fucking idiot.

The Counter-Protesters, while having the same rights we did to voice and display their opinion, felt the need to infiltrate themselves and their signs in our crowds instead of just congealing in their own section. They behaved exactly like viruses.

One misinformed Catholic (That's just an assumption based on his stance and his St. Martins shirt) who was confusing Contraception with Abortion had the gall to say, when confronted with the "What about Rape?" argument, that some Rapists wear condoms.

One shopper told us we could shop at Wal-Mart instead. Interesting choice of Big Box store seeing as how the Walton family is Mormon, a religion known for large families and anti-contraception beliefs.

The one large guy from the opposing side, the guy who looks like a hillbilly that shaved his beard and put on beach bum clothes, the guy who apparently is an overcompensating Christian who's in denial of his self, claimed that nobody is poor in America anymore. Never mind the fact that not only do people still STARVE TO DEATH in this country and starve to death in Washington State but they also starve to death in Thurston County.

Dancing Nazis

Antifa updates

I'll be out and about with the antifascists all day tomorrow, making sure those rowdy rascals of the NSM don't start any unnoticed fires. I'll be making frequent phone posts to my LiveJournal at wallynotorious.livejournal.com

Hope to see y'all on the Judicial Building steps at 1:30.

Tear it down!
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