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Please welcome Cpl. Jill Laoch, National Socialist Movement Director of Women's Affairs. She can be reached at (10/2008 email down). At the April 2006 NSM rally at Lansing, Michigan Ms. Laoch is quoted as saying "We need, as Aryans, a country of our own. Our race is our country. And right now the Aryan people don't have a nation. The melting pot has destroyed it."

I've watched a video of the Lansing rally, I do recall Ms. Laoch expressing a loud opinion about "shit", I don't recall the specifics, only that it was not gently expressed. If the NSM absolutely has to perform in Olympia on July 3rd, and if women absolutely must be members, I hope we get a chance to hear Cpl. Jill Laoch speak. (Update: Alas, Ms. Laoch did not appear.)

Eventually I will write up entries for two more NSM members as part of our adoption plan. I also will be filling in some rank and titles. If anyone has any special requests just let me know.

Remember to play well with others, share your Nazis, and spread the word.

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Tools of Citizen Journalism
Nazis come to OlyWa: A history (so far)

What businesses can do to help!

Paul Schrag, of the Business Examiner ( wrote this article for the online edition. Most of it's stuff I've heard before, but it's accessible and informative. It's great to know that there are folks out there talking about this stuff and looking for creative ways to address it. The article is here.

I recommend it to anyone who's had dark thoughts, either about panhandlers or about business owners. I will be meeting with Paul on Wednesday to talk about the Urban Layers Project and get his input on how to make it appealing to businesses.
ps--I thought the smoking ban destroyed the Spar. Can't have it both ways, Alan.

Happy Nazi

Please say hello to Bill White of the NSM, he has noticed that we've adopted him and has posted about how that feels.


Come Gabbly chat with us, the link is in the menu choices near top of page. (No caimans allowed.)

National Lawyers' Guild Condemns FBI's Operation Backfire as Unconstitutional

Hello, all. I am posting this here as an explanation to the folks who think that protesting the "Green Scare" is the same as protesting for the right to commit arson and destroy property!! The issue is not that simple, and if you want to understand why people are opposed to the "Green Scare" and "Operation Backfire" as a civil liberties issue, please read this.


Adopt an FBI Agent (#1)

Scott Saxon of the local FBI Office

Scott Saxon, Olympia FBI resident Agent, was right behind my car today, as I was driving through Lacey. He moved to pass as soon as he saw me reading his license plate in my rearview mirror.

As I passed him, I snapped this picture. I think the picture looks pretty good, but the guy is married - sorry ladies. (notice the wedding ring on his left hand)

He turned off on College Street, southbound, as I continued to my place of employment. His dark gold / grey Chevy Impala can be quite obvious when you know what to look for. The license plate is published somewhere online, I'm sure. But I'm not going to post it here, since I'm a gentleman and I know that some creeps out there would do the man harm if they knew he lived on the water just a short distance from the Evergreen State College campus.

Does a free society need secret police?


I am wondering what the artist was thinking when juxtaposing these figures. It disturbs me every time I drive by it, but it also disturbs me that I haven't heard others notice and discuss the strange scene. What kind of woman runs full tilt in a dress and high heels? Presumably a woman who is being chased. Are we to assume these two are together? The man reminds me of the una-bomber. Fortunately, the mural is painted in graffiti friendly two tone, so repairs can be made easily. Perhaps the artist can reconcile this portion, but I will still have a problem with the inherent message of "Progress" in this mural. Native life is depicted at far left, with the passage of history unfolding to the right. It culminates in benign waterfront activities like jogging, biking, etc. The confrontation of religion and Native is also interesting in that for the Native to progress thru time, he/she will have to pass the formidable padre. Basta

Adopt a Nazi #3 (by popular demand)

Sgt. Jim Ramm, using the nickname Shistad, visited OlyBlog back in Feb., he contributed to this thread Write your own caption #1. The thread is worth reading also because it includes an account by an Oly resident of finding hate flyers littering yards and sidewalks in a neighborhood.

Mr. Ramm is our N.W. connection. The last musing on Jim Ramm that I've written can be found here (update 10/18/2006, first link no longer works, current working link to Orcinus piece including info on Ramsey is Weeding out those racists) includes a link to Dave Neiwert's great blog Orcinus with his article drawing connections between the anti-immigrant movement and white supremacists. This article includes information on Jim Ramm/Matthew Ramsey.

Mr. Ramm (don't call him Lambie) can be reached at (Edit 10/2008 email link down) I'm not going to list his web site. Although he doesn't know any of us, he has decided that he strongly dislikes us all. And he won't be happy with anything any of us write.

Jim Ramm & Dylan Marchand, photo courtesy of Groundview Productions

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relocated blog

I've lost my domain name -- I'm hoping it's only temporary, but it is something of an ugly snafu. (All my fault.) In the meantime (or who knows, maybe forever) my usual blog can be found at

Adopt a Nazi #2

I would next like to present Comrade Bill White for adoption. He has written quite a bit about himself and others have also, the SPLC dubs him The Gossip. (Scroll down to second entry) Bill White says he originally was a radical leftist.

He is quite proud of his online hate site and blog.

Back in April I made a prediction here on OlyBlog, that we will see an increase in smear campaign tactics used on Oly community members. I also posted this on a personal blog I was running at the time. Bill White responded on his own blog with a nice example of exactly what I was talking about.

Bill White is the spokesman for the National Socialist Movement. He is based in Roanoke, Virginia. We can converse with him through comments on his blog and site, he also can be reached at (Edit 10/2008 email down). I've had civil email exchanges with him so I know that is possible, civility. I look forward to his press releases about Olympia.

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Adopt a Nazi #1

Update 10/22: Bill White is no longer a member of the NSM. He is now "commander" of the newly formed American National Socialist Workers' Party

ADL update


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