An Illusion of Safety?

Sex Offender Management (a seminar on Digital Government)

Toby Cremer Shulruff will give a public presentation on: An Illusion of Safety? Sex Offender Management in the Information Age

Tuesday May 23
4:00 to 5:30 pm

Location Lecture Hall 5
Funded by a Plato Royalty Grant.


Is this legal?


(Olympia, Washington) Churches are being asked to help gather signatures for an effort to overturn the state's new gay civil-rights law.

Referendum 65 asks voters whether they want to keep the law passed this year by the Legislature, which adds "sexual orientation" to a state law that bans discrimination in housing, employment, insurance and credit.

The amendment makes Washington the 17th state with laws protecting gays and lesbians, and the seventh to protect transgender people.

Referendum sponsor Tim Eyman has sent petitions to 5,4000 churches in Washington for what he calls Referendum Sunday. He's asking the churches to help gather signatures and return the petitions the following Sunday, May 28.

Last month, Eyman sent an e-mail to supporters and the media, saying they had collected just a fraction of the signatures needed to get the measure to voters.

He needs 112,440 valid voter signatures by June 6 to get Referendum 65 on the November ballot. The law takes effect June 7, but would be frozen until the November election if enough signatures are turned in.

A referendum refers a law passed by the Legislature to a vote of the people. Initiatives are generally used to propose new laws, but in recent years have been used to overturn the Legislature's actions.

Aren't churches prohibited from this kind of activity?

"Not in Our Town" Olympia showing of documentary film

Documentary film about a community’s response to hate

Sponsored by the Olympia School District Diversity Watch, the City of Olympia and Unity in the Community

Please attend the high school student led diversity forum and screening of “Not in Our Town

On Common Ground: Katrina and the Pacific Northwest

An evening of discussion, music and solidarity with the people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Guest Speakers: Malik Rahim, founder of the Common Ground Collective in New Orleans and Jerome Scott, Executive Director of Project South and host of the 2007 US Social Forum. Doors open at 6:30. Advance tickets available at Rainy Day Records and Traditions Cafe. All proceeds go to the Common Ground Collective Advance.

On the Shores of the Fetid Lake of Doom

I'm guessing this was this particular photographer's very last photo session ever. Now that the nutria appetizers have been pretty much consumed, the caimans are once again ready for the main course. So be careful out there as you walk around the water in the shadow of the Legislative Building.

Attention bloggers

There is presently a push in our nation's capital to allow phone and cable companies to partition the internet into "premium" and "non-premium" categories, i.e., if you want your data at the front of the line, you'll have to pay extra.

The counter position is called "net neutrality," which would keep the status quo under which all data is equal as it moves around the net. As bloggers, we like this because our words continue to be just as accessible as those carried by major outlets such as Time/Warner, the NYT, NewsCorp, etc. Think of it as democracy of information.

Things are moving in the other Washington, and it is something that we should pay attention to:

One courageous Senate Republican and a batch of Dems are ready to take on the telephone and cable companies to protect Internet freedom. Other Senate Republicans think voting for Net Neutrality will hurt families. Have they no decency?

When we last left the Net Neutrality issue, the question was whether who in the Senate would step up to protect Internet freedom.

We got a first answer today. Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-ME) and Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) late this afternoon introduced their long-awaited legislation to protect Net Neutrality.

Please take the time to call or email the crew from our Washington, and drop a line to Olympia Snowe (what a nice name) to let her know that we appreciate her courage in breaking from the lockstep of the Republican Party.

Olympia: The Revenge of the Hamster Wheel

Prankster's pals turn room into man-size hamster wheel

 I've been so good. I heard about this story a few days back and did not peep a word of it on Oly Blog as I so wanted to do.

This is Olympia at its finest.

Port activity

Someone on omjp has just noted that the Port of Olympia has been doing a lot more business lately. Here's the numbers for 1998-2004:

year  millions
1998   83.9
1999   20.9
2000   6.4
2001   12.0
2002   20.5
2003   106.2
2004   163.6

There is a one hundred forty million dollar increase between '02 and '04. The new deal with Weyerhaeuser couldn't account for this jump, because that just recently occured. Would war-related shipments be counted as commerce? Anybody know what accounts for the increase?

What this town needs... a new blog by Jade:

We haven't had a really great, really Olympia coffee shop since the Smithfield. We need a place where coffee costs a dollar. Where not only is it "bus-your-own", but you can grab a bar towel and wipe up your own spills, too. Where people go to play chess with random strangers and write poetry on napkins. Where teenagers sit around playing guitar. Where crazy people spread out their wares on the formica tables and no one tells them to leave and people do weird performance art peices and people bug you for money and they have open mikes on Thursdays and AA meetings on Tuesdays. Whatever happened to those places?

Mmmmmmmm. Super blogolicious!

Procession Art Studio Give-away!

The Procession Art Studio located at 8th. St. SE and Central, in the Old Madison Elementary School is closing! They must vacate the building by the end of May. There will be a supply give-away on Saturday May 20, from 12-3. If there was ever anything you could not live without please come and get it. We are also hoping that some people might like to adopt, at least temporarily, a large piece of Procession art. This is the time to grace your living room with a large endangered species! These items also make great coversation pieces for parties. We will deliver! Come by early so get the best pick!.
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