Carpool to the Co-op

Need a ride to the Co-op?  Live near Ralph's or Bayview?  Plan B Oly is organizing carpools for carless boycotters.  Carpools will circulate between Ralph's and the Co-op on Thursdays from 5 - 7 p.m.  We have not yet scheduled the carpool leaving from Bayview. If you want to get in on this, email 

Yee detained without explanation

Former Army Chaplain James Yee was held for questioning for 2 hrs. with no explanation given. From

Yee said his drive to Canada from his home in Olympia, Wash., to see a Cirque du Soleil performance in Vancouver, British Columbia, was his first trip outside of the United States since he was honorably discharged from the Army in 2005.

"I think sometimes, 'Is this the way my life is going to be forever?'" Yee said, who has worked since leaving the Army as a public speaker talking about religious freedom and American values.

The West Point graduate who converted to Islam in 1991 said his experience in Cuba taught him that he can just be picked up and put in jail.

Several things may have drawn customs officials to his attention when he was stopped at the border.

First was his passport, which Yee said had a stamp from Lebanon among a number of other international ports. Second was the Muslim religious items he carries with him, including a Quran and a prayer rug and cap. Third was a Muslim religious document.

A fatwa, or Islamic religious ruling, against terrorism and extremism was in his vehicle when it was searched. "I hope they read it very thoroughly," Yee said.

He said a copy of an article entitled "My American Jihad" about a Harvard commencement speech by a Muslim against terrorism was also in his car at the time.

"Maybe these things raised eyebrows, even though this is all against terrorism," Yee said.

Calling all Formerly Homeless

I was a little suprised when, in a previous thread, another olyblogger outed themselves as formerly homeless.  Come to think of it, this shouldn't have been much of a suprise.  There are a WHOLE LOT of people out there who've been homeless.  I can recall a lot of conversations, while petition gathering or fundraising for B&R etc, in which someone has said, "Yeah, I slept in my car for a year.  That sucked, and I really feel for the folks that are out there now."

This got me to thinking, wouldn't it be really valuable to get people together who've been homeless at some point in life?  I'd like to do this.

We could meet for:

1. Mutual aid and support.
2. To share stories and validate the experiences of one another, as well as the experiences of those currently experiencing homelessness.
3. To build a community of support for one another and for those currently experiencing homelessness.
4. To educate the public about homelessness and poverty.
5. To celebrate our lives!

SO, if you've been homeless, whether you camped, slept in a shelter, slept in your car or van, or couch-surfed, REPLY ON THIS THREAD!  (or if you like, email me at )

NY Times Article on Lt. Ehren Watada

Officer Faces Court-Martial
“Simply put, I am wholeheartedly opposed to the continued war in Iraq, the deception used to wage this war, and the lawlessness that has pervaded every aspect of our civilian leadership,” Lieutenant Watada wrote.
“He was a good officer, always very professional,” said one of the officers, Capt. Scott Hulin. “I personally disagree with his opinion and his stance against the war. But I personally support his stand as a man, to be able to do what his heart is telling him.”

Just ran across a blog called "" that focuses on urban landscape photography. Here's a blurb from the website: is a public photoblog where people with a love for the urban form, modern world, or a general appreciation of their environment gather to post stories, narratives, and photos of their favourite cities, hometowns, travels, or current locations.

Submissions on almost any subject are welcome; people have posted on topics ranging from their uncle's Wisconsin farm to abandoned cars in Brooklyn to graffiti; if it has to do with a place and its yours to share, its all fair game!

Here are some pictures of Woodard Bay Park in Olympia.


Start with olybrett's comment Son of the Mother and the Seattle Weekly story The Super Flood. The Weekly page includes a link to a nifty little animation of what the Osceola Mudflow from Mount Rainier might have looked like.

This Olympian article on Washington state preparing for disasters includes a brief discussion of lahars.

I'm also intrigued by reports of vandalism destroying part of the lahar warning system. I know there have also been some false alarms.

The Washington Military Department Emergency Management Division has a site all about the lahar warning system.

SOMA a documentary

With difficulty walking, and half-blinded from torture by the Brazilian military dictatorship, 79 year-old Roberto Freire continues to develop somatherapy, completing his life's work. Incorporating the ideas of Wilhelm Reich, the politics of anarchism, and the culture of capoeira angola, Soma is used by therapists organized in anarchist collectives to fight the psychological effects of authoritarianism. Nick Cooper travelled to Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Bahia, and São Paulo to find the exercises, principles, voices, and movement of somatherapy.

Download flyer here.

How can we stop the violence in Lebanon, Israel and Palestine?

keep your eyes peeled for more information on the speakers

this information should be posted in the next few days!! 

Our Concerns

Using the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers as justification, Israel has launched an all-out assault against the civilian population and infrastructure of neighboring Lebanon. Hezbollah forces in Lebanon have replied with hundreds of rocket attacks in northern Israel. All civilian deaths are a tragedy and we call for an immediate ceasefire. While the US is the only party that can put a stop to this tragedy, it continues to feed the conflict by sending weapons to Israel and blocking international efforts for a ceasefire. U.S. soldiers in Iraq are at greater risk as this situation escalates.

The vast majority of civilian deaths have been caused by Israel, with its widespread bombing of cities and villages. We call for an end to US diplomatic and financial support for Israel’s killing of civilians, in both Lebanon and Palestine. We call, as well, for a halt to all Hezbollah attacks against civilians in Israel.

Our Government

Let our government know that we want an immediate ceasefire and that the US must stop providing arms that feed this conflict. We need to address the root cause of the situation--the ongoing Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Golan Heights and Gaza Strip and the billions of dollars in military aid the US sends to Israel.

Our Media

Let the media know we want accurate reporting that depicts the true situation on the ground and the extent of US involvement. We need reporting that shows the faces of ALL the victims and provides concrete historical information, as well as analysis of how United States policy contributes to the conflict. Calling up local talk shows and writing letters to the editor makes a difference in people’s perception of the issue.


Paradise Glacier Ice Cave 1924

Paradise Ice Cave 1982

My entire neighborhood I swear was awake til about 3 am this morning. Some loud arguments were heard and someone else in a car decided they needed to experiment with laying rubber along the pavement, over and over again. Eventually everyone in the neighborhood passed out, some of us got some sleep.

Today so far is overcast but warm and uncomfortably humid. So I'm dreaming up cooling ice images, remembered the Paradise Ice Cave I visited long ago.

Apparently this particular cave shown in the 1982 photo disappeared by fall 1991. And the Nisqually glacier has shrunk. Anybody been up in that area recently? I'd like to hear what is looks like now.

Mount Rainier National Park

Who is He?

He wears a name tag that reads "Wells" and his license plate on white 2004 Tahoe is G62-17489.

Information here , here , and here.
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