Tonight!!! Meeting About Port Militarization 8 PM

There will be a meeting tonight regarding the military use of the Port of Olympia to transfer materiel to the war in Iraq.

The meeting is at 2506 Conger Court 8pm.

(from Conger St. go north on Corduroy St. and take a left onto Conger Court)

Stop the military shipments!!!

Civil Disagreement

I appreciate the work Drew Hendricks does. I notice that there is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about his work. I also notice that for some reason people who disagree with his work, or with what they think is his work, often discard any semblance of civil discussion and instead go right for the insults.


I suggest that we stop assuming we know what Drew is doing, what any of us are doing, unless we hear the information directly from the source.  I trust we can all have discussions, including fierce disagreements, without indulging in contests of who can spit out the worst insult.

I may not agree with everything Drew or anyone else does, and they certainly may disagree with me. But I support a free flow of conversation and discussion. Conversation and discussion that is not halted with personal attacks. Insults tend to do that, they either shut down the conversation entirely, or they take us all down to that level. Why play that game? Why not do the true work of discussion and debate, freely, in search of our commonalities and our differences? Along the way we can even dig below the rumors and assumptions and find out what really is going on.

Report from chad360

(I want to make sure this report from chad360 is seen.)

Re: coast guard

For the first time in over nine years I am entertaining an old freind from the Tacoma/Puyallup area at our lovely docks & landings(near the viewing tower), and "lo and behold" a "zodiac"-style patrol boat is cruising the scene-- a coast guard unit, with a heavy machine gun deployed in the forward gun port (a tripod like gun mount in front of the pilot cabin). --this really shocked me! I had not expected to see that here in Olympia, and it was disgraceful. I expect our gov to protect civil liberties and freedom in the US and abroad, but not at gunpoint; without any sign of opposing forces present.

What is a Stryker?

The Stryker, the combat vehicle of choice for the Army’s Interim Brigade Combat Teams (IBCTs), is a highly deployable-wheeled armored vehicle that combines firepower, battlefield mobility, survivability and versatility, with reduced logistics requirements.


Updates on Stryker protest arrests

Everyone who had been held at city jail has been released, Drew Hendricks is still held at county.

Two protesters were injured while being arrested, photos available soon.

Looking for Translator for student documentary in South America

I am with a group of students at Evergreen State College in Olympia who are traveling to South America at the end of September for six months to film a documentary throughout South America. We are looking for a person who is fluent in both Spanish and English to help conduct interviews. Film experience a plus. We would prefer somebody who is going to school or would be working with us for school credit. Respond as soon as possible, as we would like to include you in our planning and fundraising.

Thurston County Blue

Is here, the community blog of the Thurston County Democrats. Some background here.

Four More Arrested at Port -- 10:30am

I just got a call from Maria Garner. At approximately 10:30am this morning, Nikki Miller, Holly Carter, Josh Elliott and Glen Anderson were arrested for being in the road in front of the Stryker brigade military convoy as it attempted to enter the Olympia port. They join Brendan Dunn, arrested yesterday, and Drew Hendricks, arrested this morning, in the growing number of Olympians who are taking a stand against our complicity with these military shipments, going to prolong an illegal and immoral war that everyday claims the lives of citizens and combatants. According to police at the scene, Nikki, Holly, Josh and Glen are going to be held at Olympia City Jail (on Plum Street). People can call the jail at 753-8417 for updates.

Why does the Olympian allow it?

Anyone who's read the comments made on the Olympian's website knows how violent, eliminationist and cruel they can be. The question is, why doesn't the Olympian have a comment policy? Why do they allow people to make statements about killing, torturing, and maiming others? How long with the Olympian continue to allow a small number of hateful and extremist nutjobs pollute the conversation on its website?

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