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A 37-year-old Olympia man who runs a local Web site that has played a watchdog role over law enforcement was arrested early Tuesday at the Port of Olympia after trespassing onto the property, said a county official.

Andrew C. Hendricks, known as Drew Hendricks both on his Web site, Olympia Cop Watch and the local blogging community OlyBlog, struggled with a guard at the front gate around 3:15 a.m. and then stepped into a 'no trespass' zone inside the facility when a deputy arrested him for second-degree burglary, Thurston County sheriff’s Chief Criminal Deputy Dan Kimball said.

(Don't bother with the comments on the Olympian article. Evidently, the population that comments in the Olympian can't tell the difference between a symbolic action and a security threat.)


Two Olympians Arrested for Acts of Conscience at Port

Yesterday Brendan Dunn, 21, was arrested for stepping into the street to block the military convoy as it made its way to the port. The charge was pedestrian interference, and he has been released.

This morning Drew Hendricks (regular poster to Olyblog) was arrested for attempting to close and lock the gates of the port so that the military convoy could not enter. Surprisingly his charge was 2nd degree burglary, though it's obvious Drew was not attempting to steal anything. Drew will have a hearing this afternoon at 3:30 in Courtroom 3, Building 3. Supporters and observers are encouraged to attend.

More Military Cargo and Vehicles Tommorrow-Stop our Community's Participation in the War

Striker vehicles and cargo containers carried by semis from Ft. Lewis arrived in the port today. We were told by the Olympian that 300 vehicles will be brought in today and tommorrow, and that the ship is expected to arrive Wed, Thurs, Fri. Meet at the port, we will most likely be around marine drive. tomorrow from 9-evening, whenever you can

Some of the materials for the departing Ft. Lewis stryker brigade, vehicles and cargo containers arrived today. More are expected tomarrow. Some Olympians met the vehicles and utilized disruption tactics to slow down the shipments. The ship is expected to arrive sometime in the later part of the week.

Olympia: We cannot be complacent to our community's role in the war in Iraq and the American Empire. We have to end the militarization of our port. We need a massive and continuous response to do this.

People are meeting tomorrow morning at 9 am at the watchtower. After that people will be roaming along marine drive which is the road that vehicles are taking to get into the port. DIRECTIONS TO MARINE DRIVE: Coming up 4th from downtown, turn left on Plum. Go across on 4th on Plum which turns into Eastbay Drive. Take the first left, which is Marine drive. You will find people along there or at the port. Bring signs and noisemakers.


Eastside "potluck"

I'm going to start going over to Lions Park on Wednesday evening around 6:30 with some food, and an open invitation to hang out, meet people, etc.

I'm not a greener, and I don't work in Olympia, so it can be tricky to meet people. Plus I think it could be a nice base for neighborhood activism of one sort or another.

There's a picture of me on my site; if it's raining, I'll be under the shelter, otherwise, I'll be at one of the picnic tables.

Stryker Brigade Arriving Now in Port of Olympia

The Stryker Brigade has arrived, as promised, at the Port of Olympia. Convoys of the vehicles, escorted by law enforcement, were driving down Plum Street toward the main gate. The Rail gates are locked.

Port employees were putting extra nuts on the Port Plaza gate and one, Mick, was even taunting this observer about his weight this morning. He seemed to be especially agitated and eager to call me out for a fight. Poor fellow, his overalls must be chafing. (Never f*%# with a journalist, Mick. We always get the last word...)

No sign yet of the Coast Guard or the ship which will likely arrive soon, within 48 hours if past experience is a guide. The tides are favorable all week for large ships in port.

Military Cargo being brought to Port of Olympia Today-Descend on the Port

Military Cargo is being escorted to the port by Olympia Police as we speak. We have seen several tankers and a van possibly carrying soldiers. We have heard that the stryker brigade is being deployed out of the port. This is an opportunity for the Olympia Community to put a cog in the war machine, locally! Urgent Action is needed! The ship will probably arrive today or tommorrow. High tide today is 2:40 pm, tomarrow 4:08 pm Come down to the port as soon as you can! Bring signs, noisemakers, etc.

Paul runs a marathon

The Olympia Run Project reached it's climax yesterday when Paul reached the finish line of the Capital City Marathon. Olyblog salutes you!

Check out one tired puppy here.

Bella ran the half marathon.

The Curse of the Popsicle Truck

It is the first popsicle truck through our neighborhood this year. The sound of the canned tinkling Scott Joplin music is just too strange to hear on this decidedly not sunny day. Even worse, the truck has cycled through our neighborhood three times today, round and round, until we began to worry that something horrible had happened to the driver. 

The driver is fine and I do believe that most of us now have our heads under pillows, unable to withstand the sound of the cursed popsicle truck cruising round and round and round............

Hitting the big time

From the New York Times:

WHEN the all-female hard-rock band Sleater-Kinney formed a decade ago, its members were pretty sure that their fame wouldn't extend beyond Olympia, Wash. But the band, named after a road near a practice studio converted from a suburban storage unit, long ago exceeded its Northwestern expectations. Sleater-Kinney recently performed at the Coachella music festival in California and was billed as a headliner for the ATP festival in Britain this weekend. The band's seventh album, "The Woods" (Sub Pop Records), was considered one of the best rock discs of 2005. Carrie Brownstein, who plays guitar and sings in the band, spoke recently with Winter Miller about what she's listening to and why.

There's an idea

Sam Bradley in The Olympian:

It’s time for the Port of Olympia commissioners to dissolve the port, or, if they won’t, citizens of Thurston County need to elect commissioners who will.

That’s right; I’m saying eliminate the port.

The Port of Olympia is a financial failure and represents an unnecessary level of government. It’s a failure because, despite owning 200 acres of waterfront peninsula land, a 726-boat marina, a boat works, three marine terminals, 800 acres of industrial land, and a 600-acre airport, the port has never made a profit. The port is unnecessary because all that it does can be accomplished through zoning and private enterprise.

Does the port do anything worth keeping it around for?

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