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The Urban Reststop

We have seen them as we travel our highways across our state or country.  Every so many miles you will find the reststop.  The facilities vary, but they are designed for travelers to, well, rest, visit the toilets, in some cases shower.  It is not uncommon for people to be sleeping in their cars and trucks in the highway reststop.  In our state you can often find free coffee (donations welcome) and a variety of snacks for free or by donation.  I have yet to find public showers at any of the Washington reststops, but I haven't seen them all.  By the way, beware of the rattle snakes at the reststop between Yakima and eburg.  Yikes.

So I wasn't kidding about showers at the library.  Think of it as an Urban Reststop.  We provide facilities for those traveling on our highways, including a place to sleep.  Why not provide such things for those in our urban areas?  Transients are by their very nature "travelers".  Tax payers pay for the highway reststops.  A humane society would provide such facilities to our non-motorized travelers.

I see that such a place existed in Seattle.  Not sure if it still exists, I'll do a follow up to see if the information is current.  I do like the concept. 
Here is the link.

My friends, I urge you to look at institutions and facilities that we make available to the non-homeless, at tax payer expense, and come up with ways to extend these services to our homeless brothers and sisters.  It is fair, it is humane, it is the right thing.  Urban Reststops.  I will not stop here, I will not rest.


Tiem Thuc Forgotten

[by crackhole; reposted as event by Rick]

Tiem Thuc Forgotten: 3 generations of women's oral histories from the vietnam war.

A short film by Amanda Nguyen, depicting a struggle contrasting what is ingrained in our subconscious minds and the forgotten experience of a lived reality.

Amanda, currently attending TESC, went to her homeland of Vietnam and documented three generations of struggle with the war. Knowing Amanda, there's going to be some serious power behind this. Amanda doesn't poke at things with a stick, she hits them with purpose and effect.

I promise, this will be worth seeing.

TESC, Thursday, June 15th Recital Hall in the Com Building - Films start at 7:00 pm - Amanda's starts at 7:25

Who's Your Favorite Nazi?

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Mark Martin,  Bill White, Jill Laoch, Jim Ramm, Justin Boyer, Jeff Schoep


The low-tides this week are bringing out students, some incredible sealife and a little wonder, which makes me a slightly concerned about what the caimen and nutria might do.

Anyways, while you're out exploring, and being very careful with the little wonderous lives, keep a watch on your back. While John Dodge quite sagely advocates taking care of our beach by not running on it, I think that if you are being chased by caimen or nutria that it might be forgiven.



NORTHPORT, New York (AP) -- Two high school seniors picked quotations from Adolf Hitler's book "Mein Kampf" to appear under their high school yearbook pictures, prompting school officials to apologize.

The quotes were picked by Christopher Koulermos and Philip Compton, both 18. Koulermos' read "Strength lies not in defense, but in attack." Compton chose "The great masses of people ... will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one."

"It's our responsibility and we failed miserably," said Northport High School principal Irene McLaughlin. "The fact that the book went out in the form it did was a grave mistake on our part."

Shouldn't the ACLU be rushing to defend these two?

Adopt a Nazi #6



Now ready for adoption is Jeff Schoep (pronounced "Scoop"), Commander of the National Socialist Movement. Quite a bit of information is available on this Nazi, google search will bring up more, both past and recent. (10/2008 edit - dead email address removed)


[Jennifer Warburg]

Nazi Press Release

[This is from Jeff Schoep, NSM Commander, nsmcommander@hotmail.com - Note that he uses the 14 words in this press release. ]

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release
12 June 2006
The National Socialist Movement is holding a RALLY in Olympia, Washington on Monday, July 3rd 2006.

We are doing this to make White People aware of THE SLOW GENOCIDE OF OUR PEOPLE BY DIVERSITY. When a country has more than one Race of People inhabiting it, there will be a certain amount of interracial mating; over time, this will have the effect of reducing the number of WHITE PEOPLE WITH PURE RACIAL BACKGROUNDS and also introduces the idea of "tolerance" towards other Races, which speeds up the race-mixing process.

This is happening in White Nations such as England, France, Germany, Australia, Russia, the United States, and all others. All White Nations are experiencing a negative birthrate for the White People there, and all the Governments involved are BRINGING IN NON-WHITES TO REPLACE THEM.

The National Socialist Movement stands against this anti-White future, these anti-White policies, and SEEKS TO INITIATE a National Awakening of White People: We must secure the existence of our People and a Future for our Children.

The Rally will be held on the steps of the State Capitol Building in Olympia from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m.

There will be a Press Conference the day before the Event. Media will be notified about its time and location.

For more information, email to rally@ns-wa.org (Subject: Olympia). Also see:http://www.nukeisrael.com/seattleprotest/olympiarally.htm www.nsm88.com All of those interested in attending this event should e-mail rally@ns-wa.org  All Pro-White supporters are welcome to attend and stand with the NSM in Solidarity.

The Hat Affair

Trying to untangle the recent flap about the Una-Sailor, I found this photo on Google Images. It's from www.abfab.co.uk. It not only illustrates the object of our confusion, but speaks volumes about both British fashion and seafarers' fashion. I hope we can all learn from this. Don't jump to conclusions, and don't invite misunderstanding by wearing a silly hat in your silhouette portrait.

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