Proposals for 1st Annual Oly Blog April Fool's Day Awards

Feel free to add your own ideas.

Rick gets a large gold star wall adornment, a leather caiman rustler hat with caiman claw trim, along with a statuette depicting caiman-human history in honor of posting the funniest first thing in the morning seen post.

Steve gets various whirlygigs, hanging and tabletop, all spinning and abstract, in honor of his comic genius.

White Feather gets a toy teddybear armed with a toy gun of his choice -and- a wand. Said bear is complete with jacket with pockets overflowing with cash.

Emmett gets a full scale large table top geographically correct model of this region, fitted out with flood capabilities and earthquake shift buttons and tiny toy fish that actually stream through the flowing waters.

The Fire Inside is set up with a film festival of his choice that he organizes and presents. To the rest of us. And we have to watch without whining.

Help me out folks, we have many more awards to dream up.

NSM & Everett

Earlier in March, the Herald in Everett published a letter by John Brandt, the NSM unit leader for Snohomish County. Later another letter was published in response to Brandt. I think this is helpful to read, we can learn what other communities are doing and discussing. 

Published: Saturday, March 11, 2006

Don't give publicity to race-based hatred

The below signed representatives of their respective organizations and congregations, and elected officials, write in response to The Herald's publication on Tuesday of John Brandt's letter, "People who protest us are the problem."


Reading: Creating Anarchy

Ron Sakolsky will be reading tonight at Last Word Books in downtown Olympia on fourth ave at seven pm. Ron taught at Evergreen from 1990-91. His newest book is titled: Creating Anarchy.

If I was a Nazi (No Love)

I would die of starvation
I could not eat
My god there might be corn (maize) in this food
you know where that comes from

I could not enjoy music
because that beat might come from you know where
those notes (all music in house destroyed)

No I could not revel in art one of them maybe two used hands brush pencil clay beads glass canvas wood (no art)

I would die of deprivation
no sleep I might dream of them dancing (I am them) I might dream that I dance in the flow in the beat I might dream that I am cedar tree of strong roots in my village and branches lifted high in the color washed sky (no dreams)

I would die
I would not know my Home

Sarah 3/31/2006

Nazi tourism

I was just poking around looking at the domain name record of the new nazi site in Washington, and I laughed out loud when I read the keywords that they've chosen for the site:

This immediately brought the following question to mind: Who do the nazis think will come to Washington State to visit pretend fascists? The image that jumped into my head:

"From deep in the remote hills of Austria, the pure Aryan volk come out to Washington State to visit the plucky little nazis and give them some encouragement. They also brought large amounts of schnitzel and saurkraut."

Don't they just look so cute in lederhosen?

The darkside of Olympia

Evidently, Olympia is a hotbed of occult activity. I had no idea. Check it out:

OK. There are some other things going on. Go here to find like-minded souls.

Hey! Do you think we could get the witches to put a spell on the Nazis that would make them less hateful?

NSM Games

True to form, the NSM regional site now states that April 2 in Olympia won't happen, April 20 for Hitler's Birthday will happen in Olympia.

We've seen these games before. Wise to be alert this weekend, come to meeting if interested.

As for games, wouldn't chess be more enjoyable?

Cars downtown shot

Police: Someone shooting at cars driving on State Avenue

In the Breaking News section of Olympian:

Police: Someone shooting at cars driving on State Avenue



A shooter with a high-powered BB gun hit at least three cars driving down State Avenue this morning, shattering windows on two and denting a third.

One shot struck the back window of a car near a child in the back seat.

Olympia police are looking for a suspect they think shot from in or near the apartment building on the corner of State and Bethel Street at about 10:30 a.m. It’s the second time this week a BB gun has been used to shoot at cars on State Avenue, according to Police Cmdr. Tor Bjornstad.

Police have no suspects so far.

Community Planning Meeting, Friday, to Oppose Nazis in Olympia

This Sunday, April 2nd, the National Socialist Movement (main nazi group in U.S.) has announced they are having a rally in Sylvester Park at 2 P.M. The National Socialist Movement (NSM) is calling their rally in support of Rachel Corrie. Their trying to tie themselves to Rachel is obscene and unacceptable. Rachel was very committed to fighting anti-semitism.

There will be a community meeting tomorrow, Friday, March 31st at  6 P.M. to plan a response to the NSM rally on Sunday. We will be meeting at the Olympia Free School, 610 Columbia (by Legion).  Hope you can make it.

Peter Bohmer

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