Grrlcott Ralph's

Concerned community members are invited to discuss possible actions against Ralph's Thriftway, which refuses to stock emergency contraception (Plan B, "the morning after pill).  We will discuss such possibilities as picketing, boycotting  and utilizing the Board of Pharmacy complaint process to bring Ralph's into compliance with the Washington Administrative Code.  For some background on this issue, check out  this recent story in Works in Progress. 

Childcare will be provided in Room 206. 

The 1st OlyBlog meetup at the BroHo

And nobody got hurt. (Although there are some who will be punished for not attending, as soon as the caiman posse catches up with them, poor things.)

OlyBloggers in attendance: Sarah, Meta, Phil, Norm, Jade, V-ster, Rob and myself. The band was hot, and in between songs, the conversation alternated between goofy and profound (mostly goofy, I'm glad to report). Here are some pictures from the evening's events:

Here's the initial crew. From the left: Norm, Meta, Rob, and Rick (making the sign of the caiman). Sarah's taking the picture (sorry Jimbo).

This is Meta displaying the caiman symbol: ^@^. Scary.

In this picture, two angry caimans square off in an ancient ritual of caiman fighting.

Norm blogs the action in real time.

Adopt a Nazi #5

[Image courtesy of Groundview Productions]

This young man, Justin Boyer, is another N.W. connection. The rally permit for July 3rd state capitol steps from 2-4 pm is in his name, as is the registration form for "Patriots Against White Genocide". He can be reached at (email link down).

Justin has a lot of energy and a desire to make a difference in the world, I would very much like to see his passion redirected towards something productive like Habitat for Humanity. Any other ideas welcome. Career choices can be difficult for anyone, especially youth.

Please also welcome Justin Boyer to OlyBlog, he now has a membership. Perhaps together we can sort out any misunderstandings and also come to some agreements for the safety and well being of all.

Adopt a Nazi #1 , #2, #3, #4

Nazis come to OlyWa: A history (so far)

Update 10/2006 - Justin Boyer has left the National Socialist Movement, moved back to Ohio, and is now Ohio State Unit Leader for the American National Socialist Worker's Party (Bill White's group).

Why Olympia?

Bill White, the spokesman for the National Socialist Movement, states on his blog:

The National Socialist Movement is rallying in your city because our members live there, instead of just passing through while doing a few years there at Evergreen College.

Feel free to respond either on his blog or here, or even both places. It seems Nazis misunderstand the wonders of Olympia.

Wifi across Pierce County?

Wifi not only in Tacoma, but in Puyallup, Orting and Eatonville? Say it is so! From muniwireless:

The Rainier Communications Commission (RCC) is seeking information in the attached Request for Information (RFI) for its member communities on the best ways to deploy a wireless broadband system or systems to serve the internal needs of its member jurisdictions, as well as the external needs of their residents, businesses and visitors.

Based on the responses to the RFI, the RCC and its member jurisdictions may choose to move forward immediately with either a pilot or full system implementation, so it is important to respond to the RFI at this stage. Respondents are encouraged to provide information concerning all of the elements detailed in the RFI, but may alternatively respond to the subset of elements where they have the most knowledge or that are most pertinent to the products and services they provide.

 As you're considering a move north of the Nisqually River, please join the conversation on wifi (wireless internet) in Olympia going on right now at Better South Sound.

Inside of a dog it is too dark to read

Of the many places downtown I find that I have a special place in my heart for the library.  I know that it is a crappy late 70’s building and it is way overcrowded.  Actually I kind of like the crowd.  It tells me that Olympians really use their library.  I like that I see people from all walks of life there.  And though it is a late 70’s vintage building it seems to have taken on a special character due to the people that frequent it.  Besides it is right next to Fertile Ground and Media Island and the cool street furniture and art at the intersection, and you all know how much I love intersections.

We do need a new library, not to reduce the crowds or the proximity between users, I like the cheek and jowl that goes on at the library.  Any new building would represent what the community wants in the library, hopefully from the get go.  No doubt it will evolve from there.  I suspect that there will be a new library in our future.  I’d like to see a larger library, to be sure, with more materials available on the shelf.  I’d like to see more room for the various functions that currently require rationing by the library.

I’d also like to see that the library, when the new building is built, provide some new services for the public.  I’d like to see later hours.  At least to midnight.  I’d like to see year round Sunday hours.  I’d like to see public showers.  Huh?  Hey, if you are going to build a building from the ground up it is at that point you add the features needed by the community.  One of the things that the homeless need in Olympia is a place to shower, and also do laundry.  So adjacent to the library, when it is built, I’d propose a wash room, staffed by volunteers where people could shower and do laundry. The library, by its very nature is a drop in center for the homeless, and a finer place I can’t imagine.  Let the library be more humane in the future, longer hours, a place to get clean and to clean up your act.

The caiman posse is coming for you

The OlyBlog meetup is underway, so if you aren't at the Brotherhood in the next 30 minutes, the caimans are coming to get you. This is serious.

It's Monday, so this must be the BroHo

Headin' down there now. See y'all there.

Adopt a Nazi #4

[Image via]

Please welcome Cpl. Jill Laoch, National Socialist Movement Director of Women's Affairs. She can be reached at (10/2008 email down). At the April 2006 NSM rally at Lansing, Michigan Ms. Laoch is quoted as saying "We need, as Aryans, a country of our own. Our race is our country. And right now the Aryan people don't have a nation. The melting pot has destroyed it."

I've watched a video of the Lansing rally, I do recall Ms. Laoch expressing a loud opinion about "shit", I don't recall the specifics, only that it was not gently expressed. If the NSM absolutely has to perform in Olympia on July 3rd, and if women absolutely must be members, I hope we get a chance to hear Cpl. Jill Laoch speak. (Update: Alas, Ms. Laoch did not appear.)

Eventually I will write up entries for two more NSM members as part of our adoption plan. I also will be filling in some rank and titles. If anyone has any special requests just let me know.

Remember to play well with others, share your Nazis, and spread the word.

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Nazi Watch Kit
Tools of Citizen Journalism
Nazis come to OlyWa: A history (so far)

What businesses can do to help!

Paul Schrag, of the Business Examiner ( wrote this article for the online edition. Most of it's stuff I've heard before, but it's accessible and informative. It's great to know that there are folks out there talking about this stuff and looking for creative ways to address it. The article is here.

I recommend it to anyone who's had dark thoughts, either about panhandlers or about business owners. I will be meeting with Paul on Wednesday to talk about the Urban Layers Project and get his input on how to make it appealing to businesses.
ps--I thought the smoking ban destroyed the Spar. Can't have it both ways, Alan.
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