Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jed Whittaker and I am an independent candidate for Congress in the third congressional district.  My main platform is to end the war in Iraq, impeach George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, balance the budget (because I am a fiscal conservative), and Univeral Health care.  We are spending $120 billion a year on the war in Iraq, and that is money we could be using to provide free health care to all Americans.  I am a graduate of Evergreen State College, and a member of the Laborer's Union Local 252.  I have never crossed a picket line and I never will.  I lived in Alaska for 40 years, and helped found the Green Party in Alaska.  I have lived in Olympia for 4 years.  I filed a lawsuit against the discriminatory election law in Washington state, which I lost last Friday(you won't read about it in the Olympian). I have challenged the incumbent congressman, Brian Baird, to donate $800,000 of the over $900,000 in his campaign fund to Bread and Roses to build a shelter for homeless veterans of the Iraq war.  We already have homeless veterans of the Iraq war living on the streets of Olympia. Thank you for reading. Peace.

Rally Video

Mindfelon has video up on YouTube. Caution, this is video done by the NSM.

Part #1

Part #2
Part #3

Ideas for Olympia

I've started to collect the great ideas that people have proposed on a single page that someone new to the site could easily access. I'm working off memory for the most part, so I need some help to make sure we got all the good stuff that has been discussed on the blog. I'm thinking mainly about long-term ideas such as infrastructure improvement or better tools for building community (but I'm open to other suggestions). You can see what I've pulled together so far here.

Green Scare in Olympia

The (in)Justice Department and the FBI (Fuckin' Bunch of Intimidators) are continuing to poke around Olympia trying to get more names to add to the witch hunt list they have been developing in the face of approaching statute of limitations regarding arsons commited in the mid 90's.

A number of individuals in town have been approached by the feds but our neighbors are standing strong against these government thugs.

Stay strong friends, the Earth Mother is on our side.

Recently in Federal Court in Tacoma former Olympia resident Brianna Waters was released from home monitoring pending her trial on arson charges.

Below is post from Portland Indymedia site regarding oly resident Jim Dawson.
Check for more on other Green Scare defendants, some who are current or former residents of Olympia.

Read more:

Nazis at Evergreen?

Is there any truth to the rumor that the NSMers were staying at the Evergreen dorms? I heard that the employees of the cafeteria were forewarned, and instructed that they had to come into work that day. The school said they would provide escorts for employees to and from their cars if they were afraid. Is this true?

Rally to be held in support of Ehren Watada

On Wed., Jul. 5, the Associated Press reported that the U.S.  Army  has filed three charges against First Lieutenant Ehren K. Watada: missing   movement, contempt toward officials, and conduct unbecoming an officer.

Supporters are planning to be at the Exit 119 overpass on I-5 at 5:00 p.m. on Thurs., Jul. 6, to make a strong show of support for Lt. Watada, who refused on Jun. 27 to obey an order to deploy to Iraq because he believes  the war there is illegal.

It's the architecture, baby

I was looking at the pictures on one of the Nazi's sites (David Pringle -- any relation to the potato chip guy?), when I finally got it (duh!) about why the NSM choose to meet at the Capitol building. It's the neo-classical architecture that they're drawn to because it allows them the pretend that there is some remnant of Das Dritte Reich still around.

Hitler was wedded to the idea that architecture and ideology were tightly linked, and his plan was to completely rebuild Berlin in the huge, out-of-scale, nazi-classical style. This also explains why most of the pictures they took were away from the crowd, and toward the buildings. They staged the whole thing just as for an opportunity to take some photos!

Friday Picket at Ralph's, 7/7, 5-7 p.m.

Too many people just couldn't wait until after the planning meeting (Monday, July 10, the Olympia Center, Room B, 7-9 p.m., free childcare in room 206) to picket Ralph's again.  So we'll be back out there this Friday, 7/7, from 5 - 7 p.m.  Bring your friends, your parents, your kids, popsicles, dogs, signs, your kids' friends, sunblock, coat-hangers or whatever makes it fun and meaningful for you.  I'll bring signs, water and pledge cards. 

Water supply and resources

Suggested topic for the City Council (if not already pursued)-

On the footsteps of the Lacey City Council's recent issues with water quality, conservation, and resources, what incentives (if any) is the City of Olympia providing to the community to encourage the conservation and re-use of water?

Examples: Free rain barrels, free rain garden designs, incentives to pursue tertiary wastewater treatment upgrades, collection and re-use of stormwater, free septic system inspections...

Examples of measures not considered "incentives": Fee hikes, restricting water use, imposing restrictions on watering days, septic system non-compliance fees.

Saving our Home (Planet Earth)

I finally went to see An Inconvenient Truth and it was well done and worth seeing for anyone who's interested in living on planet Earth or wishes their progeny to continue to live on Earth.

I learned things like an ice age can occur in my lifetime (within 10 years), polar bears are drowning because they can't find ice (even though they can swim 100 miles), and the reduction of CFC's has been successful in stopping the ozone hole from growing!

Things I'm going to work on to reduce Carbon Dioxide:

1.  Get an insulation blanket for my water heater (save 1,000 pounds of CO2)

2.  Unplug electronics from the wall when I'm not using them

3.  Buy more fresh foods

4.  Avoid buying as many packaged products

for more ideas on what you can do visit: 

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