The Hat Affair

Trying to untangle the recent flap about the Una-Sailor, I found this photo on Google Images. It's from It not only illustrates the object of our confusion, but speaks volumes about both British fashion and seafarers' fashion. I hope we can all learn from this. Don't jump to conclusions, and don't invite misunderstanding by wearing a silly hat in your silhouette portrait.

How many blogs can a girl keep up???

I doubt I'll be putting a whole lot here but I just had to totally keep up with the in crowd and at least be a pseudo Olyblogger, ya know? =)

Port Commissioners try a hasty meeting on the Military issue

A brief account of the public comment at Monday's meeting of the Port Commissioners at the GA building - June 12 2006 5:30-7:00PM

Sorry if I butcher the spellings of anyone's name. I went from my notes only, and forgot to photograph the sign-in sheets. (old reporter's trick)

The Port Commissioners held a meeting on Monday in the General Administration Auditorium, on the Capitol Campus. The GA building houses the Capitol Campus Detatchment of the Washington State Patrol, and is known for an especially bad 1950's mosaic of Paul Bunyon and nuclear power in the foyer.

The meeting started at 5:30PM, and I was late - about 10 minutes late. I had been delayed at my store (while shopping for a pie) because I had to take OPD officer Greg Brown's photograph for my web page. The argument which ensued ate some of the time I had planned to spend in my car.

As I walked into the GA Auditorium, Banana Cream pie in hand, the commissioners fidgeted and stared. Would they be the first to taste the pie? They wondered and stared at the package, safely parked on the floor just in front of my feet.

The agenda had been moving at a lightning pace, and I only had a few minutes to survey the room and see that I had not shown up alone. Thirty One people had signed into the guest log; many more staff and longshoremen also filled the hall. Somewhere near ten fully dressed WSP officers stalked the edges of the crowd, also wondering who would first taste the creamy banana pie at my feet. Everyone loves a pie.

Art West spoke, and I forgot to take notes. Oops! I pulled out of my proctological self exam and turned over the meeting agenda packet - thankfully, the Commission staff decided that one sided copies were sufficient for the 30+ pages of minutes and agenda contained in the packet. Cool - I had note paper. I pulled out my pen and got down to it.

Jeff Brigham spoke, and pointed out that the "mob" of young people who self-appointed themselves to hold the Port responsible for its part in the war in Iraq had not been elected; he argued that the election of Paul Telford (33,000 votes, 25% of the registered voters in Thurston County) and Steve Pottle (43,000 votes, 33% of the voters of Thurston County) had proven that the people of Thurston County wanted the war, and were happy with the military's illegal use of our port. He forgot that no one ran in opposition to either candidate on a clear antiwar message, and thus voters who might have turned out in that election were not actually given a choice.

How many piercings do I have?

The conversation continues with Bill White the Nazi spokesman via his blog:

This bit from Mr. White about Olympia is interesting:

That said, I think your opposition is a lot less diverse than you believe it to be. Really, you're sort of a monolith of destruction and hate -- phony, Jewish "diversity" -- where ideas are all the same but the trivial surface things -- like how many piercings you have or how you wear your dreadlocks -- are "diverse".

Lions and tigers ang gays! Oh My!

Unless you've had you're head in the sand for the past few weeks, you've heard the horrible news, the gays want to get married again. It wasn't enough that awhile back they had the shiny golden symbol of righteousness and everlasting proof that Jesus loves you given and then boondoggled out from under them like veteran's benefits, now they want to get hitched again. Or wait, no, they've always wanted to get married, it's just once again cool to NOT want them to get married. It's confusing, I know. Even someone of my intellect (self-taught by the way) has trouble keeping up.

So let me see if I can break it down. The republicans are in trouble, that's argueable I suppose so let me rephrase - the republicans feel like they're in trouble, especially with their base, hard right fundamentalist christians. The president has had them discontent for a while now. What better way to gain back the support of the true believers? Talk about gay marriage. Better yet, talk about a constitutional amendment banning it. So that's what they've done, and that's where we're at. Once again having the tired, lame, sorry-ass(pardon my german) debate about gay marriage.

I'd like to start this debate by laying out my thoughts on this topic, the framing of the first two I'm pilfering from Jon Stewart.

This is a debate not about love, or family values, it is a debate about whether homosexuality is a part of the human condition or just some strange fetish.

The "slippery slope into poligamy" argument is shit (I'm not even german!), poligamy is a choice, homosexuality is a natural occurance in human beings, kind of like being left handed, or stupid. Some people say that this is about marriage being a more important institution in America than say, voting. If you allow anybody to marry anybody you dilute that sacred institution. I want to know how. Haven't straight people diluted it enough? If you talk to homosexuals (wear a face mask so they don't suck your soul out of your mouth, they do that) who want to get married, it's for all of the same things that people will state they want to protect by keeping the gays from marrying.

Grrlcott Ralph's

Concerned community members are invited to discuss possible actions against Ralph's Thriftway, which refuses to stock emergency contraception (Plan B, "the morning after pill).  We will discuss such possibilities as picketing, boycotting  and utilizing the Board of Pharmacy complaint process to bring Ralph's into compliance with the Washington Administrative Code.  For some background on this issue, check out  this recent story in Works in Progress. 

Childcare will be provided in Room 206. 

The 1st OlyBlog meetup at the BroHo

And nobody got hurt. (Although there are some who will be punished for not attending, as soon as the caiman posse catches up with them, poor things.)

OlyBloggers in attendance: Sarah, Meta, Phil, Norm, Jade, V-ster, Rob and myself. The band was hot, and in between songs, the conversation alternated between goofy and profound (mostly goofy, I'm glad to report). Here are some pictures from the evening's events:

Here's the initial crew. From the left: Norm, Meta, Rob, and Rick (making the sign of the caiman). Sarah's taking the picture (sorry Jimbo).

This is Meta displaying the caiman symbol: ^@^. Scary.

In this picture, two angry caimans square off in an ancient ritual of caiman fighting.

Norm blogs the action in real time.

Adopt a Nazi #5

[Image courtesy of Groundview Productions]

This young man, Justin Boyer, is another N.W. connection. The rally permit for July 3rd state capitol steps from 2-4 pm is in his name, as is the registration form for "Patriots Against White Genocide". He can be reached at (email link down).

Justin has a lot of energy and a desire to make a difference in the world, I would very much like to see his passion redirected towards something productive like Habitat for Humanity. Any other ideas welcome. Career choices can be difficult for anyone, especially youth.

Please also welcome Justin Boyer to OlyBlog, he now has a membership. Perhaps together we can sort out any misunderstandings and also come to some agreements for the safety and well being of all.

Adopt a Nazi #1 , #2, #3, #4

Nazis come to OlyWa: A history (so far)

Update 10/2006 - Justin Boyer has left the National Socialist Movement, moved back to Ohio, and is now Ohio State Unit Leader for the American National Socialist Worker's Party (Bill White's group).

Why Olympia?

Bill White, the spokesman for the National Socialist Movement, states on his blog:

The National Socialist Movement is rallying in your city because our members live there, instead of just passing through while doing a few years there at Evergreen College.

Feel free to respond either on his blog or here, or even both places. It seems Nazis misunderstand the wonders of Olympia.

Wifi across Pierce County?

Wifi not only in Tacoma, but in Puyallup, Orting and Eatonville? Say it is so! From muniwireless:

The Rainier Communications Commission (RCC) is seeking information in the attached Request for Information (RFI) for its member communities on the best ways to deploy a wireless broadband system or systems to serve the internal needs of its member jurisdictions, as well as the external needs of their residents, businesses and visitors.

Based on the responses to the RFI, the RCC and its member jurisdictions may choose to move forward immediately with either a pilot or full system implementation, so it is important to respond to the RFI at this stage. Respondents are encouraged to provide information concerning all of the elements detailed in the RFI, but may alternatively respond to the subset of elements where they have the most knowledge or that are most pertinent to the products and services they provide.

 As you're considering a move north of the Nisqually River, please join the conversation on wifi (wireless internet) in Olympia going on right now at Better South Sound.

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