Stop CAT - National Day of Action

Stop CAT National Day of Action

June 14th, 2006


This will be our third year demonstrating at NC Machinery for the National Day of Action coinciding with the annual Caterpillar shareholder meeting on June 14th. This meeting was postponed from April to June due to the proximity of the anniversary of Rachel’s death and the censorship of the play, “May Name Is Rachel Corrie”.  Caterpillar recently spent millions of dollars on a public relations campaign to clean up its image as a perpetrator of human rights abuses. We are already affecting Caterpillar Inc. through education, media and direct pressure.


A member of the Olympia community will traveling to Chicago to attend the shareholder meeting and to support a resolution challenging Caterpillar Inc. to abide by its own code of conduct which states, “as a company, we strive to contribute toward a global environment in which all people can work safely and live healthy, productive lives, now and in the future.” On this day, we need you to demonstrate your support of the resolution and hold CAT accountable.

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