The darkside of Olympia

Evidently, Olympia is a hotbed of occult activity. I had no idea. Check it out:

OK. There are some other things going on. Go here to find like-minded souls.

Hey! Do you think we could get the witches to put a spell on the Nazis that would make them less hateful?

NSM Games

True to form, the NSM regional site now states that April 2 in Olympia won't happen, April 20 for Hitler's Birthday will happen in Olympia.

We've seen these games before. Wise to be alert this weekend, come to meeting if interested.

As for games, wouldn't chess be more enjoyable?

Cars downtown shot

Police: Someone shooting at cars driving on State Avenue

In the Breaking News section of Olympian:

Police: Someone shooting at cars driving on State Avenue



A shooter with a high-powered BB gun hit at least three cars driving down State Avenue this morning, shattering windows on two and denting a third.

One shot struck the back window of a car near a child in the back seat.

Olympia police are looking for a suspect they think shot from in or near the apartment building on the corner of State and Bethel Street at about 10:30 a.m. It’s the second time this week a BB gun has been used to shoot at cars on State Avenue, according to Police Cmdr. Tor Bjornstad.

Police have no suspects so far.

Community Planning Meeting, Friday, to Oppose Nazis in Olympia

This Sunday, April 2nd, the National Socialist Movement (main nazi group in U.S.) has announced they are having a rally in Sylvester Park at 2 P.M. The National Socialist Movement (NSM) is calling their rally in support of Rachel Corrie. Their trying to tie themselves to Rachel is obscene and unacceptable. Rachel was very committed to fighting anti-semitism.

There will be a community meeting tomorrow, Friday, March 31st at  6 P.M. to plan a response to the NSM rally on Sunday. We will be meeting at the Olympia Free School, 610 Columbia (by Legion).  Hope you can make it.

Peter Bohmer

Neo-Nazis: Easter Eggs, Statue Protest, Now April Fool's Day?

Is no holiday or artwork safe from the critical eye of Neo-Nazis?

The National Socialist Movement on their regional web site is running an announcement at the moment that they will be rallying in Olympia at Sylvester Park at 2PM this Sunday, which is April 2nd.

The NSM does like to put out false announcements and then at last minute change details and location.

My guess is that they will turn up in Olympia sometime this weekend.

Esmerelda Strange and 1 Man Banjo

April 5. Radio KAOS in the afternoon. The Yes Yes Alliance at night. 320 4th Avenue. Olympia WA. w/ Jordan O’ Jordan, The Grizzle Grazzle Trashcan Band, more.

Myth of the opt-out mom

Apropos of the "Women Now" conference coming up. From

The number of US mothers who also work outside the home is actually on the rise.

By Stephanie Coontz

OLYMPIA, WASH. -- In 1998, Brenda Barnes quit her job as head of Pepsi's North American Division to spend more time with her kids. Since then, hardly a month has gone by without some media outlet reporting that affluent, highly educated mothers are opting out of their jobs to become full-time homemakers. If Helen of Troy was the woman whose face launched a thousand ships, Ms. Barnes was the woman whose resignation launched a thousand myths.

Add steelhead to the list


By PEGGY ANDERSEN / Associated Press

The federal government is proposing to list Puget Sound steelhead as "threatened" under the federal Endangered Species Act. The move starts the clock on a 12-month process to determine whether a listing is warranted.

An "endangered" listing means the species is in danger of extinction. "Threatened" indicates the species is likely to become endangered within the foreseeable future.

"We wouldn't be proposing to list these guys if their situation wasn't perilous," said spokesman Brian Gorman with the National Marine Fisheries Service, which proposed the listing.

"But by the same token, we think we can make some progress with the state on hatchery reform, and we will continue to look at causes for decline and signs of progress as we reach the anniversary of the proposal" on March 29, 2007.

NMFS reviewed the steelhead's status as recently as 1996, when it determined the population did not warrant a listing. But agency scientists said then they were concerned about the health of summer-run stocks — one of four annual runs — and the harmful effects of hatchery-raised steelhead on wild steelhead runs.

Since then, agency biologists have noted widespread declines in Puget Sound steelhead populations, despite reductions in the sport-fishing harvest of natural steelhead. Only hatchery-raised fish may be kept by anglers.

In September 2004, retired fish biologist Sam Wright of Olympia urged the government to list the fish, saying, "Nearly all the river systems have distinct downward trends in population abundance and are not even coming close to replacing themselves from generation to generation."

Judge tosses poll tax

From the Seattle PI:

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- A marijuana conviction took away Beverly DuBois's right to vote.

The former park ranger, who became disabled after a car accident, said she thought that once she was released after serving nine months in prison, her rights would immediately be restored. But nearly $2,000 in court-ordered fees kept her from regaining her ability to cast a ballot.

"It's been frustrating," she said. "I'm on disability. I can only afford to pay $10 a month. Until it's paid off, I couldn't vote. A person who has money gets out of jail, they pay their fine, they can vote."

But a King County Superior Court judge ruled Monday that DuBois and others like her cannot be barred from voting just because they owe fines.

"There is no logic in the assumption that a person in possession of sufficient resources to pay the obligation immediately is the more law-abiding citizen, indeed, the better example of respect for our justice system may very well be the indigent who manages for years to make monthly payments toward the obligation," Judge Michael Spearman wrote.

Thus, contrary to what many have been suggesting, the issue is not whether ex-felons should be able to vote. It is whether the state can discriminate against poor vs. rich ex-felons.

Update: The state has decided to appeal the ruling.

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