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Calling the caiman host. No Tune Stranglers tonight, but good tunes, nonetheless. See you down here.

Not in Our Town

Not in Our Town:  The documentary film will air on TCTV, cable channel 22, at 8 p.m. Thursday, noon June 27 and 1 p.m. July 1.

Looking for Olympia beer Collectibles

I am looking for new places to find Olympia beer collectibles. It seems like it just keeps getting harder to find those great Oly beer collectibles. I found a great place in the Homespun antique mall in tumwater across from Costco, Does anyone no any other stores with a good selection of Olympia beer stuff?

About the Tacoma Sanctuary

I am currently volunteering at the First United Methodist Church in Tacoma, the church which has opened its doors to active duty soldiers and sailors who morally object to serving in the occupation of Iraq.

We just got a call from an acquaintance of the church, saying that right wing radio station KVI is talking about us. Apparently, KVI has reported that the military has posted two MPs to stand guard outside the church to make sure no soldiers enter.

If KVI has indeed reported this,

This is absolutely not the case. There are no MPs, or anyone, standing guard outside the church. It would be illegal for the military to post guards here, in a civilian setting. Soldiers break no laws by entering these doors. Even if they intend to accept the offer of sanctuary, they only break the law if and when they fail to report to duty. Furthermore, there are any number of reasons why an active duty soldier might enter the church that have nothing to do with the sanctuary. They may seek a marriage, or may request to speak to their pastor. Using such intimidationary tacitcs would be in violation of the guarantees to free speech and peaceful assembly that are inherent in the writing of the constitution.

This is a deliberate and underhanded lie on the part of KVI, intended to scare away people who are considering applying for sanctuary.

Celebration of Dictators

[via olyunity]

I was very impressed with your adopt a Nazi idea and it hit home again how humor is such a great tool for change.

So with that in mind I came up with this idea.  

I say we should call for a celebration of dictators! Come dressed as your choice of tyrant.

Like the day of the dead. Even have a prize for the best of show.

Caligula, Stalin, Mao, there will be plenty of little Hitler's showing up but not so many of the others listed below.

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A Story to Think About (NAZIS!KKK!ACTION!)

i decided to post this because this account of events in the past in anywhere, usa has really changed my thinking towards how to approach and take action towards an invasion or threat against our safe little bubble. i don't want these bone heads to get any kids in our town mixed up in this kind of bs. anyway, here it is and it comes license free from crimethinc:

Fighting Terrorism Begins at Home
How and why we used direct action to thwart a fascist rally, and what we learned

report courtesy of the usual suspect

Our story begins at the polar opposite of liberation and self-determination: an utterly apolitical, consumerist macho hardcore show. A former bandmate of mine was on tour with a popular band in the genre, and I went to see them at the rock club where they were opening for another band that had a music video on MTV. There were four fights during their set alone.

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Corporate personhood Initiative

Due to my own procrastination,I am only now processing an initiative to redefine 'person' as a human being only, and not a corporation.  As it is today, corporations are considered people, and are therefore given all the rights of citizens.  They have won lawsuits for false advertising under the first amendment right to free speech.  Blackwater and similar mercenary groups have arisen under the second amendment protections.  EPA and other inspections have been shirked by fourth amendment protections.  Testimony has been curtailed and lawsuits have been quashed under the fifth amendment.  Basically, corporations, get life liberty and the pursuit of happiness today.  If you don't want Walmart in your neighborhood, they will be able to defend themselves from a stance of discrimination.  For background on how the 14th amendment wound up applicable to Corporations, see my post somewhere under the Beating Walmart thread. 

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Loose Change 9/11 Documentary Free Online

Just wanted to be sure everyone in Olympia has seen this.

Loose Change
New 9/11 documentary by Dylan Avery. Free viewing online, DVD available.

Here's the Decider-in Chief responding [sic] to 911 doubts: Bush-911.mp4

Who's Your Nazi?


Vote for your Nazi, read about them in the Adopt a Nazi series (tons of other good info and discussion links on this page), start a penpal via email correspondence if you like, please let us know if you get a response.

We have a clear winner at this moment on the poll, though just a few new votes can turn the tide.

Nazis born in test tubes

And raised in orphanages. This is the only reasonable explanation for why they would have chosen Father's Day to bring their sordid circus to Olympia. On a day when every other human is spending some quality time with dad -- doing some fishing, watching some soccer, having a meal -- the nazis are trying to pick fights on the street. How pathetic is that? They really do need to be adopted, because they need parents!

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