lost dog on the eastside

Do you know anybody missing a brown pit bull-type female (correction: male) dog?  He's been wandering around the last couple of days.  Seems really mellow, but may be injured.

(We tried calling Animal Services, but w/out a place to confine him, he just sort of melted away when they showed up.)

brown dog

Inconvenient time?

Phil and I are going to see An Inconvenient Truth tonight at 7:50 at the inconvenient theater. We would love to have a whole pack of OlyBlogsters come with us! Especially everyone.

Health care forum review and Thurston County Blue

I just posted a review of the Thurston Democrats' forum on health care last Monday at TC Blue. The discussion at the forum was pretty interesting, we had a pretty good panel. The crowd was light, but then again, it was a nice evening.

Thurston County Blue is the about month-old blog of the Thurston Democrats. The purpose of which is to foster the same kind of open, community discussion that we have here among Democrats. Check it out.

Open letter from Carolyn Ho

Carolyn Ho, Lt. Watada's mom wrote this open letter last night and asked for friends to pass it on:

June 22, 2006
Dear Fellow Americans,

I am the mother of Lt. Ehren Watada, an officer stationed at Ft. Lewis. He is part of a Stryker brigade unit that deployed today to Iraq. Despite an unflinching commitment to his men and to democratic ideals, he chose not to accompany his men. His decision came through much soul-searching and through research and consultation with experts across disciplines, inside and outside of the military and the government.

After weighing the evidence, he came to the conclusion that he could no longer be silent while atrocities were committed in the name of democracy. He could no longer be a tool of an administration that used deception and lies to make the case for pre-emptive war.

As a member of the armed forces, sworn to uphold the US Constitution, he refuses to blindly participate in a war of aggression, an illegal war that undermines who we are as a nation and violates international law. Implicit in his oath as an officer is the duty to disobey all unlawful orders for; to carry out these orders renders him an accomplice to a criminal act. Furthermore, to order his men to participate in a war of aggression multiplies his guilt a thousand fold. His conscience will not permit him to do so. He believes that he can best serve them by taking a stand against the war. In so doing, he demonstrates that one does not relinquish the freedom to choose what is right, even in the military, and that the freedom to choose what is right transcends the allegiance to man and institutions.

As a mother, I have evolved from fearing for his safety and for his future to the realization that there is a higher purpose to all that has transpired. My son no longer stands at the crossroads. He has chosen “the road less travelled.

Jade quoted in the Olympian today

Under the title of:
Land-use initiative attracts protest

Other activists, like campaign staffer Dan Stonington, carried signs that asked why taxpayers would have to pay for lawyers' fees if property owners make claims. They made their way along city sidewalks talking to voters, including Jade Sousa, a Thurston County native whose family has a farm.

"I don't know enough about it" to support or oppose it, Sousa said, clasping her half-dozing baby, Ezra, in her arms. "As someone who lives on a small farm, I'm concerned about taxes and growth, and what kind of growth we encourage."

Sousa said she would hate to see anything that encourages sprawl, which I-933 foes imply is a potential result of the measure's loosening of land-use controls.

New buildings on campus, Capitol Way (oh I'll be so happy when we're not talking about that) and Town Hall meetings

Three things of interest to me this week in the packet, the most of which is the decision about what we're going to talk about on September 28 during our Town Hall meeting. Go here and comment if you think you have a better idea than the city council.

Trust me, you probably do, unless you want to talk about Zero Waste.

The other two things are the Capitol Way compromise and what things will look like when they finally take down the ugliest building in Oly.

Read my report here.

Download the packet here

Solve a Mystery

OperaGirl would like to adopt this Nazi, who is he?

[Photo courtesy of Groundview Productions]

Unity in the Community Festival

Please join your friends and neighbors for the Unity in the Community Festival, Sunday, July 2nd from 10 am till 5 pm in Sylvester Park located in Downtown Olympia.

This Unity in the Community Festival will be a family -friendly event featuring speakers, music, dance performance, spoken word performance, food booths and kid's activities. This event is intended to celebrate the broad diversity of our community and to encourage unity in the face of hate groups which seek to divide us.

Please note that the actual National Socialist Movement (Nazi) rally will be held the following day, July 3rd on the State Capital Steps. This event is intended to be entirely separate from that event.

For more information please email us at: info@olympiaunityinthecommunity.org

To see the event flyer, please go to: here.

Bill White - Arkan

Welcome and please enjoy being anagramed in true OlyBlog style.
Bill White
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Bill White Arkan
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