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Go here to register for the peace conference titled: "A Conference Cultivating a Just and Enduring Peace for the People of Palestine and Israel."

A conversation with a Nazi

From Justin Vela:

Where was he from?

Did he come to Seattle all the way from LA for this?
No. He lived in Seattle now.

Did he consider himself a Nazi?
No. He was a skinhead.

Why did he have a swatsika tattoo then?
He earned the tattoo.

He had a swatsika tattoo, but he wasn't a Nazi?

Did he have any kids?
Yes. He had a little girl who was five.

When she grew up would she be allowed to date black people?
Yes. She could date them. She just couldn't fornicate with them.

Was he a racist?
No. He he didn't hate black people. Just niggers. Niggers were people who pissed him off.

So was he a racist?
No. He wasn't. But the counterprotesters were. They were racist against skinheads.

Where did he learn about all this skinhead stuff?
From his brother. He had been hanging out with skinheads since kindergarten.

Where was his brother now?

New Olympia blogs

Cool new blogs are appearing each day. Here are three more that have recently come to my attention:

  • Blinded by Science
    Lonely, forlorn, dreadful romantic, clock fixer, collector of coats, tired, prone to fits of glee.
  • In the Garden with Humblesnail
    The sometimes random thoughts and pictorial journey of a Northwest gardener and her backyard.
  • Justin Vela
    Justin Vela is an independent journalist currently based in Olympia, Washington. His worked has appeared in The Argus Courier, The Gunnison Times, Day in the Life of Marin, and the University of San Francisco Magazine. He has covered the last five years of the anti-war movement, the 2nd innaguration of President George W. Bush, Hurricane Rita's aftermath, and the homeless movement in San Francisco.

A farce in five acts

A sordid tale of a small group of nazis who came to Olympia.

Crashing the Gates

'Crashing the Gate' with Jerome Armstrong & Markos Moulitsas Zuniga

On Saturday the 8th at 7pm we'll be having Jerome Armstrong and Markos Moulitsas Zuniga in store to talk about and sign copies of their book 'Crashing the Gate, Netroots, Grassroots, and the Rise of People-Powered Politics'.

The authors, two of the most popular political bloggers in the country, lay bare 'with passion and precision, how ineffective, incompetent, and antiquated the Democratic Party establishment has become, and how it has failed to adapt and respond to new realities and challenges seized on by the Republican ideologues who are now running - and ruining - our country'.

It will be a great night and a great event - come along, bring your friends, be inspired!

Check out the book's website and the Blog-sites which started it all - and

King 5 Rocks!

Neo-Nazis find resistance at Washington state capitol

Watch the video clip of the NSM visit Sunday to Olympia.

Peter Bohmer—4/2/06, Talk at Heritage Park

Thank You for coming!!

I am here today for many reasons! 

My mom and dad grew up Jewish in Austria in the 1930’s—when my dad was 22, Nazis marched into Austria in 1938—he was arrested for being active in the Jewish community of Vienna—in four prisons for five months—beaten many times, my mom got him out—still possible. He went immediately to France and came to New York City in 1939 where I was born and lived there through high school. Many of our relatives like my uncle went to concentration camps—some survived, some were killed. My grandfather hid in a farm in Czechoslovakia where he died during World War II. I am here today for them. My parents believe in the dignity of all humans but felt very powerless, fatalistic—on the other hand growing up in the 1960’s together with my background and family values—my response was different-Never again to me means fighting and organizing against all oppression—as the U.S. continued its murderous war against Vietnam it meant organizing with all of my energy against that war—35 years later challenging oppression also means opposing the U.S. criminal war in Iraq. I would say we in the United States have even more of a responsibility to speak up than Germans did during Hitler because information was more available here in the U.S. and repression wasn’t as great—understanding that repression in the U.S. was greater against Blacks and people of color than whites.


New way I'm doing the city council updates

I'm doing something different with my weekly city council posts from now on. I will continue posting a short summary of what is in the weekly packet here at Olyblog, but in interest of kick starting the discussion over at Better South Sound, I'll be posting the entire thing over there.

This week, there is a discussion on the future of our sidewalks, how the city works with community events like Lakefair to provide services, but also not break the bank. For example, Lakefair costs the city over $60,000 but all other community events only $12,000. Wow.

And, there is posted in the packet the minutes of the joing Port of Olympia/City of Olympia meeting. Read the entire summary here and discuss.

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