I'm writing a screenplay as a side-project in life.

Actually, I plan on writing a few but this is my first real attempt to write a screenplay which I plan on (in the future) pitching.

At any rate, I need a little input (stevenl's opinion would be much appreciated).

Would it be a realistic scenario to have Pope Benedict XVI giving a welcome speech in Turkey in relation to Turkey joining the European Union?

NSM in Olympia: Report by Peter Bohmer

The 5 NSM members arrived today, June 18th, at about 11:15 A.M. by King Solomon's Reef restaurant, downtown on 4th. I think they leafletted some neighborhoods in Olympia earlier today.

They, the NSM, were particularly hateful towards African-Americans. Solidarity with the African-American community here is especially important if we are serious about working for justice.

Sunday, June 18th- I was in downtown Olympia today from just before noon until a little past 1:00 when the five NSM members left. I first saw them at 5th and Capitol when they were at the outskirts of the street fair in uniform and with Nazi flag.


Nazis visit DNA Street Fair and are largely ignored

A group of five NSM members visited downtown Olympia a little before 11AM Sunday, and walked around the edges of the Downtown Neighborhood Association street fair for about an hour and a half, before retreating to the corner of 4th and Franklin for another half hour.

They left after a total of two hours, and drove home.

Many people have asked - "what would happen if we just ignore them?" Well, this is what happened: they taunted people on the street, looking for a fight, and spent a lot of time asking out loud, "Where are all the protesters?"

They also had the two young men with them, who are seen in the photo at First Christian Church. There are other photos on the way.

They asked where "Sarah" was, and asked if I would give my photos to Drew Hendricks. Silly Nazis.


Movie Dads

I was watching Blow again the other day (for the umpteen-millionth time) and got to thinking, Which movie dad would translate the best into real life?

I would have to say Ray Liotta in Blow.

Happy Father's Day

What This Town Needs Poll of the Week

Where do you think Nazis in Olympia go for fun? I mean, when they're not hosting hate rallies, they must hang out somewhere. (NSMers: Please feel free to respond. I know there are a couple of you who actually live here.) comment at What This Town Needs


I'm eager to see any photos and maybe even video that folks may blog up from the Pride parade and festivities today.  

Curious about the history of Gay Pride celebrations? Check out what Wikipedia has on Gay Pride and follow those tasty social history links too.

Capital City Pride

Pictures of Watada Vigil

It was great.  There were some ill-informed warmongers there, but I believe they learned something even if it was subconscious.  The guy in the cowboy hat is very frustate.  It seems he has they key document, although the name of his reference escapes him, linking Saddam Hussein and Osama.  I guess it was only recently translated but acted as a recruitment flier for people to come attack America.  He's very frustrated that the liberal media hasn't put it out there.  In the end, he appoligized for his beligerence.  We all enjoyed how the "Thank You Erin" sign was a prominant central focal point surrounded by old glory.  The fact that the surround flags were held by pro-war folk didn't matter.  From the ground our American flag was rightly represented as belonging to the people and not the chickenhawks.  Pics below.  The little guy, by the way, was a very intelligent fourth grader who has been fed some amazingly hateful one-liners.  I like the kid a lot and am confident he will gain control of his mind in the years to come.


This is from a National Socialist Movement blog, an entry on Olympia. I look at this particular photo and feel very sad.


Bush in Medina

Click on picture for a slideshow of pictures from Justin Vela.

There are some other pictures in the set as well.

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